black mont pen Arcata police chief gives details on fatal Plaza shooting

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Tennessee native Ervin Eugene Sweat Jr., 26, had two felony warrants out for his arrest when he fired a .40 caliber Smith Wesson handgun at two approaching law enforcement officers on Arcata Plaza early Saturday morning, Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman said during a news conference Monday.

The officers returned fire with nine rounds, Chapman said, fatally injuring Sweat. All nine rounds hit Sweat, Chapman said. While the injury is serious, he is expected to make a full recovery.

a miracle that it didn sever the femoral artery, Chapman said adding that he was released from Mad River Community Hospital later that day.

Chapman said it the first time a police officer has been shot in Arcata since April 1, 1980. near Ninth and H streets. Chapman said the officers arrived about a minute after the call and when they began to investigate the area, someone told them one of the men in the fight brandished a handgun and was sitting in a four door truck nearby.

Chapman said all of the evidence they have gathered so far suggests Sweat fired first.

officers, and UPD officers, immediately tried to save Sweat life, Chapman said adding that they administered CPR directly after firing their weapons. Chapman said the APD officer, Matthew O was not physically injured and has worked for the APD for the past five years. Neither officers had previously fired their weapons in an officer involved shooting. Chapman added O had been involved in one previous incident.

Chapman said, as party of protocol, both officers involved were placed in administrative leave pending the investigation into Saturday morning fatal shooting. The Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting.

Four other people, all Humboldt County locals, were in the same truck as Sweat and detained, according to Chapman.

On top of the two outstanding warrants for Sweat arrest, the firearm he possessed was reportedly stolen from a Eureka store in 2015 and would have been a separate charge.

of this moment, we haven established a local connection, Chapman said as to whether Sweat had resided in Humboldt County.

Chapman didn know exactly how large the crowd gathered outside the bar was but he said there were probably 50 to 100 people at the scene after viewing a video. He said the APD does not anticipate additional arrests related to the shooting.
black mont pen Arcata police chief gives details on fatal Plaza shooting