montblank Marchionne expresses ‘disgust’ over FCA

buying mont blanc pens online Marchionne expresses ‘disgust’ over FCA

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne on Thursday expressed “disgust” over an alleged multimillion dollar conspiracy involving the company’s former labor relations chief, Alphons Iacobelli, and the late General Holiefield, who was UAW’s former top FCA negotiator for eight years.

In a letter to employees obtained by Automotive News, Marchionne distanced the company from the scheme detailed in a Wednesday indictment of Iacobelli and Holiefield’s widow, Monica Morgan. He also said FCA may file a lawsuit against Iacobelli and others.

“I join Dennis Williams, the UAW President, in expressing my disgust at the conduct alleged in the indictment which constitutes the most egregious breach of trust by the individuals involved,” Marchionne wrote. “I also join Dennis in confirming that this conduct had nothing whatsoever to do with the collective bargaining process, but rather involved two bad actors who apparently saw an opportunity to misappropriate funds entrusted to their control and who, unfortunately, co opted other individuals to carry out or conceal their activities over a period of several years.”

Marchionne, who did not address the topic during his Thursday morning conference call with analysts and reporters discussing second quarter earnings, said FCA is considering legal action.

“Now that the matter has become public and FCA US’s actions cannot jeopardize a government investigation, the company intends to pursue all potential legal remedies against Al Iacobelli and any other culpable parties,” he said.

Iacobelli, 57, and Morgan, 54, were charged Wednesday with criminal violations of the National Labor Relations Act. Separately,
montblank Marchionne expresses 'disgust' over FCA
federal officials announced fraud charges against a former FCA financial analyst, Jerome Durden, who is accused of creating false tax returns to hide the payments to Holiefield, Iacobelli and other beneficiaries who were not identified.

The payments were made, according to the grand jury, using funds from FCA that were transferred to the Chrysler UAW training center to provide education, training and retraining of workers. The indictment says Iacobelli gave Holiefield and “other senior UAW officials” virtually unlimited and unscreened use of credit cards to keep them “fat, dumb and happy.”

Iacobelli also was charged with tax violations related to diverting more than $1 million in funds from the training center for his own benefit, including: a Ferrari 458 Spider costing more than $350,000; a lease on a private jet; two limited edition Mont Blanc pens costing $37,500 each; a pool and hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements to his residence; and hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal credit card expenses, among other purchases.

“I encourage you not to be discouraged by the actions of a few people that betrayed our core principles and our standards of morality, integrity and quality,” Marchionne said. “We dealt swiftly with these individuals as we will anyone who does not abide by our code of conduct and who disregard the ethical principles that lie at the foundation of FCA.”

Iacobelli abruptly left FCA in June 2015, shortly before the next round of contract talks with the UAW was scheduled to begin. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior, we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.
montblank Marchionne expresses 'disgust' over FCA

mont blanc pens sale Luxury writing instrument brand Montblanc wins case against online fakes

walking up mont blanc Luxury writing instrument brand Montblanc wins case against online fakes

