montblanc pens Imran Yusuf picks five memorable and amusing Inzamam

mont blanc blue pen Imran Yusuf picks five memorable and amusing Inzamam

Let the first dismissal be ” amam ul Haq”. To us he is simply “Inzi” and all that it encapsulates: chubby big brother with a bit about him turned avuncular bearded wonder. Inzamam ul Haq sounded overbearing and underhanded (which he sometimes was) but Inzi was that friendly, bear hugging beast of a talent (he mostly was) that we grew to love and wish to remember.

The trouble with memory, though, is our wishes are rarely granted. Going back, for instance, to the 1992 World Cup, Inzi’s rudely prodigious entrance to the highest stage that composure, that grace under pressure is always checked by a counter image: the famous “Superman” run out from the game against South Africa.

In hindsight, the narrative symmetry is almost too good to be true. It seems inevitable that Inzi would be the scampering victim as Jonty Rhodes announced the ascendancy of modern fielding and the new reign of the gods of cover point.

Rhodes, not the most blessed of batsmen, made a career out of athleticism; Inzi, natural ability personified, seemed to treat the concept as haram. That dismissal foreshadows the rest of his cricketing life: Inzi the master old world swordsman who refused to accept that the world now fought with machine guns.

Cricket offers a fair amount of pantomime; if you like that sort of thing, Inzi’s run outs are a treasure chest of mirth. However, his run outs of team mates are on another level altogether. A man alone can make us laugh, but it takes an ensemble at the top of their game to have us rolling in the aisles. Stranded together with the great man at the same end, Inzi’s partners regularly found themselves unwilling participants in a farcical double act.

It probably happened to everyone Inzi played with (including, of course, the tail: for all the talk of his belly, Inzi was Pakistan’s spine). Mohammad Yousuf was a frequent fellow farceur in this regard; no great runner himself, they’d have called Yousuf the new Inzi if he had not been so thin.

The fate of being sold down the river by cricket’s big blue whale, however, appears to have befallen Wasim Akram more than it did anyone else. Of these misfortunes, at least in the 1999 World Cup, against Australia at Headingley, it was Inzi himself who got sold.

It’s epic YouTube: facing Damien Fleming, Inzi gets rapped on the toes, suggests vaguely he might run, before returning to the crease. The manner in which he falls recalls the wonderful bar scene from Only Fools and Horses in ultra super slow motion. What makes the moment extra special is the pleading from Waz as he storms towards Inzi’s end, increasingly cognizant that his toppled partner ain’t moving. The sounds seem to emerge from the deepest core of the man’s very soul. If they ever make Inzi: The Opera, this run out should be the first audio reference.

One would think that, with all that bulk, Inzi would be the safest bet in the game when it comes to not minding being hit. Two instances when this was not the case serve as refutation.

In a Test against England in 2005, the bowler, Steve Harmison, fielded a shot hit back by Inzi, and then hurled the ball stumpward. Inzi was actually in, until he lifted his back foot just before the impact of ball on wicket, and so was out. What surprises is the balletic movement of his calf; the delicacy of the raised foot; the decorous way he gets himself out. Inzi pirouetting his way to evasive action the incongruity is thrilling.

Less than three months later he was out obstructing the field against India, after the ball was fielded and thrown at him by Suresh Raina, only for Inzi to strike it with his bat. The appeal wasn’t India greatest moment,
montblanc pens Imran Yusuf picks five memorable and amusing Inzamam
but then neither was the “shot” by Inzi the best course of action. Another man would have seen the incoming ball, turned in double time, and got back in. And this is the problem with all these dismissals: for all the funny business, one can’t quite shake off the idea that if he’d been a little more on the ball, the near great Inzi would have made it over the line. He would have reached that tier Lara, Sachin, Ponting of which it must be said he falls tantalisingly short.

Momentum is mass multiplied by velocity. Let us apply this to Monty Panesar’s 2006 dismissal of Inzi, in which the big guy went for a sweep, missed, and somehow tumbled back and over the wicket, brushing off the bails with his chest in the process. Watch it again: there’s something off.

We’ll allow for plenty of mass, but the velocity variable seems to come from nowhere. It’s worth deliberating on this, because Inzi often suspended the usual laws of the physical world. Despite his resistance to training, he must have been absurdly fit to play all those long innings in such heat. For all his body weight, he had the deftest of touches and wielded the bat as a poet does a Mont Blanc. And then there’s the most telling detail: an Inzi in good nick would bend the very nature of time, playing the world’s top pacers as slow medium filth.

