fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro

meisterstuck montblanc pen Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro

Once you decide to take on Mount Kilimanjaro, you will have a fewdecisions to make. The trek will not be easy, so doingyour research will help you make the bestchoices for a successfultrip.

Who will you go with?There are tons of tour groups offering Kilimanjaro hikes. Thistour includes two guides, a cook andtwo porters per person to carry your stuff. You can still climb at this time, but it is colder and of course wetter. On the plus side,it isa quieter time to go. June to October is peak tourist season, but alsothe best weather.

How do you get there? Actually, this was easier than I had anticipated. There are flights going to Kilimanjaro Airport everyday andpart of the tour fee includesstaying at ahotelin one of the three towns near the base of the mountain. I will be taking the Rongai Route which will takefive days to ascend Kilimanjaro (1.5 days to descend), and has a high success rate.

Umbwe Route (5 6 days) and least popular

Success rates vary among routes and tough to gage. Many who only get to Gillman Point (almost 200 metre below the top) claim to have conquored the mountain.

What do you bring? There will be things you want to bring,
fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro
things you need to bring and things you cannot bring no matter how badly you want it. Hiking gear, camping gear, medications, snacks/water, clothes to protect you from the heat, sun, bugsand cold are just a few things you have to consider. For me the toughest decisionhas beenwhat to bring for the summit. It bitterly cold and windyup there, but is it worth bringing a snow suite for a single day?

What should I do to prepare? Besides research, you will need to talk to a travel doctor who will provide you with the shots and medications needed. You do not need to be a trained mountaineer to climb Kilimanjaro,
fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro
but it is beneficial to do a number of hikes to prepare yourself physically for the trek.