rollerball montblanc refill Appalachian Trail runner wants trial if Baxter park complaints not settled

mont blanc pen sets gifts Appalachian Trail runner wants trial if Baxter park complaints not settled

MILLINOCKET, Maine Ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek, who on July 12 , will go to trial if he can’t resolve three pending citations issued July 12 by rangers at Baxter State Park, his attorney said Monday.

Jurek is accused of bringing alcohol, littering and bringing an oversized group to the summit, all violations of park rules. Each offense, considered civil violations under Maine law, carries a fine of up to $1,000.

The attorney declined to say what would be a satisfactory resolution to the case for his client. Plea agreements often include the dropping of some charges or violations if a defendant agrees to plead guilty or admit to others.

Efforts on Monday to reach Penobscot County District Attorney R. Christopher Almy, who is prosecuting the case, were unsuccessful.

“The park is a sacred place, and [Jurek] was disrespectful,” Almy told the New York Times last week.

If a settlement is not reached on Sept. 9, a decision will be made whether to seek a jury or a jury waived trial, McKee said. A trial most likely would be held next year at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor.

On Monday, Jurek was in ,
rollerball montblanc refill Appalachian Trail runner wants trial if Baxter park complaints not settled
according to information posted on his Facebook page.

Park officials chastised Jurek and his sponsors in a statement posted on its Facebook page. In it, Jurek’s celebration at the peak, which included a bottle of champagne and was filmed for commercial use,

McKee said that park officials are making an example of Jurek because of his celebrity at a time when the rise in the number of through hikers on the federally maintained Appalachian Trail is causing tension in Baxter State Park. The last 15 miles of the 2,180 mile trail, which ends at the top of Mount Katahdin, is in the state owned park.

“These are not Scott’s issues,” McKee said.

The attorney said that a great deal of misinformation about what happened as Jurek neared the peak and once he reached it has been circulated through social media.

“There was no raucous party at the top of the mountain, and there was no corporate event,” McKee said. “Scott signed in with 12 people [the maximum number allowed without a permit]. People came and joined Scott’s group on their own.”

McKee said that Jurek did open the bottle of champagne and drank from it.

Jurek told his version of what happened when he reached the base of Mount Katahdin in a late July posting on his blog. “I stopped to pose for pictures with several large groups of people, including a trail work crew, to thank them for their support and invaluable efforts. There have been reports of a ballooning group size, but my group always remained at twelve.

“One friend decided to surprise me with a bottle of champagne,” he continued. “He asked the two park rangers at the trailhead if that was okay and was advised to keep it away from families and children. To him, that sounded like alcohol was acceptable within reason. When I reached the summit, two different park rangers watched my friend hand me the bottle to celebrate. We were not aware of any rules against alcohol and I own that I should have been better informed. Neither of the rangers said a word about it. If they had, I would have immediately put the bottle away.”
rollerball montblanc refill Appalachian Trail runner wants trial if Baxter park complaints not settled

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mont blanc official site AP News in Brief at 11

Trump defends tax plan, proclaims economy set rock (AP) Closing in on the first major legislative achievement of his term, President Donald Trump on Saturday defended the Republican tax cut as a good deal for the middle class while boldly suggesting it could lead to explosive economic growth.

The legislation, which the GOP aims to muscle through Congress next week, would lower taxes on the richest Americans. Benefits for most other taxpayers would be smaller, but Trump attempted to sell the bill as a present for middle class Americans in part because it would trigger job growth.

be fantastic for the middle income people and for jobs, most of all, Trump told reporters on the White House lawn before travelling to Camp David for the weekend. I will say that because of what we done with regulation and other things our economy is doing fantastically well, but it has another big step to go and it can take that step unless we do the tax bill. stranger to hyperbole, Trump also predicted the legislation would cause the economy to soar beyond its current 3 per cent rate of growth.

think we could go to 4, 5 or even 6 per cent, ultimately, the president said. are back. We are really going to start to rock. GOP, tax bill most visible win may be averting failure

WASHINGTON (AP) Despite the sheer size and society spanning impact of the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, the quickest and most potent political victory that Republicans would savour by pushing the bill through Congress next week may be what it averts: another big GOP legislative crash in the age of Trump.

Even if Republicans are correct that tax cuts for business and the wealthy bolster the economy, it can take time for obvious results to show. And even with millions of families likely to enjoy lower taxes, many won feel much until they file their 2018 tax returns in early 2019. That well after the November 2018 elections that may be a coin flip for control of Congress, and recent races suggest those contests may be heavily influenced by President Donald Trump unpopularity.

Approval of the tax bill seems certain, with House passage assured and two of the few potential Senate GOP opponents lining up Friday behind the measure: Marco Rubio of Florida and Tennessee Bob Corker. That means a White House signing ceremony, probably by Christmas.