But back to the dismissal and no fancy talk can get away from the fact that it’s hilarious. I showed it to my lads the other day, and laughter filled the sky. At the time, England celebrated gleefully. Looking at Andrew Strauss, Matthew Hoggard, Paul Collingwood and the rest giggle their schoolboy contempt towards the big fella just compounds the moment. You feel sorry for him, but you don’t feel sorry for enjoying the spectacle. (And you also remember that Inzi had spent the previous year pummelling that England side to all corners.)

Pakistanis won’t forgive the cricket world for too often reducing Inzi to a caricature. The talent seems to be acknowledged politely, before heading on to the real stuff, which, it appears from their tone, is that the man was a joke. The country has legitimate claim to calling out this injustice. Like with so much else, they know deep down in their hearts that the semblance of truth is largely self inflicted. Inzi didn’t bother with running; he didn’t learn the rules on obstructing the field; he did one too many mad things, like forfeiting a Test and running into a Canadian crowd in search of a moron with a megaphone.

But he was a wonderful batsman, and he deserved a great departure. Instead, in his last match, a Test against South Africa in Lahore, he was stumped second ball off wait for it Paul Harris.

Nevertheless, this tragedy too bolsters his legend. There’s something Falstaffian about Inzi, and even his sad farewell mirrors Shakespeare’s pitiful banishment of his wonderful creation. Like the barrel chested wit, Inzi was nuance, soul and heft stuffed into a human body brimming with too much life. Like Falstaff, he was harshly dismissed from the stage, not given an ounce of the fanfare that accompanied send offs of other heroes. We might also say that Inzi’s young, sprightly, scheming successors had something of the tedious Prince Hal about them. Indeed, following Inzi’s last innings, who came to the crease to see the draw home? Inzi’s captain, a 25 year old mediocrity called Shoaib Malik. It’s a cruel world, and in the tragicomedy of his dismissal, it seemed altogether crueller to Inzamam ul Haq.
montblanc pens Imran Yusuf picks five memorable and amusing Inzamam

hiking mont blanc Immigration Official Falsified Documents for Illegal Aliens

classic mont blanc pen Immigration Official Falsified Documents for Illegal Aliens

Since 1988, the official, John F. Lonergan, has supervised 200 inspection and examination employees at Newark International Airport and at the agency’s Newark office, a spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service said.An indictment handed up by a Federal grand jury in Newark accuses Mr. The documents were used by an unspecified number of aliens, including two Iraqi citizens living in Jordan, to gain entry to this country.The document broker met with Mr. Lonergan at restaurants in Newark and provided him with gifts that included luxury items like a Hartmann briefcase and Mont Blanc pens as well as truck tires and cash for a vacation in Aruba, the indictment said.The broker was not named in the indictment, but he has been identified in other court documents as Nagy Khairallah, an informer who previously cooperated with Drug Enforcement Administration investigations and has served time for perjury. In one of two recorded telephone conversations between Mr. Khairallah and Mr. Lonergan, the immigration service official is heard responding to questions about the construction work on his roof, according to a court document.Although the Iraqis are also not named in the indictment, they are the only aliens specifically cited. But Jeffrey D. Smith, the assistant United States Attorney handling the case, said the two are not believed to pose a danger. He said the papers falsified by Mr. Lonergan stated that they were New Jersey residents.
hiking mont blanc Immigration Official Falsified Documents for Illegal Aliens

mont blanc pen generation If you Like MC Beaton Try Reading These

fountain pens for sale If you Like MC Beaton Try Reading These

M. C. Beaton is a alias for well liked and productive novelist Marion Chesney. As Beaton, Chesney at present writes two modern day Mystery series. One about amateur and eventually private investigator Agatha Raisin, and the second features Scottish police detective Hamish Macbeth. Both present readers a blend of enjoyable unconventional individuals delightful surroundings and well created plots.

Beaton’s convincingly idiosyncratic characters are one of the allures of her books. Introduced in Death of a Gossip, Warner Books, 1999, Macbeth is the total police force for Lochdubh, but auspiciously for the people of that created Scottish Highlands community Macbeth has an almost supernatural gift for solving of crime wrongdoing. He furthermore has enough common sense to find clever methods to conceal his talents to get out of advancement to a position in a larger city.

After a number of years of concocting diverse cases of homicide for Macbeth, Chesney started a new series centering on fifty something Agatha Raisin. In Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, St. Martin’s, 2006, Raisin retires from her career as head of a London public relations agency to achieve her ambition of residing in the countryside. Once she arrives her new home of Carsley, she realizes a small village is not what she anticipated. Raisin is a perversely intricate character She can be assertive, condescending, and mulish yet also amazingly sympathetic unselfish and smart. These varied qualities give Raisin a stimulating depth of individuality that plays a part to her charm.

Beaton creates original methods to eradicate people, but in the tradition of classic Mysteries, she is fair about placing hints to the true killer within the plot.

