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Looks like Knabb’s appeal will go nowhere. His plea agreement said that he waives rights to appeal, except of saying his lawyers were not effective. He’ll probably do at least 17 years in Federal prison. He’ll have trouble finding new dates on the internet to sleep with behind Laura’s back while he rots in Federal Prison. What remains to be seen is what will happen to those who helped liquidate and hide his stolen assets. Anyway, it is ironic that if he had been convicted in the BIFT scam, he would probably not have gotten much jail time because the amount stolen was far less. He’d be out right now.

I find it incredible that Laura hasn’t divorced Knabb already. He’s in jail for 21 years, plus 5 years probation, and he was trolling for women online just before sentencing; yet she sticks by him. I wonder if there is money and hidden assets as an incentive.

Andrew: You clearly are not Andrew, and instead you are a pal of that Federal Inmate Jasper “Jay” Knabb and/or his wife Laura Valaas. Obviously, that is Jay Knabb posting for dates.

Now Andrew do not pretend that THE PHOTO of knabb on the above site isn’t him. WE ALL KNOW IT IS!

SO, Andrew are you Laura, or a friend or family member of hers? You cannot be a friend of Jay Knabb’s because he has none. All who know him know that he is sub human with a pathology that few are able to recognize.

As to Laura she looks like she is having problems adjusting to a life of normal folks who actually have to work to make money. How much more laundry is there left to wash?

Skadi Nordic was claimed to be owned by Laura Valaas alone in public domain Federal Court documents: not Knabb. However, it seems to be completely silent online since Jasper Knabb went to jail on 6/7/12. I wonder if Knabb was the one who funded Skadi. Also, Knabb was hawking his toy trains online, and now Laura is doing Lulu’s trains. Transcripts from Knabb’s sentencing on June 7, 2012 will be made public on Oct. 18, 2012.

Also, does anyone have any information about Knabb’s police report of a theft at his first E. Wenatchee home last summer? Jay Knabb had been previously arrested in South Carolina for a similar (false) theft report. Supposedly,
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he had no money, yet the police report showed that he owned about $30,000 in Mont Blanc pens!

Potential Insurance Fraud? Jay Knabb? What do you think?

Cammie: While it is certainly possible that one might chalk up LV’s actions to the “foolishness of young love”, nevertheless, at some point she should have been more candid as it pertains to their finances. After all, to most observers, the lavish lifestyle and spending was financed literally on the backs of Knabb’s many victims who lost their life’s savings. When LV stated that all those men’s watches, guitars, custom pool cues, etc. sold on ebay and elsewhere were really her’s, that is not believable. Everyone who knows Knabb knows that he owned an expensive rare guitar collection, HO train collection, custom pool cues, and men’s watches. Not to mention expensive motorhome, cars, etc. When LV liquidated those items for Knabb, that literally was not her or Knabb’s money.

Even at the sentencing,
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Also, the FBI reported that LV was actively involved in trying to convey Knabb’s Alaska mansion to a trust with their infant son as the sole beneficiary. These are not acts of a young innocent.

The judge asked the FBI and Federal Prosecutors to investigate “others” of potential conspiracy to obstruct justice by helping Knabb to hide assets. Nobody knows if the FBI is actively investigating Laura. However, if they are following the judge’s suggestion, then , in my opinion, it would be better that she aid them to follow the money trail.

Cammie: I respect your loyalty to your friend, LV. I equally respect the fact that Jay Knabb caused untold life changing pain to thousands of his victims for 20 years preceding his Pegasus scam. I agree with Fraud Hunter; if all those mens watches and $40,000 mens Watch Winders were really LV’s and sold for LV, then victims are not due that money. If, however, those items and others were really Knabb’s then that would be a real problem and law enforcement might take notice.

Hard to know if the FEDS are investigating LV. The judge who sentenced Knabb said that LV’s testimony was not believable, and might be perjury. There are victims around the country keeping an eye on things to see where the $11M is. One of the yachts was conveyed to a company owned by Knabb’s former wife Tammy. Then it sold to a 3rd party. The FEDS should see where those millions went too. Also, does anyone know what type of fancy motorhome Knabb bought, from where, and what happened to it? Folks saw it in their 1st E. Wenatchee home for a time. Then, there were many things sold using LV’s name, Pipefreeze,
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Reallyalaska, etc. The SEC has a judgment against Knabb and if they do their jobs, they will find assets for the victims, and punish those who helped to hide those assets.

“Federal investigators also questioned the indirect transfer of an Alaska based trust from Knabb’s ex wife, a fellow defendant in the SEC case, to [Laura} Valaas. The trust held Knabb’s former home in Anchorage, which was encumbered by $98,000 in liens and property taxes. In March, Valaas asked

The theft of “his” (Jasper Knabb) items filed in a sheriff’s report in WA state indicated expensive EMT medical kits valued at close to $22,000 in addition to the gold pens. These kit’s are the types that one would find in jets and yachts expensive toys like Knabb purchased with ill gotten gains. These “stolen” items were reported and then turned into his wife’s insurance company just the next month, after he pleaded guilty in July of 2011 and ever since he maintains has no assets to repay victims of his scams. Either way, he is caught in another lie. The Fed’s need to look harder as Judge White instructed them to do so. Previously, Knabb was arrested for insurance fraud in Myrtle Beach.

Thanks Fraud Hunter!. What is “APU”? Also, do you know approximately when they were in Anchorage? Was it before Jay Knabb went to Jail on June 7 2012? According to the FBI report in the court documents, LV tried to convey the house in Anchorage to a trust, with her Skadi Nordic partner / investor as trustee, and the baby as the beneficiary!
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This was after Knabb agreed to give the house up to the SEC. Also, do you know anything about a big motor home they had? I heard it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.