Republicans hope that would overshadow their embarrassing failure to repeal President Barack Obama health law. Another flop would have infuriated GOP backers and donors already enraged by the Affordable Care Act debacle, fueling hard right primary challenges against Republican incumbents or encouraging conservatives to stay home in November.

If the tax bill isn approved, country reaction is going to be, did we put you in in the first place?’ said David Winston, a GOP pollster who advises congressional leaders.

Special counsel obtains thousands of Trump transition emails

WASHINGTON (AP) Special counsel Robert Mueller investigation into Russian contacts with President Donald Trump campaign has gained access to thousands of emails sent and received by Trump officials before the start of his administration, according to several people familiar with Trump transition organization.

But the investigators did not directly request the records from Trump still existing transition group, Trump for America, and instead obtained them from a separate federal agency that stored the material, according to those familiar with the Trump transition organization.

A transition attorney sent letters Saturday to two congressional committees saying the General Services Administration had improperly provided the transition records to Mueller investigators. Kory Langhofer, general counsel for the transition group, wrote to the Republican chairmen of the House Oversight committee and the Senate Homeland Security committee about what the transition contends was an disclosure of its emails.

The GSA has provided office space and other aid to presidential transitions in recent years and typically houses electronic transition records in its computer system. But Trump for America considers the records private and privileged and not government property.

The people familiar with the transition organization spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the records sensitivity. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The seven words and phrases transgender, and were not to be used in documents that are to be circulated within the federal government and Congress in preparation of the next presidential budget proposal, the paper reported.

On Saturday a CDC official confirmed CDC officials were given from higher ranks of the federal government at a recent meeting to reconsider certain language in draft budget documents. But she said she did not know if there was any specific prohibition about using those seven words. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees CDC, said in a statement that it a mischaracterization to say the CDC was banned from using certain words. But HHS officials did not clarify or answer any other questions.

In an email to the agency employees on Saturday night, CDC Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald noted the media report and wrote; want to assure you that CDC remains committed to our public health mission as a science and evidence based institution. As part of our commitment to provide for the common defence of the country against health threats, science is and will remain the foundation of our work. Senate, despite GOP efforts to paint Democrat Doug Jones as an unacceptable extremist on the issue.

Certainly, any analysis of what Jones upset over Roy Moore means for other races involves a caveat: The Republican nominee was twice ousted from the state Supreme Court and stood accused of sexual misconduct with minors, baggage that gave Jones an opening in a state that hadn elected a Democratic senator since 1992.

Yet Jones could not have won without crossover votes from conservative Republicans who oppose abortion, and that just what he did.

Exit polls show Jones won a third of voters who said abortion should be illegal in most cases, and 27 per cent of those who want it outlawed completely.

These numbers suggest that abortion may not necessarily be a defining issue in the 2018 midterm elections.

Residents flee as flames approach wealthy California enclave

MONTECITO, Calif. (AP) Residents piled into cars and fled on Saturday, turning downtown Santa Barbara into ghost town as surging winds drove one of the biggest fires in California history toward the city and the nearby wealthy enclave of Montecito.

The mandatory evacuations around Montecito and neighbouring Summerland came as winds that had eased a day earlier roared back at around 30 mph (48 kph), with gusts to about 60 mph (97 kph). Firefighters sprayed water onto hot spots sparked by wind blown embers. Firefighters also drove to the historic San Ysidro Ranch in yellow fire trucks as heavy smoke rose from the coastal hills, blotting out the blue skies.

A portion of Santa Barbara was under mandatory evacuation. At the city zoo, workers began putting some animals into crates and kennels, to ready them for possible evacuation.
mont blanc pen dealers AP News in Brief at 11

hike mont blanc Antique smuggling

refill mont blanc fountain pen Antique smuggling

Murky dealings: Vaman Narayan Ghiya in police custody in Jaipur. His role in an international smuggling ring was first exposed in a book on Sotheby’s

The liked versace suits, wore Rolex watches and carried Mont Blanc pens. He sported Italian shoes and stayed in luxury hotels.

Ghiya’s activities were chronicled in Peter Watson’s Sotheby’s: The Inside Storywhich was the equivalent of a stink bomb on the pricey auction house. Ghiya was so wary of being caught that he would often switch hotels if he saw someone staring at him in the lobby for more than a heartbeat.

Ghiya was the mini mogul of a murky world where vases were illegally excavated from graves in Italy and temple carvings stolen in the middle of the night from under the nose of sleeping priests in India.

When the Jaipur Police searched his home on June 7, they found 34 catalogues each of Sotheby’s and Christie’s on Indian and South east Asian art listing thousands of Indian antiques. When Ghiya was asked to flag the pieces he had smuggled for these auction houses, he marked nearly 700.