One layer of appeal to Beaton’s books is the vibrantly meticulous locations of both series. The strong quantity of wit in Beaton’s novels also improves their draw. Christie’s series Jane Marple has numerous characteristics with Agatha Raisin, including a keen if gentler milder sense of wit, and a quick brain for getting to the bottom of mysteries. Try The Murder at the Vicarage, Harper, 2002, in which Miss Marple must discover who killed the repugnant Colonel Prothero. Brown’s novels have the same soothing and romanticized location, full cast of unique secondary characters, and touch of romance found in Beaton’s Macbeth books. The series begins with Wish You Were Here, Bantam, 1991, in which Mary, the postmistress, assumes the additional responsibility of amateur sleuth after people in the town commence dying after receiving “wish you were here” postcards. Aird’s well well known conventional Mystery series features Detective Inspector C. D. (“Seedy”) Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby. Macbeth readers will find the same mixture of components in Aird’s books. With cunningly written plots, a splendidly (if rather romanticized) British setting, and a police man who solves murders while also battling with an annoying superior that give Beaton’s Macbeth novels their tempting literary flavor.

Katherine Hall Page, provides the model British Mystery a up to date American twist. Her books highlighting wife/mother/caterer Faith Sibley Fairchild are one more good choice, in particular for Beaton’s Raisin readers. The Fairchild series has a comparable mixture of witty prose and original characters to those found in Beaton’s books. Page effectively converts the tight social circle of the English village into her own small New England town of Aleford, MA. Begin with The Body in the Belfry, Avon, 1991, in which Faith must find out who put the dead body of a good looking blackmailer in the church belfry.

Caroline Graham’s Mystery series featuring Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and his irritating assistant Sergeant Troy is another excellent suggestion for Beaton readers. Not only do Graham’s novels have the unchanged classic small British village setting and cast of eccentric characters, but her stories are liberally spiced with the invariable acerbic sense of British humor that gives Beaton’s novels their unique flavor Try Graham’s Death of a Hollow Man, Felony Mayhem, 2006, as an beginning to the series.
mont blanc pen generation If you Like MC Beaton Try Reading These

personalised mont blanc pens If there’s sexual harassment in the Maine Legislature

mont blanc place If there’s sexual harassment in the Maine Legislature

Good morning from Augusta. Sen. Al Franken, D Minnesota was hit with a sexual misconduct allegation on Thursday as Senate Republicans abandon Roy Moore, their Alabama candidate, over alleged relationships with underage girls.

The week’s discouraging news led us to turn our gaze inward to the Maine Legislature, where we didn’t find much officially.

There are no formal allegations of sexual harassment on record with presiding officers and the Legislature’s human resources office. Spokespeople for Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R Winterport, and House Speaker Sara Gideon, D Freeport, said they haven’t received formal complaints of sexual harassment since taking those positions. Thibodeau has led his chamber since 2014 and Gideon has led hers for less than a year. Grant Pennoyer, the executive director of the Legislative Council, said his office’s HR director wasn’t aware of any cases reported to her office in her four year tenure.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimates that up to 85 percent of women have experienced behavior amounting to sexual harassment in the workplace. senators treaded lightly on the Franken news on Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R Kentucky, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D New York, called for an ethics investigation into Franken as did Franken himself. Sen. Angus King, I Maine, tweeted that what Franken did was “wrong” and endorsed the probe. Sen. Susan Collins, R Maine, said in a statement that the reports are “disturbing” and Franken’s apology “warranted,” but she didn’t address questions about the probe or if Franken should resign. Your name will never be published without your consent.

Two gubernatorial candidates have donated to each other’s campaigns

They’re trying to make a point. Independent Terry Hayes of Buckfield and Democrat Betsy Sweet of Hallowell are both running for governor with funding from the Maine Clean Elections Fund, which is supported by taxpayers. They think others should, too.

In a news release on Thursday, Sweet and Hayes said privately financed candidates are too beholden to wealthy donors or lobbyists. Clean election candidates have their campaigns funded with public money but must collect 3,200 “qualifying contributions” of $5 each,
personalised mont blanc pens If there's sexual harassment in the Maine Legislature
which is a high bar for most candidates. It’s a little less difficult for these two, who say they gave each other $5 this week. Here’s their soundtrack.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap does not seem content to serve as a token Democrat on President Donald Trump’s voter fraud investigation commission. On Thursday Dunlap, who previously filed a lawsuit for access to commission documents, asked a federal court for an injunction that would force the commission to share the documents, as well as meeting materials that its leaders have refused to give him. Dunlap has twice denied the commission’s request for some elements of Maine’s voter fraud data and has criticized the panel’s vice chairman and front man, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, for alleging that voter fraud occurred in New Hampshire. Here is Dunlap’s soundtrack. House passed a Republican tax plan on Thursday. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, of Maine’s 2nd District. House member, Democrat Chellie Pingree, opposed the plan, calling it a gift to wealthy Americans that would cause immediate and long term harm to the middle class. Republican efforts to change the tax code now shift to the Senate, where as is almost always the case Republican Susan Collins of Maine will play a pivotal role in determining its fate.