In a major legal victory for Montblanc Simplo GmbH, the German manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, the Delhi High Court has restrained an e commerce platform from manufacturing, selling, advertising, directly or indirectly dealing in writing instruments, wallets, watches, leather goods, jIn a major legal victory for Montblanc Simplo GmbH, the German manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, the Delhi High Court has restrained an e commerce platform from manufacturing, selling, advertising, directly or indirectly dealing in writing instruments, wallets, watches, leather goods, jewellery or any other goods bearing the trademark of the company.Advocate Pravin Anand, appearing on behalf of Montblanc, alleged the portal was selling fake products of its premier collections at a lower price. The counsel said due to sale of the counterfeit products from various collections and range, the company had suffered loss in business and also loosing of reputation and image and confidence and trust of their client.To nail the act, the company purchased the writing instrument from the portal and examined it. It found out that the price of original MEISTERSTUCK CLASSIQUE that cost around Rs 30,000 was being sold at Rs 6,860.It pointed out that there were several discrepancies in the look of the product like difference in the colour combination, inferior quality being used. It said that even the trademarks were infringed.Montblanc and Louis Vuitton moved Delhi High Court in 2014 to restrain it from selling their products. In its order, the court took cognizance of the numerous consumer complaints and allegations of fraud against the portal and granted interim injunction in favour of Mont Blanc and Louis Vuitton.After several complaints from the customers, the cyber crime cell of Chandigarh Police in 2014 filed an FIR under Section 406,420 IPC 66 AIT Act of PS 39. A fashion insider said, “A lot of fakes are linked to underground mafia which is related to terrorism, women and child trafficking. It is not as harmless as it seems.”According to an Assocham, the fake luxury goods market in India is reportedly increasing at a rate of 40 45 per cent annually. The industry body noted that web shopping portals account for over 25 per cent of the fake luxury goods market in India. Handbags, watches, sunglasses, perfumes and cosmetics are the most imitated products and come largely from China.
mont blanc pens sale Luxury writing instrument brand Montblanc wins case against online fakes

john lewis mont blanc pens Luxor rewrites script with Waterman

mont blanc greta garbo ballpoint pen Luxor rewrites script with Waterman

At the US based $2 billion Sanford Group, the makers of Waterman, pens start at Rs 2,000 (for the cheapest range) while its 18 carat gold limited edition pen retails at an eyepopping Rs 400,000.

Says Pooja Jain, director, Luxor, “These pens are aimed at not only the achievers but also those who aspire to achieve. The pricing is such that we cater not only to those who drive the Mercedes but also those who drive the Maruti and would like to upgrade to a Lancer.”

But is there really a market for such pens in India? Jain admits that the maximum business will come from the Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 range, where Waterman offers five different collections.

The gold and the sterling silver range branded Man 100 retail between Rs 200,000 to Rs 400,000. Says Jain. “The top of the line collection is like the Maybach. Even if we sell one or two in a year, it is good.”

This is a big move for Luxor, which has a 15 per cent market share and expects turnover to grow by 12 per cent to 15 per cent by this fiscal year.

Sanford first entered India in 1996, when it introduced the Parker brand. Three years later, it launched the Papermate. Today, nearly 40 per cent of Luxor’s turnover comes from Parker.

The writing instruments market in India is estimated to be about Rs 1,400 crore (Rs 14 billion) while the luxury pen segment is less than one per cent. However, the market is estimated to grow and this is what Luxor is banking on.

Why? With growing disposable incomes, consumers are upgrading their purchases and luxury items are gradually finding their way into the shopping baskets of even upwardly mobile middle class consumers.

Says Jain, “We could have introduced the Waterman brand in 1996,
john lewis mont blanc pens Luxor rewrites script with Waterman
but we did not think the timing was right. There were only a handful of Indian consumers who were luxury conscious, but now that number has grown substantially.”

Luxor is hoping to sell between 7,000 and 8,000 pens in the first year of operations. Jain says that this will push turnover by an additional Rs 2.5 crore (Rs 25 million) to Rs 3 crore (Rs 30 million).

Of course, sales will be backed by heavy advertisng and Luxor plans to have an outlay of between 15 per cent to 20 per cent of sales.

There are plans of having ads in all the leading lifestyle magazines and also associate the brand with an art or fashion event.

Waterman will be made available in at least 10 outlets by the end of the year. These will include two more in Delhi and Mumbai and one outlet each in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

And like most other premium products, the pens will be sold in multibrand high end outlets, which also stock watches and accessories.

Each of these outlets will have a separate corner dedicated to Waterman. They will also sell accessories like cigar pouches and pen cases.

Also, early next year, Luxor is looking at opening an exclusive Waterman boutique in either Delhi or Mumbai.

As a part of its strategy, Luxor has undertaken a niche marketing initiative. In fact, it is moving away from its distribution system, which pushes brands like Parker and Papermate.

Luxor will not appoint distributors for Waterman but will cater directly to the outlets. It believes that for a high end product like Waterman, direct marketing is the right route as it can target its audience head on.