And that included Khajuraho pieces that fetched Rs 6 crore and paintings by Old Masters worth Rs 1 crore, not to mention ancient idols and figurines. Though Ghiya now faces up to seven years in jail for running an antique smugglers’ gang, no one has counted him out.

So it was not surprising that he was aggressive and insulting when Anand Shrivastav, SP, Jaipur, went to haul him in after a year long undercover operation that began with the recovery of antiques from a small gang in June last year.

This is not the first time that Ghiya is in trouble. In 1986, the CBI investigated a customs seizure of a consignment of his antiques in Mumbai but then the court acquitted him. Ghiya is so slippery that he had Brendan Lynch, head of Sotheby’s oriental antiquities section, hiding in his cupboard when the CBI conducted a surprise raid on his home later in the year. Later when Watson came down to look into his crimes, the investigative journalist ran out of funds and had to concentrate the narrative only on the Sham brothers (Esa and Fakrou), two of the biggest antique dealers in Mumbai. “He beats the hardest of the criminals when it comes to stubborn silence,” says Ram Singh Shekhawat, a young inspector on the job.

Ghiya pretends pain, refuses to eat and rarely volunteers information. In the court, however, he shouted that he had been framed. Knowing well that once in custody Ghiya would be a tough nut to crack, the police worked overtime to gather enough evidence against him.

Ajit Singh Shekhawat, DIG, Jaipur, sent a team of 20 officers in civvies to crucial spots in several cities sometimes they even spent many nights there. In Jaipur, Shrivastav and others would analyse information that came in on a day to day basis.

They would scan the Internet, read books and scour research papers besides going through FIRs of all antique thefts in Rajasthan. The American Institute of Indian Studies, Gurgaon, Haryana, turned out to be a major source.

Sotheby’s: The Inside Story,
hike mont blanc Antique smuggling
copies of which were procured from abroad, also provided an insight into how auction houses worked, besides providing names of many buyers and sellers.

Ghiya was the mastermind of a complex smuggling network. Antique pieces disappeared from tiny villages in India to repeatedly surface in the collections of the super rich in Manhattan penthouses and London lofts. In 1999, an idol of a Jain tirthankar went missing from Krishna Vilas in Baran, Rajasthan, an ASI protected site.

A year later it emerged in Sotheby’s September catalogue, where it was tagged at a reserve price of $25,000 $35,000 (between Rs 12 lakh and Rs 16.5 lakh). Similarly, a five quintal stone figurine of Varaha was stolen from Attru, Rajasthan, in 1988. It now rests in a private museum in Switzerland that belonged to one Dr R. Its photograph was found in Ghiya’s album and also in Christie’s September 2000 catalogue.

GODDESSES, SAAS BAHU TEMPLE: This photograph from the American Institute of Indian Studies shows seven figurines on the temple ceiling in Udaipur. These disappeared after December 1999.

He has also said that Russek bought half of his 500 strong Indian collection from Ghiya, in what is just the tip of his antique empire. Ghiya’s is a trash to treasures story.

Born to a studio photographer in old Jaipur city in 1947, he graduated in science from Maharaja College, Jaipur, before marrying in 1970. By that time, he was into selling Rajasthani paintings in Jaipur and Mumbai. In Mumbai, one of his bulk buyers introduced him to a Frenchwoman Arien Fye who initiated him into the antiques trade as a middleman.

Making contact with the Sham brothers, he soon set up handicraft outlets in five star hotels in metros and displayed goods at international exhibitions to build contacts with private collectors around the world.

They became his major buyers and by the mid ’80s, Ghiya had emerged as a force to reckon with, using 10 export companies as his conduits. He set up at least three firms in Switzerland: Cap Lion Logging, Artistic Import Corporation and Megavena.

In London, Ghiya was provided space in the house of James Hodges of Sotheby’s to store the loot. Ghiya would travel round the globe to regularly meet Sotheby’s dealers and kept an eagle eye on a flourishing network of dealers.

In 1997, after the arrest of his close rival Giacomo Medici in Italy, he probably became the very best in the business. In James Ivory’s Hullabaloo Over George and Bonnie’s Pictures, a wonderful take on the world of antique thieves, Saeed Jaffrey’s huckster wants to relieve Victor Banerjee’s raja of his priceless miniature paintings.

