mont blanc pens meisterstuck night violence and drug dealing at popular student night

Gold-plated Black Montblanc Meisterstuck Rollerball Pen night violence and drug dealing at popular student night

He said: “It is the result of a town that makes a lot of money from the late night economy and of politicians who put this trade before the interests of local residents who have their lives blighted by late night noise and anti social behaviour.

“Late night noise is the responsibility of the police.”

Sophie Mckay, from the Green Door Store, told The Argus that they employ a sound engineer whose job is to walk to eight marked sound points in the surrounding area to take decibel measurements every half an hour from 11pm 4am.

She added: “According to the council, once someone has left the venue and is more than ten metres away, we are unable to influence their behaviour.

“As a licensed premises we have and feel a great responsibility to the local residents to make sure that what we do as a business has as little of an impact as possible on the surrounding area.”

One resident said he found an unconscious man on his doorstep.

Other residents told of people playing football and hitting their kitchen window at 5am and flowerpots being placed on car roofs.

There have also been reports of drug dealing, bottles being smashed and cars being damaged amid fighting.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “People seem to be incapable of getting home from a pub or a club without stopping in big groups and whooping at each other, not realising that other people have to go to work the next day.

“If the police took a more proactive role and if they actually fined a few people and gave a few people tickets, then the message would get out there that screaming and shouting is going to cost you and then nobody would do it.”

Steve Foster, of Trafalgar Wines in Trafalgar Street, shuts up his shop at 9pm on a Tuesday.

He said: “Tuesday nights are horrendous. It’s unbelievable.

“It’s since the law changed with the 24 hour licensing which definitely ramped it up because people can come out of a nightclub at 2am and go straight to an off licence.”

Brighton and Hove has a city wide designated public places order meaning police can remove alcohol from those drinking in the street.

mont blanc pens meisterstuck night violence and drug dealing at popular student night
most residents believe the problem lies in the lack of police officers present to move revellers on.

Police officers have attended community association meetings to try to resolve residents’ issues.

Inspector Gareth Davies said: “We have not been made aware that there is a particular issue with antisocial behaviour in the area on Tuesdays. However we encourage people to make contact with their local officer, or the relevant agency, if there are particular issues concerning them. We take seriously any reports of assaults, drug dealing or criminality and urge people to contact us if this is being witnessed.”

But then down an alleyway behind an off licence, we caught our first glimpse of what was to come with a young man emptying a bottle of vodka into a water bottle.

By midnight the street was beginning to fill with groups of revellers, laughing and swigging from cans, making their way towards the Green Door Store.

Barely hidden from the swelling queue, a girl squatted to go to the toilet in the street as people passed by.

We joined the queue as bouncers announced they were operating a one in one out policy. The doors had only been open an hour and people were beginning to get agitated.

Before long a bottle was thrown from the back, shattering on the tarmac, inches from people’s feet.

When some people tried to cut the queue there were a series of stand offs.

A crackle of nervous energy filled the air as violence seemed inevitable. And the domino effect of people being pushed in a queue brought tensions to boiling point.

Extra security personnel were brought in and the metal barriers cordoning off the queue were narrowed in order to manage the restless crowd.

After two hours on the humid dance floor, kick out time was fast approaching. We decided to beat the crowd and take our place outside in Trafalgar Street, ready for whatever might happen.
mont blanc pens meisterstuck night violence and drug dealing at popular student night