meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy

john lennon mont blanc pen Are parents to blame for truancy

On any school day, about 50,000 pupils play truant in . This absenteeism is linked to academic underachievement and anti social behaviour, like street robbery.

The government plans to fight the problem with fines of up to ?,500 for parents who allow their children to miss lessons. New laws making non attendance an arrestable offence will force parents and guardians to face the courts.

My 13 year old son is a chronic truant. I actually used to bring him to his seat in the classroom, and hand him over to his teacher. Five minutes later he would be gone from the school without trace. Eventually the school couldn’t take anymore, so he was expelled. NO other school would take him either, so now he doesn’t attend school at all. This situation suits him perfectly, but I am heartbroken that his education has finished at the age of 13 years. He has chronic ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Some of us have reached breaking point trying to get our kids to go to school.

Truancy is a problem in America also. Both parents work. Single parent families. Living the “American Dream”. One “solution” is to place the parents in jail. If a family is just getting by with both parents working how is this going to solve the problems of society? The experts is the social service agencies tell us how to raise our kids, and if you make them do something or punish them, social services can drag you through court, arrest you, and take away parental right. Children know that through the “Legal System” and “Social Services” that they don’t have to do anything. Children are taught their rights and not their responsibilities. Everything can be blamed back to the parent or the mother according to Dr. Freud or Dr. Fraud.

Nothing wrong with stupid kids. Somebody will have to do the dirty jobs in the future.

So, for example, I drop my child off at school and go to work then the child slinks off and plays truant I get fined?!? How ludicrous is that?

How are parents supposed to raise children to go to school and teach them basic right from wrong when the Government keeps putting in laws to stop parents disciplining children?

Its almost as if they planned to force parents into a situation where they are just giving the Government more money!
meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy

Paul C,To blame and fine parents is the sign of a serious sickness at the heart of the state education system and our attitude towards it. Might it not be the case that many of these children resent the enforced hours, the enforced curriculum, the enforced social environment and everything else that can make schools bleak and depressing places. And don’t forget: school is not compulsory the only obligation on parents by law is to ensure an education appropriate to the child’s age, aptitude and abilities.

Guy,If teachers and head teachers made schools friendlier, welcoming places to be, fewer young people would skip class. I’m thinking of the head teacher in a school in Stockport who used a dog to search pupils for drugs. Would you go to work if you were treated like that?

How is truancy the parents’ fault? The kids, after about the age of eight, know they have to go to school. End of story. If they don’t go it is their fault. The parents can be pulling their hair out trying to make them go, but it doesn’t mean that they will.

Children who are chronically truant are more likely to be from families where both parents work (or from single parent families), and where money and time are in short supply; imposing fines and depriving them of money earning hours will probably only exacerbate their already difficult circumstances. That’s not to say that they don’t have primary responsibility for the child’s truancy, but we have to be realistic here. A better solution might be to put the child in a “boot camp” environment for a period of short and sharp discipline lessons. This won’t be cheap, but as a bumper sticker here says: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.
meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy