designer pens Mont Blanc loses court case over Gandhi image

fountain pen mont blanc price Mont Blanc loses court case over Gandhi image

Delhi lawyers Harsh Vardhan Surana and Sandeep Singh have won their non violent struggle against Mont Blanc.

The multinational gave an undertaking to the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday that it will not use Mahatma Gandhi picture for commercial purposes.

The company limited edition luxury pens with 8 karat gold nibs engraved with the picture of a stick wielding Mahatma on the historical Dandi march would not be sold in India or elsewhere anymore, thus saving the apostle of austerity another round of commercialisation. Each pen was priced up to Rs12 lakh.

Mont Blanc Boutique and Mont Blanc International GMBH gave the undertaking after the Union government said it had rejected the MNC plea to use the image of the Father of the Nation for its high end Mahatma Gandhi limited edition pens.

Solicitor general Gopal Subramanium said the government had issued a notification to the effect after rejecting the plea.

will not permit the use of word or picture of Mahatma Gandhi for commercial purpose. This is a national emblem and this cannot be used for commercial purpose, he assured a bench of chief justice KG Balakrishnan and justices Deepak Verma and BS Chauhan.

In a PIL, lawyers Surana and Singh had said the company was using the greatness of the Mahatma to promote the sale of an ordinary product at an unbelievably high price.

The petition said the practice adopted by the company violated the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, which prevents improper use of certain emblems and names for professional and commercial purposes.

Surana and Singh sought an injunction against commercial exploitation of the Father of the Nation for a cause linked to luxury. Gandhi preached and practised austerity all his life. They said Mont Blanc launched two versions of fountain pens in the categories of Edition 241 and Edition 3,000 with their 18 karat gold nibs carrying engravings of a stick wielding Gandhi on the move to the historical Dandi March.

The PIL also referred to the company catalogue suggesting Mont Blanc would manufacture 241 pens under Edition 241 with the number 241 symbolising the miles the Mahatma walked during the Dandi March in 1930.
designer pens Mont Blanc loses court case over Gandhi image