An immigrant family from Portland has asked the Maine Supreme Judicial Court to grant them access to food stamps. The family is cleared to work in Maine but has not yet found work and has appealed the state’s denial of access to food stamps to the state’s highest court. The Legislature has not approved funding for people in these circumstances for two years and the suit seeks to force that.

The Maine Department of Education is having problems handling data. Since the department ended a contract with a vendor that was running its online “Data Warehouse” during the 2015 2016 school year, the department is “kind of in a limbo state,” an official told the BDN. Among issues that have cropped up is the system saying 18,000 new teachers and administrators were hired in 2015. They weren’t.

It looks like that mill fire in Lincoln was arson. Yesterday, officials were talking about a firm working on the site as a possible cause of the blaze that destroyed parts of the former Lincoln Paper and Tissue LLC. Later in the day, they arrested a Lincoln man and charged him with three counts of arson.

Here’s a great way to ring in the holidays

Every year, the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia gives a huge Christmas tree to the City of Boston to signal appreciation of that city’s humanitarian assistance after a terrible 1917 (that’s exactly 100 years ago, if you do the math) maritime disaster. The SS Mont Blanc, a French cargo ship full of bomb materials, collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in Halifax Harbor, triggering an explosion that caused more than 2,000 deaths and 9,
personalised mont blanc pens If there's sexual harassment in the Maine Legislature
000 injuries.

Today’s Daily Brief was written by Christopher Cousins and Michael Shepherd and edited by Robert Long.

mont blanc writing How to Test DC Voltage Using a Multimeter

mont blanc pencil case How to Test DC Voltage Using a Multimeter

A multimeter is very useful in measuring and testing DC voltage. The multimeter can be a standard multimeter, a digital multimeter (DMM), or a auto ranging digital multimeter. The source of the DC voltage can be from batteries, circuits, transformers, or any other electronic device that operates on DC voltage. Troubleshooting of DC electronics is made easier by using a digital multimeter to test in circuit DC voltage and compare the results to an electrical schematic. Faulty components can be identified within the circuit in order to make repairs. This article makes working on DC electronics or batteries simple by describing how to test DC voltage using a multimeter.

Things You Will NeedMultimeter with probes

Step 1Start by setting up the multimeter to test DC voltage. Insert the + red probe into the red voltage test (V) port and the black probe into the COM port. Make sure both probes are firmly pushed into the ports so their is no chance of damaging the multimeter.

Step 2

Set the multimeter test dial to the DC voltage setting. The correct setting is shown in the photo. The setting is typically a V with a straight line over the V. Once the multimeter dial is set the meter will be on.

Step 3Determine what DC voltage will be tested. The multimeter can test a battery voltage, circuit voltage,
mont blanc writing How to Test DC Voltage Using a Multimeter
a AC to DC transformer output, or any other DC voltage. The back of most multimeters show the limits for DC current (amps). To test voltage a supply of voltage must be present. Measure an in circuit DC voltage by holding the red probe on the positive side of the circuit and holding the black probe to the negative side. To determine the charge to know where to place the probes refer to the circuit diagram or look for +/ labeling.

For a battery test touch the red probe lead to the + terminal of the battery while you touch the black probe lead to the terminal of the battery.

Step 5

Read the DC voltage amount on the screen of the multimeter. If no voltage is registering check to make sure the power is being applied to the circuit. If the voltage is a small amount and the multimeter is not auto ranging, turn the dial of the multimeter to a lower DC voltage setting such as mV. Try to test the circuit again using the multimeter.

If the test is for common household batteries, the results should indicate 1.5 Volts for AAA, AA, C, or D batteries if they are good. The multimeter should read 9 volts for a 9 volt battery to be considered acceptable.
mont blanc writing How to Test DC Voltage Using a Multimeter

montblanc ballpoint refill How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Basement

mont blanc peak How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Basement

Many homes have a damp basement smell that is oftentimes strong and overwhelming. As soon as the house basement door is opened the musty odor permeates throughout the house. Some homeowners avoid using their basements for storage for fear that the mildew smell or musty odor will imbed itself in the items stored. Basements have a mildewy, moldy or musty odor for one reason water. Water is the enemy of a house for many reasons including mildew, mold, wood rot and mildew smells or musty odors. Many basements have no indications of a leak, which leaves the homeowner to wonder where the damp odor is coming from. Those who live near a beach, shoreline, river or stream tend to struggle with damp smells more than those who live in areas that are dry.