The princess Aparna Sen wants the lovely money but the raja cannot understand the fuss: for him art is nothing more than a lot of naked women. Clearly,
hike mont blanc Antique smuggling
Ghiya thinks differently.

montblanc company Anger at Montblanc’s Gandhi pen

mont blanc pen buy Anger at Montblanc’s Gandhi pen

These images jar with German pen maker Montblanc’s launch of a $25,000 pen to mark the 140th anniversary of his birth. Some see it as an insult to him.The $25,000 ( gold and silver limited edition pen has an engraving of Mahatma Gandhi, the man seen as the father of Indian independence and revered as a global spiritual leader.Critics have questioned if the Montblanc pen is the best way to honour Gandhi. The Center for Consumer Education in Kerala has filed a lawsuit to try to stop distribution of the pen.”Mahatma Gandhi advocated a simple lifestyle,” Dijo Kappen of the centre said.”He was, of course, a nationalist and, in the nature of the independence movement, the only thing he promoted was Indian made goods. It is a mockery of the great man and an insult to the nation. to use him as a poster boy.”A fitting tribute?The limited edition pen is intended to honour Gandhi, the German premium pen maker said. “I certainly have to say, I wouldn’t have thought that people would have reacted negatively,” Montblanc’s chief executive Lutz Bethge told the BBC.”Yes, there were questions asked. Does it make sense to combine Montblanc and Mahatma Gandhi? But from what I noticed people were delighted that we were paying tribute to him.”Just 241 of the handmade pens will be sold, in reference to the number of miles Gandhi walked in his famous march against salt taxes in 1930.Each comes with an eight metre golden thread that can be wound around the pen, representing the spindle and cotton Gandhi used to weave simple cloth.”What we want to do is talk about the values of Mahatma Gandhi as well. And this is certainly a person who believed in non violence, peace, education and tolerance, and these are universal values,” added Mr Bethge.Gandhi’s great grandson Tushar Gandhi has endorsed the idea. His charitable foundation has already received a donation of $145,000 from Montblanc and will receive between $200 and $1,000 for each pen sold.”Part of the proceeds are donated to the Gandhi foundation. That is certainly something Gandhi would have approved of,” said Mr Bethge.For those who find the pen a little out of their price range, there is a more affordable version there are 3,000 roller ball and fountain pens on sale for about $3,000 dollars each. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.
montblanc company Anger at Montblanc's Gandhi pen

mont blanc pens refills and the sound of war drums over a pipeline

mont blanc pen generation and the sound of war drums over a pipeline

NDP government.

They determined to stall Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the west coast, their stonewalling seen as the kind of game politicians play.

is people are angry and feel betrayed and hugs and platitudes are not enough. Conflict is messy and unpleasant but looking necessary. and unpleasant conflict now looking necessary? Sounds like battle lines are being drawn.

Berman says more and more people are now standing up and it not going to be an easy road ahead.

Shannon Phillips, Notley point person on all things Mother Earth and once an environmentalist of some renown, is now fighting for her political life, along with the rest of the Notley NDP government.

If anybody needs the pipeline, they do.

not really all that concerned about anything Tzeporah Berman says, says our Shannon.

Say what? Is that a diesel bus poor Tzeporah is getting thrown under? Say it ain so, Shannon? Your government appointed her to an important position. You asked for her sage advice. There was a time you might have been together in the same struggle.

Let give Shannon a chance to explain. She does so in Calgary.

was a very integral part of the sort of new consensus that came up around oilsands companies, finding ways out of the dead end that previous governments had driven us into through lack of action on climate change.

were important contributions. Having said that, I think she wrong on this issue. NDP Birkenstocks? But I digress.

The day just gets more interesting when Kennedy Stewart, a Burnaby NDP member of parliament, speaks to the CBC.

Doesn take our Mr. are willing to stand their ground in acts of civil disobedience. Lower Mainland.

Man the barricades. Cue the megaphone. Two, four, six, eight, Kinder Morgan got to wait! Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Trans Mountain got to go!

Stewart adds Trudeau should look at a Plan B. The man from Burnaby believes the pipeline is not going to get built.

He also unloads one heck of a whopper.

He says if the feds decided to build a nuclear power plant in the middle of Calgary with nuclear waste dump disposal sites around Alberta and Albertans had no say then the people of Alberta would defend their interests.

Er pipelines equal nuclear power plants?

think it has the same impacts, says the NDP member of parliament.

About those threats Alberta could occasionally turn off the taps on existing oil to the Lower Mainland, giving them a taste of their own medicine is not Russia. It a democratic society. In Russia, Putin can turn the gas on and off, concludes our Mr. Stewart.

Berman back. Another zinger.

need pipelines for a climate plan is like saying we are selling cigarettes to get people to stop smoking. it Trudeau telling the Greens if they want a climate plan, including the carbon tax, they have to accept a pipeline.
mont blanc pens refills and the sound of war drums over a pipeline

vintage mont blanc pens and Nordstrom

mont blanc pens sale and Nordstrom

Having done one session and looking at actual revenues, I decided to change the way we offer classes, including the fees we charged. I can recreate the wheel. I do one session, and then review how it works. The interesting thing about that? After the session was over, I didn really do a step back, big picture review of how the session worked. I had some ideas for new classes and packaging up the old ones, but I didn really do the business owner thing and look at the business. (Bad Dawn.)It took my being in a business retreat last week and presenting my ideas for the packages of classes I was going to offer, and one of my masterminders going, much are you charging for classes? That ridiculously too low. Do you really want to be seen as Wal Mart? though my first reaction was a so do not want to rethink all this, that statement hit me hard. No, of course I don want to be seen as Wal Mart. I do believe in get what you pay for and the perceived value of things. If these are such great classes, why are they dirt cheap? My time, and my instructors time is certainly valuable, and the classes are packed with information. This is high quality, silk shirt type of material. And while, in general, I very pleased with how the spring/summer session went, I never satisfied with good enough. I a maximizer, and I always want to make it ( being anything) the best it can be. Are we going to be Nordstrom? Maybe. At the very least, I like to be Chico (with their really awesome collection of accessories). I written before about how writing and publishing a book should be seen as a business. Well, what kind of business? Do YOU want to be the Wal Mart in your field? Would you rather be a Nordstrom? Or something in between, like a Chico (Remember the great accessories!)Of course,
vintage mont blanc pens and Nordstrom
books sell at a specific price range. You not really going to sell your hardcover for $200. However, there are some places where a Wal Mart vs. If you self publish, you do not want someone to pick up your book and immediately know it been self published. That means spend the money on an editor, proofreader, book designer You don want your book to stand out as low quality among traditionally published books. I can pretty quickly (without even looking at the title page) tell whether a book been (badly) self published, from quality of printing, formatting, and editing. There nothing wrong with self publishing. You just have to determine if you want your book to look like the high quality books (in look and format) the traditional publishing houses put out. Again, I can tell if it a do it yourself website, or one that looks professional. If the only face you have to show to the world is your website, make it look like you a professional. Don let your sixteen year old nephew do the design. Look big and play big. Rethink that picture of you at the party with a martini glass in your hand (unless it part of your persona). Have high quality, professional pictures taken. Think about what you wearing, the background, what you holding. The picture file (more than likely a digital file in this day and age) needs to be high quality as well. The last thing you want is a grainy picture on the back of your book. If you don have a writing coach or writing group, get one. The last thing you want is to diminish the credibility you worked so hard to build by shoddy writing. This can include all sorts of things like query letters and book proposals. While the public doesn see your initial (or 500th) query letter or proposal, someone will. Whether an agent or a publishing house, come across as a professional, and not a be doing yourself a severe injustice if you don publish my book attitude.So take some time and think about it. Who are you in your world? If you writing a book, you want to be seen as an expert. Are you a Wal Mart expert or a Nordstrom expert? How does that affect your book? What do you need to put in place? Mind you, there are those of us who do shop at Wal Mart, and I can find some pretty darn good deals there, on occasion. But there are certain things I would never buy there my shoes, for example,
vintage mont blanc pens and Nordstrom
if I want them to last.

mont blanc ball pen refills and he’s wearing it on his sleeve

hotels in mont blanc and he’s wearing it on his sleeve

Laxman have commented in a cartoon on the excitement over Narendra Modi’s exclusive, pin striped suit on the eve of Republic Day that drew more attention than the nearly 4,000 word joint statement on the visit? He could have drawn Modi clad in the same fabric saying something like, stop wasting time looking for any fine print. Read my lips instead because, as my American buddies would say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The idea was not to pun on the old BJP controversy where Govindacharya had dismissed Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a mere mask (“mukhauta”) thinly concealing the reality of the BJP. It was, instead, to make the point that unlike Vajpayee, Modi represented the true face of the BJP/RSS and did not pretend to be something else. With Modi, we had said, the man you see is the man you get. Pinstripes woven into the fabric in his own name may sound like an excess, even exaggerated vanity or narcissism. But it is silly to be surprised. He has already set a pattern changing more outfits in a day, particularly on a special occasion or at a summit meeting, than stars in a Tamil film song. He has flaunted a customised choice of colours, even so bright as to be unknown in our understated political tradition, to suit the occasion. Remember his neon red waist coat in Bangalore to celebrate the successful Mangalyaan launch with ISRO scientists. On the Japan visit, the whisper on the sidelines was that he changed more outfits in one day than our ambassador there changed saris in the entire trip. But then the ambassador is merely a staid civil servant and should remain so.

Modi sees himself as a mass leader, a brand made for media, from TV to Twitter, from selfies to Facebook. He sees no issue wrapping it in livery that, in his view, enhances the brand. Could it just be that in his view the pin stripes only underline Brand Modi? Or may be, as we say elsewhere in this issue (Writings on the Wall) there is a Pucca Punjabi inside this Gujju body? I got it, I flaunt it, and if you have a problem, go see a shrink, stop psychoanalysing me.