Says Jain, “Being a premium brand, we will sell fewer units than popular brands like Parker. So catering directly to the outlets makes sense.”

Also, the company will try to reach out to consumers through its business to business division. This division was set up in 1998 to provide a one stop shop for all corporate customers who might undertake value added promotions in association with Luxor.

The division has currently been working primarily towards promoting Parker as a corporate gift. Luxor has a database of over 5,000 companies and plans to build on that network to promote Waterman.

With expectedly low volumes, the pens will be imported from the US. Luxor will only market them. The import duty on pens is almost 60 per cent.

But Jain says that the prices will have international parity. But what she doesn’t say are the margins that Luxor makes.

Traditionally, pen industry experts say that mass based pens have a profit margin between 10 per cent to 15 per cent.
john lewis mont blanc pens Luxor rewrites script with Waterman

montblanc fountain pen Logos On Watches

mont blanc mountain country Logos On Watches

Corporate logo watches can be a risk. People who wear watches, typically own at least one nice watch. If your client currently wears a top of the line Rolex, he probably won’t put it in storage to wear your corporate logo Timex. He might give it to someone he knows, but he won’t wear it unless he has to.

For that reason, I think it’s wise to either get a few top notch corporate logo watches or a big batch of low end ones. At least you get more coverage with the low end ones. If you get caught in the middle and distribute middle of the line corporate logo watches, you might not impact anyone. This promotional item is a risk;
montblanc fountain pen Logos On Watches
there’s no question. Is this thing worthy of my logo? The merchandise you choose is a reflection of your company.

That doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on Mont Blanc pens and Rolex watches. It just means that employees, customers, and job candidates will invariably draw up an interpretation of your business based on the promotional items you provide. You can still get cheap imprinted pens and cheap coffee mugs. Most people don’t draw too many levels when it comes to pens and mugs. Most people don’t look at a coffee mug and say, “Well, that’s a bottom end coffee mug. I prefer the Gucci mugs.” When it comes to watches, it’s a different story.
montblanc fountain pen Logos On Watches

mont blanc classic pen Linear Probing Hash Tables

sale mont blanc pens Linear Probing Hash Tables

Data can be added to the table by calculating the hash code from the key of the data that is being stored, and then placing the data in the corresponding hash element.

However, there are many more possible search keys than there are hash elements. It is inevitable that some keys will resolve to the same hash code. This is known as a hash collision, and it must be handled.

Hash collisions will always occur, but they can be avoided.

This traversal is known as probing the table; and as it goes by one element at a time, it is linear probing.

There are other kinds of probing; for example quadratic probing is where the traversal skips one element, then two, then four, etc. until a free space is found.

Consider the situation mentioned above where data ‘F’ has the same hash code as data ‘D’. In order to resolve the collision, the add algorithm will need to probe the table in order to find the first free space (after ‘C’).

Consider the situation mentioned above where data ‘F’ has the same hash code as data ‘D’. In order to resolve the collision, the add algorithm will need to probe the table in order to find the first free space (after ‘C’).

If the probe loops back, and finally reaches the same element that it started at, it means that the hash table is full, and can no longer hold any more data. From this key, we can calculate the hash code. This tells us where in the data array we need to start searching.

Because of the collision resolution of the add operation, the target data might reside at a location other than the element referred to by the hash code.

Therefore, it is necessary to probe the hash table until an empty hash element is found, and for an exact match between each data item and the given key. (The probing stops at an empty element, since it signals the end of where potential data might have been stored.)
mont blanc classic pen Linear Probing Hash Tables

hotels mont blanc Line of control

mont blanc trip Line of control

That political power has nothing to do with protocol was established the day Sonia Gandhi heard her inner voice and handed the prime ministerial position to . But last year, that principle acquired axiomatic status, whether it was in the sneaky swagger of or the sarva

That political power has nothing to do with protocol was established the day Sonia Gandhi heard her inner voice and handed the prime ministerial position to . But last year, that principle acquired axiomatic status, whether it was in the sneaky swagger of or the sarva samaj Ram Lila rumblings of .

The days of 800 pound gorillas lumbering into positions that matter and hibernating there while popular aspirations boil over into resentment are over. The future clearly belongs to Machiavelli’s strong lions and shrewd foxes.

These men and women, hungry for power but yet with the stomach for the long haul, are reshaping politics. It could be a chief minister who transforms his corrupt bucolic image with a job well done at the Centre; another satrap who has a say in both a powerful state and an influential sport; or a chief minister who can work the crowds.

These politicians have a vision even if it is only for themselves. Their conviction is what gives them wings above and beyond the designations on their brass name plates.


Because she can swing the Presidential election of a lightweight and pass it off as a “historical occasion”.

Because even though Congressmen privately feel that her maut ka saudagar speech cost them the Gujarat elections, no one dares admit it.

Because her power doesn’t trip even if the party flounders.

Because his strident objections set the Left’s agenda and over rode the softening stand of some of his colleagues.

Because his party rejected most of the options given by the Congress for the post of the President.

Because his man became the vice president.

Time off: Loves Carnatic and western classical music and crime fiction. The Edinburgh based Ian Rankin is a favourite. Goes to the United News of India canteen in Delhi for dosa.3.

Because he did not take the soft option of resigning when he did not get his way on the Indo US nuclear deal.
hotels mont blanc Line of control

climb mont blanc cheap Letters to the Editor

montblanc ballpoint refill Letters to the Editor

The two RCMP officers who forced their way into Christian Duckchief Siksika home, violently arrested him for criminal charges, which were subsequently dropped by the Crown, and then dragged him off stark naked to the Gleichen RCMP detachment, where he was paraded through the station, still naked, must have missed the training sessions where they would undoubtedly have been coached on building trust and respect with Indigenous people. There may be some as yet unproven justification (doubtful) for the force used in the arrest, but the basic affront to decency by not allowing Mr. Duckchief to protect his modesty cannot be justified. I offer a public apology, as a shocked Canadian, to Duckchief and his family, and I hope they are successful in their lawsuit.JOHN H. MacLEANDoes anything (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) says surprise us anymore? Has he actually said anything that is relevant or of substance since he took a seat in the PM office? Now apparently he thinks the word should be stricken from our vocabulary and replaced with the less offensive If this is another example of the PM becoming the moral compass for Canadians, then I quite content to wander aimlessly. Forgive my manners,
climb mont blanc cheap Letters to the Editor
but I simply have no respect for this dude who has become an embarrassment for all Canadians.BOB GRUNDIE(Never a dull moment with Justin.)IT’S A BOONDOGGLEDid anyone really think that Mayor (Naheed) Nenshi, a couple of NDP politicians and some city baggage handlers were going to be the only ones at the trough, jet setting off on an all inclusive taxpayer paid vacation to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea? If Nenshi goes, you have to think that former Calgary top cop, marijuana entrepreneur and 2026 Calgary Olympic bid (exploration) committee head cheerleader Rick Hanson will have to be included, racking up some big air miles as well. Anyone want to make a bet that Nenshi and the rest of the holidayers land in Pyeongchang with white cowboy hats and some spiffy new winter gear that includes jackets, toques, and gloves all emblazoned with a Calgary 2026 logo.(Ye of little faith.)SLIP SLIDIN’ AWAYInstead of the city just shaving everything down as smooth as glass, they should maybe throw some sand down as well. Perhaps they should just throw down piles of sand here and there and we could just carry it about on our tires as we drive through them. On a higher note, I have not seen anyone that has been driving crazily.(We’re going nowhere fast on those roads.)All of these freeloaders that are going to the Olympics on the taxpayer dime must really think we are stupid. Either that or they are really starting to believe their own lies. There is no need to go to the Olympics on the taxpayer when Vancouver just held the Games eight years ago and should be a wealth of knowledge for these people, but that wouldn include a free trip now, would it? (Mayor) Naheed Nenshi would gladly lose a billion or two for his He cares nothing about Calgary,
climb mont blanc cheap Letters to the Editor
it all about him.