Getting rid of the damp odor in the house basement is a priority for many. In order to make the house basement a part of the living space or to use it as storage for clothing, linens, books or other items that aren used often the problem needs to be addressed. There are quite a few steps homeowners can take to get rid of the mildew odor and freshen up the air.

Start outside the home by inspecting the gutters. Clean the gutters to remove dead leaves, twigs, nests and other debris that maybe causing a clog. If the gutters or clogged, the water runs off the roof,
montblanc ballpoint refill How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Basement
into the gutters and splashes over the sides. As the soil soaks in the water, a process called hydrostatic pressure pushes the tiny water droplets through the masonry structure into your basement. If there is damage to the flashing, repair the flashing with roofing cement. If there is damage, remove the existing caulk and recaulk the windows with an exterior grade latex caulk. If possible repair the section of damaged roofing or consider having a second roof put on or tear the old roof off and install a new one.

Inside the HouseCheck all plumbing pipes running through the house basement for condensation or leaks. If the pipes are sweating wrap the pipes with insulation to minimize the water.

Sinks and Toilets

Check the pipes under the sink along with the sprayer hose to make sure water is not leaking into the house basement.

Getting Rid of the Damp Basement Smell

Set up a dehumidifier to pull excess moisture out of the air. If the basement is large, consider getting two dehumidifiers. Remember to empty the dehumidifier daily if it doesn have a discharge hose.

Fill plastic containers or old metal cans with charcoal briquettes and set them around the basement. Charcoal absorbs musty odors and helps to reduce dampness. Every two to four weeks depending on how damp the basement is, take the charcoal outside on a dry, sunny day and lay them out to dry or replace the charcoal with new charcoal.

If you are storing items in the basement, store them in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes. Throw away old papers, carpets, rugs and newspapers. Paper and textiles absorb the musty odors and worsen a mildew smell in the basement.

Fill old cans, a bucket or shallow pan with cat litter. Cat litter is made to draw in dampness and deodorize. Dump the old cat litter and fill the containers with new cat litter every two to four weeks.

Wash linens, clothing and other textiles that you have stored in the basement. The fabric fibers retains a damp,
montblanc ballpoint refill How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Basement
musty odor and may make you basement smell.

Fill cans or leave open boxes of baking soda around the basement to absorb the mildew smell. You can also sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the floors and let it sit for a few days. Sweep or vacuum the baking soda and dispose of it.

Leave dampness removal products around the basement such as Damp Ridto help reduce the dampness in the basement and the smell.

Mix equal amounts of chlorine bleach and water in a spray bottle. Spray masonry walls and floors and scrub them with a scrub brush.

mont blan How the Halifax Explosion was nearly forgotten

mont blanc sa How the Halifax Explosion was nearly forgotten

HALIFAX A boy presses his small face up to a cold window pane. It an early winter morning, and two ships in Halifax harbour are exchanging a cacophony of horn blasts.

Vessels use these loud whistles as they pass, the boy mom explains.

The Norwegian relief vessel, the SS Imo, collides with a French munitions ship laden with explosives, the SS Mont Blanc. For 19 1/2 minutes, a dazzling display of fireworks captivates onlookers as the Mont Blanc drifts and burns.

The toddler, playing with a toy train on the kitchen window sill, watches the flames engulf the ship the last images he will ever see.

There, at age two years and seven months, Eric Davidson is blinded in the Halifax Explosion.

father was still looking out and all the glass came in on his face and his upper body, his daughter, Marilyn Elliott, said in an interview.

looked at him and determined that his eyes couldn be saved. Both of his eyes were removed that day. In an instant, a little baby, a happy go lucky baby, is without sight. a little girl, Elliott grew up knowing her father was blinded in the horrific blast that claimed nearly 2,000 lives, injured 9,000 and left 25,000 homeless. But it wasn a topic that was openly discussed in her family.

The wartime disaster was mentioned in passing, in hushed tones, with a heavy heart.

grandmother was a changed woman after the explosion. She grieved the loss of her baby boy eyesight, Elliott said. was a permanent trauma that she carried with her the rest of her life. hundred years after the greatest human made blast before the atomic bomb, the country is commemorating the explosion centennial with a large memorial service at Fort Needham Memorial Park. Dozens of organizations have received grants for museum and art exhibitions, theatre productions, documentary films and concerts. Canada Post has issued a striking commemorative stamp, a new plaque has been erected, a time capsule created and books published.

But the Halifax Explosion anniversary wasn always so publicly remembered.

For many years, Dec. 6 passed quietly in this East Coast town, with a small service or private prayers, but no official public ceremony marking one of Canada worst humanitarian disasters.

In the wake of a deafening blow and billowing white smoke that rose thousands of metres above the harbour, a silence settled over the city: It would take decades before the blackout was lifted, and the heartwrenching stories of the Halifax Explosion told.

