vintage mont blanc fountain pens ‘Corinthian leather’ is made up

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Q: How did Corinthian leather come about? And who was the voice on the commercial that advertised it?

A: That well known description of the interior of a Chrysler in those commercials came from the smooth voice of actor Ricardo Montalban.

Montalban, who died in 2009, was born in Mexico and gained fame in America as Mr. Roarke, the lead character of the hit television show, “Fantasy Island,” which ran from 1977 84.

I learned a couple of interesting things in researching this one. First, Montalban doesn’t describe the vehicle’s interior as “rich Corinthian leather,
vintage mont blanc fountain pens 'Corinthian leather' is made up
” which is how many of people (including myself) inaccurately remember it.

The website cites William Poundstone’s series of “Big Secrets” books as a source and adds Montalban confirmed the same thing in at least two interviews.

The website cites an April 1896 New York Sun article that referred to the saying as “a new phrase, which has become popular in New York.”

The site states the article was syndicated in many American newspapers.

The Oxford English Dictionary has an example of the term’s usage in 1896 in George Ade’s, “Artie.” The passage reads, “A Johnny on the spot. was tryin’ to keep cases on her.”

The site states the name doesn’t refer to a specific person. Instead, it’s a generic male name.

By the way, when I was looking for the background on this term, I found out “Johnny On The Spot” also is the name of a portable restroom company. I think they should have called it Johnny On The Pot,
vintage mont blanc fountain pens 'Corinthian leather' is made up
but what do I know?