That, in short, is also my objection to the chatter on Modi’s allegedly crude, vain, narcissistic style. We know our politicians are never poor, but we want them to look like becharas. And however cynical and selfish they may be in their politics, however much they may put away in mythical Swiss accounts or, more likely, in IOU hundis with real estate buddies, we prefer to see them dressed in crumpled khadi, if not sack cloth and ashes. My point, therefore, is not an endorsement of Modi’s style, but that we are silly in being judgemental about it, indulging in drawing room/cocktail circuit pop psychology. Not when so many of us in the same, selfstyled (pun intended) upper crust go around dressed in stupid pastel trousers, little black dresses that stretch to the precarious limit going down our bell bottoms and thunder thighs, and those awful, awful Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. So bad and so expensive that the more apt way to spell and pronounce Vuitton should be an unprintable Indianism starting with C which you need film maker Vishal Bhardwaj’s cheek to unleash.

The most important thing about Modi is that the man you see is the man you get. Intellectually, politically, ideologically and philosophically, he is in an argument with Jawaharlal Nehru.

Let’s take that argument forward. Each one of us, let’s list our top five political personalities for poor taste in dressing and lifestyle. I suspect there will be quite a bit of unanimity there. Mayawati with her pearls and purses, Ambedkar with his often poorly fitted suits, Balasaheb with his white wine and now Modi with his neon waistcoats and custom woven pin stripes. Then list those with good style: Vadundhara Raje with her silks and jewellery, late Jyoti Basu with his love for the revolution and single malts, Arun Jaitley with his cashmeres and Patek Philippe watches, late Rajiv Gandhi with his Gucci shoes, Mont Blanc pens and exotic holidays, Kamal Nath with a jar of Harrods cookies while clad in pure khadi on Chhindwara’s campaign trail, even Anna Hazare recuperating at one of our most expensive corporate fat farms in Bangalore as if fasting was not good enough to detox and lose weight for a Gandhian, and Lohiaite George Fernandes whose Lamy pens were seen as a style statement. There is a twin hypocrisy here. The moment somebody rises in politics, we want them to be in modest political garb, never mind the Lanvin undies inside or Harrods cookies in the car. And second, we draw judgement based on where somebody came from. A Nehru or Gandhi, born in riches, dump their old style and luxuries, adopt khadi and become icons of humility. But what about someone with utterly humble beginnings, who has now tasted success and thinks he can afford to live it up a bit? That outrages us, yeh kahan se aa gaya (where did he come from)?It is tempting to invoke actor Dilip Kumar’s comic portrayal of a “westernised” rustic in the old film Sagina where he dances to “Sala main to saab ban gaya. yeh suit mera dekho, yeh boot mera dekho, jaise chhora koyi London ka”. We tend to respond the same snooty way looking at anybody pretending to live beyond his “original” station. Again, to hark back to that Dilip Kumar song, we are happy if langoti walas stay that way and happier if suit walas dump them for langotis.

This is not a changing but a changed India. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel were all born with riches sufficient to take them overseas for studies a hundred years ago. They sought their political style statement in discarding what they had inherited. The current Lok Sabha, Modi included, is filled with leaders of a completely different upbringing. They bring nothing by way of their entitlement and now, having tasted success, have less hesitation flaunting it. Maybe their progeny will still impress us by giving up the apparent riches.

I am the least qualified person to comment on somebody’s sartorial preferences. But what I admire about Modi is his lack of hypocrisy. I can illustrate what I mean. Look at the young, supposedly new generation hot shots of the Congress. Many of them maintain two lifestyles, one until 10 pm in khadi kurtas and the second after 10 pm in tight black silk tees, sometimes even on sexy Ducatis and Harley Davidsons. I recall going to see George Fernandes once and seeing him artfully crumple his ironed pajamas. How could the humble, socialist trade unionist be seen wearing anything orderly? Of course, he had no issues with an IAS aide kneeling down on the floor of an Mi 17 helicopter to slip the snow shoes onto his feet and do the laces as we approached Siachen for a recording.

Chances are we will not see such hypocrisy from Modi, whatever our view on his style or taste. In any case, we did not elect him for his humility. We loved his 56 inch chest swagger, selfprojection of his Gujarat success, his exaggerated delivery. As I said earlier, the most important thing about Modi is that the man you see is the man you get. Intellectually, politically, ideologically and philosophically, he is in an argument with Jawaharlal Nehru. Now, check out this test. Go to an outlet in your city of Fabindia or Khadi Bhavan where our liberal community had gone for decades to buy our handloom kurtas and “Jawahar” jackets. Hang around long enough and you will overhear some customer asking for a “Modi” jacket. It is the same jacket. At least sartorially, Modi is winning his argument with Nehru.
mont blanc ball pen refills and he's wearing it on his sleeve

mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art’

mont blanc pen pouch and good business is the best art’

Corbis, the digital image agency owned by Microsoft chief Bill Gates, has struck an exclusive deal with the Andy Warhol Foundation to distribute work created by the iconic artist.

Corbis, the digital image agency owned by Microsoft chief Bill Gates, has struck an exclusive deal with the Andy Warhol Foundation to distribute work created by the iconic artist.

The agreement, which will be officially announced in the next few days, will mean that companies wanting to use artwork created by Warhol will be able to download it from Corbis’s website and then gain rights clearance from the image agency.

Initially, 500 of Warhol’s most famous works will be available ranging from the iconic Campbell’s Soup cans to his early work when he was a commercial artist employed by advertising agencies in New York.

However, Corbis will be able to obtain the rights to any Warhol image owned by the Foundation if customers want something not among the initial 500 works.

The works of Warhol considered one of the most impor tant artists of the 20th century, and the leader of the Pop art movement are among the most reproduced in the world.

They have been used for advertising and marketing by groups as diverse as Mont Blanc pens, The Gap, Volkswagen and the Swiss Post. A Warhol T shirt made by Uniqlo, a Japanese group, has sold nearly a million since it was launched less than a month ago.

Annual sales of Warhol related products are estimated to be worth $30m (16m) a year for the Foundation,
mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art'
the charitable trust set up under the artist’s will to administer his estate after his death in 1987.

The Andy Warhol Foundation has been in talks with a number of agencies, including Corbis’s arch rival, Getty Images, about setting up a deal.

Martin Cribbs, the licensing director of the Foundation, said that it had chosen Corbis because it was the best in the world at what it did. “We want this deal to open the door on a wide range of Warhol imagery,” he said. “A lot of Andy’s work has been little used and we can work with people to use imagery specifically tailored for them.”

“Warhol is uniquely powerful in both commercial and artistic uses, bringing instant recognition and attributes like originality, irony and leading edge hip to major brands and messages worldwide,” said Gary Shenk, the head of rights services at Corbis. “We look forward to sharing the genius, ingenuity and vision of Warhol and his work with creative professionals around the globe.”

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mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art'

mont blanc kalem An unsettling portrait of ‘America’s Sheriff’

mont blanc brasil An unsettling portrait of ‘America’s Sheriff’

Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona began breaking the law even before he got elected, according to a federal indictment released Tuesday, engaging in a broad conspiracy to enrich himself and his former mistress by trading access to his department for a steady stream of cash and gifts.

The indictment outlines a scheme that took root in March 1998 and stretched until August, when Carona allegedly tried to keep one of his chief accusers a former assistant sheriff from testifying truthfully to a grand jury. Federal prosecutors also charged Carona’s wife and Debra V. Hoffman, whom they identified in court papers as the sheriff’s “longtime mistress.”

Court documents describe a furious pursuit of money, perquisites and expensive baubles, including more than $200,000 in payments and loans, a boat, a Lake Tahoe vacation, luxury box seats to the World Series, Mont Blanc pens and Ladies’ Cartier watches. Carona, 52, is also accused of helping co conspirators get a piece of a wrongful death settlement that the family of a dead deputy won in a lawsuit.

Carona said in an interview with The Times that he was innocent and would not resign as head of the state’s second largest sheriff’s department. He declined to discussed the specific allegations in the indictment.

“I’m staying because I love the job and I do a good job,” he said. “Most importantly, I have committed no criminal acts.”

Deborah Carona said in a prepared statement: “There is no merit to this indictment, and the government’s strategy of using me as leverage against my husband will not succeed.”

Hoffman could not be reached for comment.

Until he became the target of several state and federal investigations, Carona seemed to be on a path toward political power and prominence. He was dubbed “America’s Sheriff” by television personality Larry King, courted by former White House political guru Karl Rove and groomed as a prospective Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. He gained nationwide recognition for his tough, on camera performance during the 2002 hunt for the kidnapper of 5 year old Samantha Runnion, who was murdered.

The 10 count indictment paints a very different picture, alleging that Carona and close associates began their criminal activities by illegal fundraising to win election in 1998, then, once he was in office, using the powers of the sheriff to enrich themselves.

In all, Carona faces one count of conspiracy, four counts of mail fraud and two counts of tampering with a grand jury witness. His wife is charged with a single conspiracy count. Hoffman is charged with one count of conspiracy,
mont blanc kalem An unsettling portrait of 'America's Sheriff'
four counts of mail fraud and three of bankruptcy fraud.

A central figure in the alleged conspiracy is Donald Haidl, an Orange County businessman who formerly owned a business that generated $100 million a year selling surplus police cars and assets seized by law enforcement agencies.

Prosecutors charge that Haidl lined Carona’s pockets with paycheck like regularity. In return, they allege that Carona made Haidl an assistant sheriff, helped his son get preferential treatment in a drug case, and gave badges and guns to relatives and friends.

Haidl, in effect, bought a “Get out of jail free card” from Carona, prosecutors allege.

The sheriff also allegedly exerted influence in an unsuccessful effort to have Haidl’s son tried as a juvenile when he was accused of rape in 2002.

Haidl, who pleaded guilty in a related case, has now turned against Carona and is expected to be a witness against the sheriff. He went undercover and taped conversations with Carona after striking a deal that spared him serious charges.

According to the indictment, the payments Haidl made to Carona and Hoffman ranged from a $110,000 “loan” to Hoffman’s law firm to $1,000 in monthly stipends that Carona received for doing no work as a board director for company tied to Haidl.

Another alleged co conspirator was George Jaramillo, who was also one of Carona’s assistant sheriffs. He, too, has pleaded guilty in the case and has been cooperating with prosecutors.

Lawyers for Haidl and Jaramillo declined to comment on the case.

The indictment provides the following account of the alleged conspiracy:

The scheme began during Carona’s 1998 run for office when Haidl funneled several $1,000 checks to the campaign, each from a different “contributor.” Haidl illegally reimbursed those unnamed donors.

The day before the June 1998 election, Haidl gave a $110,000 cashier’s check to the law firm, which was founded by Hoffman and Jaramillo. After Carona won, Haidl paid for a trip to Lake Tahoe for Carona, Jaramillo and their wives and gave the new sheriff $6,000 in cash.

Shortly after the election, in December 1998, Carona lobbied the county Board of Supervisors to change the law so he could appoint Haidl to the job of assistant sheriff, even though the businessman lacked the required experience.
mont blanc kalem An unsettling portrait of 'America's Sheriff'

mont blanc pen generation All Of Us In Our Own Lives

mont blanc pencils All Of Us In Our Own Lives

In telling the stories of Ava Berriden, the Canadian lawyer who was adopted from an orphanage in Nepal and finds herself back in the country she was born in, Indira Sharma, the gender activist trying to cope with the machinations of the intensely competitive NGO world and also the patriarchal construct of her own home, and the brother sister duo of Sapana and Gyanu, making an effort to make a go of their lives in the village, Thapa pens a tale that is both readable and identifiable.It a story of yearning and restlessness. Ava leaves Ontario, the corporate rut she was in and her marriage for a new job in the international aid organisation, International Development Assistant Forum (IDAF). “I finally found a career I can believe in ,” she says as she heads to Nepal, which “relies heavily on aid”. In Kathmandu, she runs into Indira, looking for a level of comfort at both her job and her home, where she is reduced to the status of just a daughter in law who can even drink wine with guests. On a quest to get out of the confines of Kathmandu and out into the “real Nepal”, Ava meets the spirited Sapana, who becomes a focal point for what women empowerment programmes can actually do and how they help. And there Sapana half brother Gyanu, who comes back from Dubai after their father death, but is unable to make the picturesque village his home again.The characters are easy to connect with. There are also remarkable cameos that stand out in this narrative of interconnected lives that moves from Canada to Nepal, from conference venues in Europe to air conditioned offices in Kathmandu, from the city to the villages. There Vishwa Bista, for instance,
mont blanc pen generation All Of Us In Our Own Lives
the smarmy US educated Nepali programme staffer at international aids organisation IDAF, and the engaging Rama Bhauji, the single mother and member of the village women committee uncomfortable with the accounting that comes with the funding.They represent the two ends of the aid spectrum in Nepal; a world of SUVs, Mont Blanc pens and sunny offices juxtaposed against the tough reality of everyday living in the villages that is brought to life by Thapa deft writing.The IDAF, she says, is “hermetically sealed, as though to keep Nepal out”, the staff neatly divided between the locals and the foreigners. It appears to be a perversely structured world of “deliverables, quantifiables, measurements and matrixes” and the IDAF itself is described by Tomas, another expatriate in Nepal, as a “collusion between international and national elite”. When he tries to persuade Ava to move from Nepal to Myanmar and she demurs, citing the size of the annual budget for her IDAF programme, he says impatiently, “Fuck the aid industry, all it does is enrich the global elite”.It an insider look at the moneyed world of donors, lenders and receivers. The cynicism of life in Kathmandu contrasts nicely with Thapa descriptives of village life.Issues like human trafficking are also slipped in without making too much of a big deal. In a conversation with Gyanu, Ava expresses concern over young girls going to India for work and discusses the high risk of trafficking in the area as well as the fact that more than 10,000 Nepali girls are trafficked annually.Notwithstanding the machinations and cut and thrust of the world of NGOs and careerist activists, All Of Us ends with Sapana and a programme that works,
mont blanc pen generation All Of Us In Our Own Lives
that actually percolates to the community it is intended for.