montblanc gold pen Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson

mont blanc mountain location Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson

Welcome to our chat with Chase Rankin, president and publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, and with Bobbie Jo Buel, the Star’s editor. We’re open to discuss other topics as well. Indeed, in questions submitted in advance, readers asked a wide range of questions. We’ll try to get to most of them in the next hour. We’ve been adding online content since winter and plan to continue. We’ve added eight video shows, including a new one just last week called “Election 2014.” Greg Hansen’s “Video Notebook” airs twice a week. To mention two more videos, Sarah Garrecht Gassen interviews a newsmaker once a week and Angela Pittenger shares money saving tips in her weekly “Centsible Mom” show. We are live tweeting news coverage from many government meetings, including the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Tucson City Council and school boards. The News, Opinion, and Obituary pages are the main places I spend my online time. What motivated you to put a Comics Button on the page as opposed to Living/Culture or Business/Tech buttons? I recently surveyed 16 online newspapers (Anchorage, Bismarck, Boston, Flagstaff, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Tucson, New York (Times WSJ), and Washington) to see what buttons they had. None of these had a Comics button.

by Cori Hoag 7/14/2014 8:07:52 PM

We chose most of the buttons based on topics that receive the most interest. The comics button is there because we recently added 78 online comics and we want readers to know about that new content. The comics button may be replaced at some point.

We are still working on the navigation bar. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve slimmed it down, which we did in response to readers who said there was too much on the home page.

by Bobbie Jo Buel 7/14/2014 8:08:41 PM

Our Phoenix coverage comes from two sources: Capitol Media Services and the Associated Press. The former is operated by Howard Fischer, who was a longtime Daily Star reporter before he began his own syndicated service. Howard has lived in both Bisbee and Tucson and knows Southern Arizona well. The Star does not have reporters based outside of Tucson.

The 40 plus papers that are part of Lee Enterprises share content. A few weeks ago, for example, you might have noticed a story we published from our sister paper in Lincoln about a Nebraska born woman who was preparing to participate in a cross country air race as a co pilot. The woman lives in Tucson now.

We also share some content with the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix. The Republic is owned by Gannett Co., which is a business partner with Lee Enterprises in the operation of the Daily Star.
montblanc gold pen Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson