mount blanc Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D Vacuum Cleaner Review

discounted mont blanc pens Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with an allergen filter, easy empty dust cup and crevice wand. Designed with efficient, light cleaning in mind, this machine is basically a glorified sweeper with little to offer in terms of real cleaning power. The handle and base of the machine is a light gray color with a vivid green colored see through body. The Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D is lightweight, weighing only 14 lbs. and is somewhat minimal in size with dimensions of 13″W x 12″L x 42.5″H. While the lighter weight is a nice feature, it also points to the fact that this unit does not have any heavy duty parts associated with it. Although the size is smaller, making the vacuum easier to maneuver, many consumers may find it almost too small, creating a situation where the operator finds themselves stooping over uncomfortably while operating the unit. Other limitations of the Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D include a small 12 amp single motor and a tiny 20 ft. cord. The cleaning path is 13 in. wide. Again,
mount blanc Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D Vacuum Cleaner Review
these are features found on less powerful vacuum cleaners and are more indicative of a sweeper than a full fledged cleaning machine. There is an easy empty dust cup that empties from the bottom of the cup (flip bottom cup) with the idea of keeping the operator clean as the cup is emptied. There is a nested crevice wand and dusting brush included on the unit, but the suction is so limited that they are virtually useless for any type of real cleaning situation. The long hose that loops over a hook on the handle is prone to frequent clogging just by design. Without decent suction, the machine simply can t pull the debris through the hose past the U shaped blockage created by draping the hose over the hook on the handle. Another annoyance is the loud sound of the motor. At a price of around $50, the Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D may seem like a bargain. Many consumers may rationalize that they don t need a machine that has many features and may be tempted by the lower price. The problem is that this is a product that is basically disposable. The costs involved with repairing this machine when it fails (and it will fail) are simply too high to justify the repair on a $50 model. Even the plastic on this machine is cheap, making the unit prone to cracked parts. The hose has a tendency to fall off of the handle it rests on and the extra attachments fall out of their storage compartments while the machine is in use. When the hose falls off of the handle, the base of the hose can separate from the machine, causing dirt to spill out. All of this cheekily defies the point of an easy empty dust cup that is intended to keep the operator free of dust when the cup is emptied. Other ways this vacuum cleaner is not cost effective in the long run include the $15 replacement filter it requires and the fact that belts easily break and need to be replaced. In conclusion, if you are looking for a machine that can be carried up stairs easily and is a bagless system, this may be the right choice for you. The only problem is that you will be replacing the entire unit within a year or less and may wish you had opted for something with more quality features to begin with.
mount blanc Eureka Boss Power Plus 4703D Vacuum Cleaner Review

mont le blanc CIC asks HUDCO to disclose details of gifts given

montblanc pens online CIC asks HUDCO to disclose details of gifts given

The CIC today directed the state run HUDCO to disclose information about expensive gifts including iPhones, ipads and Mont Blanc pens allegedly given by its CMD to different people, suspecting an attempt was being made to “cover up” the issue.

Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also marked a copy of the order to Minister of State for Urban Development Rao Inderjit Singh and Secretary Nandita Chatterjee for necessary action.

The order was issued on an RTI application seeking information from the Housing and Urban Development Corporation about presents given for the financial years 2013 14, 2014 15 and 2015 16, names of people who received the gifts, and number of expensive items gifted including iPhones and premium pens such as Mont Blanc by its Chairman cum Managing Director M Ravi Kanth.

Vishwas Bhamburkar, the applicant, had also sought to know the number of air conditioners installed at Kanth’s residence from official expenses, his electricity bills, complaints pending against Kanth, among other things.

Central Public Information Officer of HUDCO asked the applicant to forward his identity proof only “to ascertain” whether information available will be useful to him either “personally or socially or nationally”.

During the hearing, representative of the applicant, Mukul Jain alleged that around Rs five crore worth “malpractice” had happened at Hudco in the form of giving and receiving expensive gifts involving senior people in the Urban Development Ministry.