mont blanc online shop Left MP Ritabrata Banerjee says he threatened critic

Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen Rouge Black Left MP Ritabrata Banerjee says he threatened critic

The CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee is likely to face disciplinary action after admitting to threatening a supporter who had questioned the source of the parliamentarian costly Apple watch and Mont Blanc pen.Banerjee, 37, admitted before the party Bengal state secretariat on Wednesday that he made a mistake by writing to the employer of the man who posted a photograph of the MP on social media.Banerjee claimed he was being stalked on social media by a group that included CPI(M) supporters and members and referred to some Facebook posts as evidence.Sources said the party is likely to will take disciplinary action against the MP on Thursday in presence of general secretary Sitaram Yechury who came down from Delhi to oversee the proceedings at the two day meet of the Bengal state committee that began on Wednesday.a section of leaders are baying for his blood, I have a feeling that Ritabrata will be let off with a strong warning, a senior state committee member told HT.Although the Apple Mont Blanc controversy was supposed to have been discussed by the state committee the largest and highest state level body Bengal secretariat members didn allow that in a bid to stop mudslinging and a possible showdown between the old guard and younger members.Former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, who was instrumental in sending Banerjee to the Rajya Sabha in 2014, was present at Alimuddin Street till almost 9 pm and was the last person to leave the party office. is quite annoyed with what is happening, said a state committee member.Banerjee earned the wrath of party leaders for sending an email to the human resource cell of a start up company where his critic, Sumit Talukdar, reportedly works.Talukdar had posted photos of Banerjee watching an East Bengal Mohun Bagan soccer match in Siliguri on February 12.Graphically pointing to a pen jutting out of Banerjee pocket and his wrist watch, Talukdar asked how could a CPI M MP, who got a monthly wage of Rs 6000 from the party for being a whole time member, afford such expensive items that cost around Rs 80,000. The post even mentioned the specific model of the Mont Blanc. Talukdar later deleted the post. But by then it had gone viral.
mont blanc online shop Left MP Ritabrata Banerjee says he threatened critic

mont blanc classic pen Lawmaker Indicted in Post Office Scandal

montblanc ballpoint pen refill Lawmaker Indicted in Post Office Scandal

In the latest spinoff from the House post office scandal, a Federal grand jury today indicted Joseph P. Kolter, a former Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania, on five felony charges, accusing him of embezzling more than $44,000 in Congressional money for his personal use.

Mr. Kolter, an accountant and one time high school teacher, represented the Fourth Congressional District outside Pittsburgh for 10 years until he was defeated in a primary in 1992.

He is the second House member to be indicted in connection with a long running Federal inquiry into the House post office, which has so far resulted in eight guilty pleas, mostly by low level employees. The investigation is being conducted by the United States Attorney’s office here.

The first lawmaker to be charged was Representative Dan Rostenkowski, the Illinois Democrat who was forced to relinquish the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee after he was indicted on 17 felony counts on May 31. Mr. Rostenkowski has pleaded not guilty.

The indictment accuses Mr. Kolter of some of the same illegal conduct that prosecutors said Mr. Rostenkowski engaged in. But lawyers who have followed the inquiry said the two cases were separate, with no indication that either lawmaker knew of the other’s activities.

The indictment says Mr. Kolter illegally obtained more than $11,000 from 1985 through 1990 by disguising cash payments from the House post office as stamp purchases by his Congressional office. Mr. Kolter dealt with Robert V. Rota, the former House Postmaster, who has pleaded guilty and has cooperated with the prosecution.

The indictment also accuses Mr. Kolter of taking more than $33,000 worth of merchandise bought from the House stationary store with money from his Congressional office supply account. It charged that from 1986 to 1991, Mr. Kolter obtained 650 pieces of china and glassware, 40 watches and clocks, 30 Mont Blanc pens, 30 pieces of luggage and 2 gold necklaces.