Jim Cuvelier, a 101 year old survivor of the Halifax Explosion, said the disaster wasn spoken of when he was growing up.

tried to forget it. You don carry that stuff around, said Cuvelier, a baby who was at home on Lady Hammond Road on the outskirts of the blast zone at the time of the disaster. never heard them talk about it. couldn bear the deaths of innocent babies. Children disappeared without a trace. Others turned up days later in makeshift morgues. Girls and boys struggled to comprehend being suddenly orphaned. Wives mourned their husbands, killed instantly in harbourfront factories. Soldiers grappled with the insurmountable trauma of watching homes burn to the ground, families still inside, the scent of burning flesh in the air.

city was devastated. It was such a cataclysmic event, so traumatic, that I think people probably didn want to revisit those horrors, said Craig Walkington, chairman of the Halifax Explosion 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee. really did do incredible damage. There was virtually no family that wasn touched by it, whether injuries, fatalities, or a loss in some way. horrors witnessed by survivors on that day 100 years ago were,
mont blan How the Halifax Explosion was nearly forgotten
for many decades, unspeakable. The blast wiped out much of Halifax densely populated north end and parts of Dartmouth, including a Mi settlement known as Turtle Grove, and badly damaged the African Nova Scotian community of Africville.

The shock wave of the explosion was felt as far away as Cape Breton, and windows nearly 100 kilometres away cracked. It was followed by a towering 15 metre tsunami, drowning survivors near the shore and sweeping many bodies out to sea. Upturned cook stoves ignited fires that consumed wooden homes, scorched entire blocks and made the rescue of some injured survivors trapped inside homes impossible.

That night, a blizzard blanketed the city with more than 40 centimetres of snow. got cold and the snow buried bodies. found children two or three days later huddled and frozen in the snow. efforts were badly hampered by the cold and snow. Still, miraculous stories emerged from the rubble.

A soldier walking through the flattened Richmond neighbourhood a day after the explosion heard a faint whimper coming from a burned out house. He walked through the charred debris and there, protected under an ashpan, he found a baby girl. The 23 month old orphan, nicknamed Annie, was burned but alive.

In some cases, entire families were killed. In others, one survivor lived on. One woman, Mary Jean Hinch, lost 10 children and her husband in the explosion. Pregnant and alone, she was rescued after being pinned under lumber for 24 hours. She and her unborn son were the only survivors in her family.

Other harrowing tales from the front lines speak of near mythical courage. A train dispatcher, Vince Coleman, spent his final minutes warning an incoming train of the impending blast, prompting it to halt in its tracks and saving passengers and crew. In another case, most of the crew aboard the Stella Maris died attempting to attach a line to the Mont Blanc to tow it away from bustling Pier 6.

The disaster, towards the end of the First World War, made headlines around the world.

have newspapers from all over the world. The Halifax Explosion shared the headlines with the major war time events.

As stories of the disaster got out, generosity flooded in. Children in Brantford, Ont., gave up their Christmas presents to raise money for the children of Halifax, donating $15,000 for relief efforts.

The city hospitals were inundated with wounded survivors and several emergency medical stations were set up in schools and clubs. Although aid arrived from across Canada and the United States particularly Boston, a city Nova Scotia still thanks every year with a Christmas tree many of the first medical responders on the scene hailed from nearby communities. Doctors, nurses and firefighters from across the Maritimes showed up to take on the harrowing task of aiding the injured.

George H. Cox, a doctor and eye specialist from New Glasgow, about 150 kilometres northeast of Halifax, arrived at the Rockingham train station outside Halifax the next day. With the tracks into the city destroyed, he trudged through deep snow to Camp Hill Hospital. Men, women and children lined the corridors, many with glass, pottery, brick, mortar and nails stuck in their eyes. He quickly realized that the large number of ocular injuries required his expertise.

worked for 40 hours removing eyes. He had a bucketful of eyes, Soucoup said. chased everybody out, slept for three hours, and did that again. mortuaries were also overwhelmed. Bodies, charred and frozen, were stacked like firewood outside funeral homes. Many unidentified corpses were stored in a school basement. Funerals went on for weeks, and services for the unidentified bodies drew thousands of mourners.

As the body count climbed, bereaved locals, politicians and newspaper editors began questioning the cause of the blast and demanding to know who was responsible for the calamity. Details of the collision emerged during a judicial inquiry and legal proceedings, though few got the answers they were seeking.
mont blan How the Halifax Explosion was nearly forgotten

montblanc company How much will you give me for my false teeth

mont blanc fountain pen parts How much will you give me for my false teeth

Jewellery is most common pledge as security for a loan, but during 30 years in the pawnbroking trade he says he has witnessed some more creative propositions from customers.