In the past also, the Commission had directed HUDCO to allow the same applicant to inspect the records but the direction were not complied with, Jain alleged.

Despite notices from the Commission, no representative was sent by the HUDCO to attend the CIC hearings.

In a strongly worded show cause notice to officials handling RTI applications at the HUDCO, Acharyulu said they “breached their duty” in not answering how many Mont Blanc Pens, iPhones and ipads were purchased and gifted.

He said it appeared that HUDCO was trying “to cover up the whole issue” by avoiding responding to RTI applications of the appellant.

“The Commission directs the CPIO DK Gupta to explain why Commission should not recommend disciplinary action against him for acting in defiance of RTI Act, 2005 and gives him, as a last chance, time up to 20th July 2017 to file his explanation to show cause notice,” he said.

He also directed Gupta to explain why maximum penalty should not be imposed on him for not complying with the order of the CIC.
mont le blanc CIC asks HUDCO to disclose details of gifts given

most popular mont blanc pen Food for Christmas leaves the memory of something superlative

mont blanc meisterstuck pens Food for Christmas leaves the memory of something superlative

Christmas is a time for the unexpected, gifts so luxurious or experiences so memorable that they will brighten the bleaker winter months to come. Utilitarian presents Filofaxes, umbrellas, wool sweaters and Mont Blanc pens are too easily left behind, either literally on the bus or symbolically in the hustle and bustle of our lives. A beautiful tin filled with homemade cards or chocolates or an inexpensive but intriguing token from an exotic trip is infinitely preferable than a costly gadget bought en masse, with diffidence and haste.

But in my book, there is nothing like food, glorious food, to celebrate life and bring pleasure.

When the bottle was nearly empty, I invited friends over for breakfast. We listened to Billie Holliday and drank mimosas as I prepared the food: toasted brioche and scrambled eggs with truffle oil. It was exquisite.

I know one man who uses it only with freshly popped corn and this sounds like the most gorgeous thing in the whole wild world.

This year I will give someone this combination of popcorn and oil, the perfect blend of the ordinary and the sublime. Fingers crossed, the next time a video is rented, this person will think to invite me over. I might even bribe the local video store guy to tip me off.

What it is about this potent concoction that is so satisfying? I always have a bottle on hand and every so often I break into it maybe due to a hard day at work or one of life’s million little heartaches or disappointments.

I will kick off my shoes and allow the pleasure of the ritual to envelop me: the small glass, the small slug of the amber liquid, the splash of water, that first bracing sip that warms the throat, soothes the belly, frees the mind.

It’s a solitary drink that invites ponderous thought or the healing of heartbreak, acting as both a bridge and a balm. To give a bottle of Macallan or Talisker to a Scotch lover is pampering and supportive, the equivalent of a caressing hug. It’s also about 10 billion times cooler than an electric tie rack or battery operated nail polish dryer.

During a recent drizzly week, I called up an amie and told her to meet me for a surprise. We took a cab and headed to Ibusu in Japantown. We sat at the counter of this tiny sushi place and watched the little pristine trays of impeccable sushi sail by. It was completely mesmerizing, not unlike watching a luggage carousel at the airport but a helluva lot more fun.

We laughed and drank our tiny pitchers of sake and enjoyed tray after tray of the delicacies that floated past our ravenous eyes. Barbecued eel will the next one look even better, bigger? After that, should we go for the glistening tuna or the mysterious salmon roe?

We flirted like schoolgirls with strangers at the circular counter, batting eyelashes and occasionally asking one to grab a beautiful squidy looking thing or intriguing egg topped creation that had just mysteriously eluded our grasp.

For Christmas this year I will take some other friend out for an experience such as this, perhaps with a funky arty film at the Kabuki afterward. Heck, I’ll even throw in the licorice whips! Big time fun!