Mr. Baron said Mr. Kolter would try to persuade the courts to dismiss the indictment using the same constitutional arguments used by Mr. Rostenkowski. He said he was undaunted by the refusal of the judge in Mr. Rostenkowski’s case to overturn the indictment last week.
mont blanc classic pen Lawmaker Indicted in Post Office Scandal

mont blanc pencil case La blonde hitchcockienne Kim Novak voit The Artist et crie Au viol

montblanc generation pen La blonde hitchcockienne Kim Novak voit The Artist et crie Au viol

Kim Novak est hant une fois de plus.

Il se trouve que la star du thriller d’Alfred Hitchcock Sueurs froides n’a pas aim The Artist, l’hommage en noir et blanc l’ d’or du cin muet qui a fini sur une liste innombrable de classements des meilleurs films de 2011 et qui semblait avoir sa place toute trac sur la liste des nomin au Meilleur film lors des prochains Oscars.

Eh oui, au viol ! Qu’a t elle trouv dans ce film muet familial qui non seulement montre un adorable chien, mais qui est pour ainsi dire d de baisers ou de sc choquantes pour se sentir aussi d ?

“Je pense que l’ensemble des efforts du compositeur, du r de Jimmy Stewart et de moi m ont viol Il est immoral que les artistes de ce milieu se servent et abusent des les plus c pour attirer l’attention et recevoir les applaudissements et en faire un usage diff de celui pour lequel elles ont cr Il est essentiel de prot nos pour la post avec leurs propres identit d’origine et individuelles.”

“Bien que le nom de Bernard Herrmann apparaisse au g je pense que ce genre de technique de tournage, c’est de la triche. Honte eux !”

Alors les cin ont bien mis le nom d’Hermann au g comme Novak le fait remarquer.

Mais vu qu’une mauvaise publicit n’est pas toujours bonne prendre, surtout lorsque l’Acad des Arts et Sciences du Cin (qui pr en g de prendre des risques) est concern le r de The Artist a r promptement.

“The Artist a tourn comme une lettre d’amour au cin et il est n de mon (ainsi que tous les acteurs et toute l’ technique) admiration et respect pour les films travers l’histoire”, a d le r fran Michel Hazanavicius, dont le film est nomin dans six grandes cat aux Golden Globes et qui vient lui m d’ nomin pour un Directors Guild Award.

“Il a inspir par le travail d’Hitchcock, de Lang, de Ford, de Lubitsch, de Murnau et de Wilder. J’aime Bernard Herrmann et sa musique a utilis dans de nombreux films et je suis tr heureux qu’elle soit dans mon film. Je respecte Kim Novak et je suis d d’entendre qu’elle ne partage pas mon avis.”

On imagine d que la r de Novak ne passera pas inaper aupr des activistes qui travaillent avec les victimes de viol. Il est fort probable qu’eux aussi ne partagent pas son avis.

Quant savoir si cette publicit n r les chances du film remporter les plus grands prix lors des diff c de r de cette saison, on en doute, tant que tout le monde se rappelle la d exacte du mot “viol”. “La musique originale de Sueurs froides a utilis de fa l Les droits ont achet le nom du compositeur est au g et elle a utilis de fa correcte dans le film. The Artist est un film sur l’histoire du cin cribl de r sur les films cultes (Une est n What Price Hollywood) et leurs stars (Douglas Fairbanks), alors c’est formidable d’avoir inclus Sueurs froides. Ce cri au viol de Novak n’est qu’un cri pour attirer l’attention de la part d’une star qui essaie de s’approprier quelque chose qui ne lui appartient pas. Cela ne g pas les chances du film nomin aux Oscars une seule seconde.”

Ironiquement, on sait de source s qu’Eva Marie Saint a trouv The Artist formidable. Mais elle aurait peut chang d’avis si on avait repris la musique dramatique de la sc au Mont Rushmore dans La Mort aux trousses ?
mont blanc pencil case La blonde hitchcockienne Kim Novak voit The Artist et crie Au viol