“Everything from designer handbags to Mont Blanc pens, and a lot of signed memorabilia; we even had people offer a racehorse and a fishing trawler,” says Mr Finch, managing director of Pickwick Pawnbrokers.

Media captionA pawnbroker reveals some of the unusual items in his vault

Through the thick, alarmed doors, in the cramped vault under his High Street pawnbroking shop, Mr Finch pulls out works of art, designer handbags, and even a Louis Vuitton dog collar.

His experience is not unique. Across the UK, various pawnbrokers are specialists in Rolex watches, luxury cars or antiques.

So why does anyone in possession of an Aston Martin or an expensive timepiece need to walk into a pawnbrokers’ shop to seek a loan?

“The typical reason that a customer might use a pawnbroker is almost exclusively cashflow. It is not that they don’t have assets, or that they don’t have wealth, it is just that they don’t have that money at that particular time.

“It could be school fees, it could be extra spending money for a holiday,
montblanc company How much will you give me for my false teeth
it could be a crisis loan, like getting your car back on the road. It is a cycle of the need being driven by a crisis or some luxury spending.”

Reality Check: Has personal debt been growing?

Student loan debt: Five things to know

Lenders told to be vigilant over loans

Research suggests that day to day spending, and a need to pay utility bills are high on the list of customers’ need for quick cash.

“Pawnbrokers tend to get people through a short term cashflow issue and then the item is redeemed. I am happy and they are happy,” says Mr Finch.

How does pawnbroking work?

Customer “pledges” an item, such as a gold ring for a set period of time, usually six months

Pawnbroker gives 50% to 60% of the item’s value as a cash loan

Customer pays 7% to 8% interest every month

An item can be redeemed during the loan period by paying back the original loan and any interest up to that point

If the customer cannot repay the loan at the end of the deal the pawnbroker sells the item and returns any surplus to the customer

More information is available from the National Pawnbrokers Association. Consumer advice on pawnbroking is available from Citizens Advice and the Money Advice Service

This happiness may, of course, be short lived. Failing to pay back the loan, and the interest charged on top, means saying goodbye to the valuable possessions.

Even if the item is redeemed and in most cases it is then using a pawnbroker can be a relatively expensive way to borrow, says the Money Advice Service.

“You can usually only borrow a percentage of the value of the item you want to pawn. So if, for example, you have some jewellery worth 200 you might only be able to borrow 100.”

Interest is typically higher than a standard bank loan but normally less than a payday lender. But unlike those loans, anyone with a poor credit history can access pawnbroking services as long as they have an item to pledge.

The Money Advice Service suggests people who want to pawn should shop around for the best deal, and also:

Choose a company that is a member of the National Pawnbrokers’ Association, which has a code of conduct for members
montblanc company How much will you give me for my false teeth

mont blanc cheapest pen How Gifting Luxury Pens to Clients Can Give an Image Boost to an Organization

mont blanc sunglasses How Gifting Luxury Pens to Clients Can Give an Image Boost to an Organization

If you are toying with the idea of gifting something very stylish and fashionablefor your clients on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day, then not anything can be higher than a branded pens. Read this article to discover about these pens and why they are taken into consideration as a really perfect present in business circles.

A pen has its personal allure. Unlike everyday pens, they have a category approximately them. Therefore, they’re taken into consideration as an apt present for crucial customers and superiors within the office, on special occasions. It is constantly crucial to have a high quality image inside the minds of customers and gifting them with items that don’t have any class can badly lower back fireplace. Thus, it turns into vital to don’t forget such objects that go with the image of the company. This is where luxury pens come into the photograph. Sometimes, it’s far wonderful to choose novelty pens for branding purposes, mainly earlier than Christmas and different vacations.

Some of the well known luxurious pen brands are Parker, Waterman, Cross, Mont Blanc, Visconti, Omas,
mont blanc cheapest pen How Gifting Luxury Pens to Clients Can Give an Image Boost to an Organization
pensAurora, Pelikan, and so on. These manufacturers commonly manufacture pens of three sorts:

Fount Pens These pens have a nib and an inner reservoir for water based totally liquid ink. The reservoir holds the ink and whilst a bit strain is exerted on the nib, the ink robotically flows to the nib.

Ballpoint Pens These pens have an inner chamber in them that holds the ink. The ink is disbursed on the tip by way of the rolling motion of a small metallic sphere. Unlike fountain pens, the ink whilst carried out on paper dries instantly. These pens are preservation free and as a consequence a popular choice amongst pen customers. It has replaced the fountain pen as the device for normal writing.

Rollerball Pens These pens include water based totally liquid or gelled ink in them. The ink in them saturates extensively and deeply on paper and therefore the writing looks plenty extra severe.

The complete design and appearance lead them to a preferred desire for many human beings. Therefore, they become an herbal desire as items. Besides, luxurious pens are available beautiful pen packing containers. These pens, not handiest serve as writing gadgets but are stored as souvenirs through many human beings.

Talking approximately image, luxurious pens have continually been an accessory of a prosperous, decided and official businessman. Thus, luxury pens nonetheless are considered a popular and valuable present even nowadays, despite the fact that maximum is tempted to give an iPod or cellular cellphone. Gifting a branded luxurious pen to a consumer automatically tells them that they are critical for the enterprise and the enterprise is glad to do commercial enterprise with them. Luxury Pens are used increasingly more as promotional items nowadays, which will make a wonderful photo inside the minds of clients. Luxury pens will usually have everlasting demand as it has been for times immemorial.
mont blanc cheapest pen How Gifting Luxury Pens to Clients Can Give an Image Boost to an Organization

mont blanc pen ebay How eBay’s ‘designer’ bargains are just too good to be true

montblanc pen price How eBay’s ‘designer’ bargains are just too good to be true

A spokesperson said: “Counterfeits are a global issue and not just an internet challenge.

“We work with rights owners and proactively remove counterfeits from the site when we find them.

“Ebay removes thousands of items from the site every week, although in the vast majority of cases this can only be done with help of [copy]rights owners, as only they have the expertise to identify relevant counterfeited items.”

Ruth Orchard, director general of the Anti Counterfeiting Group, which represents 200 organisations and is trying to stop the counterfeiting of branded products, says: “Counterfeiting has risen by more than 10,000 per cent in the past two decades globally, while in the UK the market is worth at least 14 billion a year.

“We strongly advise people not to buy any luxury goods on eBay.”

Ruth adds: “Apart from losing hard earned money buying worthless items, there are serious safety issues with fake products for sale such as perfume and other healthcare goods.

“Also, the people selling these products are criminals and you are handing over your personal details, like your address, to them. How safe is that?”

Markets, car boot sales and certain foreign holiday destinations are notorious for providing cheap replicas of luxury brands which often fall apart before they’ve even got home but now cyberspace is providing an increasingly lucrative place for fraudsters selling high end phoney goods.

Its most famous auction website, eBay, is a prime target for such conmen.

A quick glance online shows tens of thousands of items claiming to be “genuine designer” items of clothing, jewellery, watches and handbags.

It’s almost impossible to tell whether something is real or fake.

Normally if you were trying to decide if something was real, you could pick it up and really examine it to make sure.

But on eBay, buyers are entirely reliant on photographs, which are often of poor quality and can even be of the real item, whereas what is sent to you will be a fake.

We soon discovered that if the picture is genuine,
mont blanc pen ebay How eBay's 'designer' bargains are just too good to be true
there are some giveaways to look out for particularly if you are able to compare it to its real counterparts on the brand’s official website.

This was obvious, for example, with classic designs such as the “Please Return to Tiffany Co’s New York 295” key fob, because some of those we saw on eBay had lettering which was inconsistent with the original.

On the whole, counterfeits are shoddily made.

Wallets and bags tend to be sewn unevenly, so it’s worth studying the stitching, lining, fastenings and logos on goods either on the screen or when they arrive, if you do buy one.

One “Louis Vuitton” wallet had poor stitching, which gave it away, and the brand’s authentification stamp was on a different side of the wallet than the original another common mistake by counterfeiters.

There are myriad tricks eBay sellers use to try to fool unsuspecting buyers.

One tactic is to photograph an item with the brand’s logo on display in the background.

We bought a Gucci necklace and earrings separately but from the same seller, who posted photographs of the pieces perched on a plump chestnut cushion surrounded by a Gucci labelled carrier bag and a delicately placed Gucci ribbon.

All this paraphernalia created an illusion of authenticity about the products, but crucially there were no close up photographs of the jewellery and no hallmark detail could be garnered from the distant shot on screen.

Within seconds of being handed the goods after they arrived in the post, a Gucci store sales assistant confirmed they were all fake.

We discovered it is also relatively common to come across an item on eBay that carries a brand’s name but is not a copy of a known design.

We bought a fake Chanel necklace which was pictured on a shiny black box with the brand’s trademark overlapping Cs.

In reality, the necklace was of shockingly poor quality the gold had rubbed away on the chain, leaving an unsightly green tinge, and the words “Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris” were printed, rather than engraved on the charm.

Chanel later confirmed that neither the design nor anything similar existed. The same occurred with a Versace “Signature” shoulder bag, bought from a seller who insisted that her products were genuine.

But it is by no means foolproof.

If someone gets too many negative comments,
mont blanc pen ebay How eBay's 'designer' bargains are just too good to be true
they can simply set up another account under a different name and begin again.