There is nothing like taking the time out on a cold morning to make a vrai cafe au lait in an Apilco (or Babar) bowl and then gently warming up a real pain au chocolat. The chocolate inside should be plentiful, the pastry as flaky as the noblest croissant, and the milk duly warmed.

Nibble on the edges of the pastry and savor the oozing warmth of the bitter chocolate. (I think that Patisserie Delanghe on Fillmore Street makes one of the best in The City.)

This is one of my all time favorite eating experiences and this year someone is going to get a certificate / invitation to my house for this breakfast. When my guest’s limbs are totally woozy with pleasure, I am going to reveal that I’ve bookedan appointment with a masseuse. I will provide cab fare and advise my friend that if all this relaxation does not revert him / her to some kind of baser life form, to give me a call. Callebaut, take me away!

I once introduced a young man from the South to caviar. It was from the world’s most prestigious caviar house, and it was delightful to watch his eyes go from puzzlement to wonder and then finally eye rolling ecstasy. Whether a gift of caviar is for the uninitiated or the loving fan, it is something that will undoubtedly never be forgotten.

I was staying once at a beautiful hotel, having met up with a boyfriend after some absence, and in the morning we decided to order room service. He asked me what I wanted and I said champagne and dry toast. Luckily he was indulgent and did not question my odd order.

After the table was rolled into our room, I asked him to find a blue package in my purse. Mystified, he retrieved the package and unwrapped it. Between two still cold ice packs he found a 50 gram jar of Petrossian ossetra caviar. We drank our Krug champagne and nibbled on our toast points and it was probably the most memorable breakfast of my entire life. The caviar was drop dead gorgeous and the sharing of this mysterious treat a delight.

This year I will probably buy a small jar and a split of Veuve Cliquot for a good friend, with the strict instructions to eat alone by candlelight, for nothing is quite as luxurious or wholly restorative as solo caviar dining. Heck, maybe that is what I’ll be giving myself this year!

(Petrossian caviar is available at the Neiman Marcus Epicure shop and from other gourmet food purveyors.)

And for those who rebel against the notion of food gifts with the spurious reasoning that food doesn’t last, I ask, what does? Cashmere can stain and wallets can be pickpocketed, but the memory of a week long Norwegian smoked salmon orgy will always remain. Personal Taste is a weekly column exploring local food sources, cooking and restaurants, with an emphasis on healthful eating, good value and simplifying. Jan. 8: Mia Amato on creating the quintessential American kitchen garden.
most popular mont blanc pen Food for Christmas leaves the memory of something superlative

chamonix mont blanc de Natasha Richardson r que sa mort est due un impact brutal la t

mont blanc pen replica de Natasha Richardson r que sa mort est due un impact brutal la t

Le m l de New York a ce qui avait tu Natasha Richardson.

Suite une autopsie hier matin, l’agence a d que l’actrice prim avait succomb “un h p d un impact brutal la t La mort est officiellement consid comme un accident, selon la porte parole du bureau du m l Ellen Borakove.

Provoqu par un trauma la t un h p est une accumulation de sang dans le cr qui exerce une pression sur le cerveau et peut d le coma, ou, dans le cas de Richardson, la mort.

Un enterrement priv est organis par le fun de Greenwich Village.

L’actrice de 45 ans est d mercredi, deux jours apr ce qui avait d comme une chute sans gravit durant une le de ski sur une piste verte.

Richardson consciente suite la chute, lundi, la station de ski de Mont Tremblant, pr de Montr “Elle n’avait aucun signe visible de blessure, mais la patrouille de ski a suivi des proc strictes, l’a ramen en bas des pistes et a insist pour qu’elle voie un m a dit une porte parole de la station de ski E! News.

Mais, selon le Toronto Globe and Mail, des ambulanciers ont renvoy apr avoir inform qu’on n’avait pas besoin d’eux.

“Ils n’ont pas vu la patiente, alors ils sont rentr a dit Yves Coderre, directeur des op d’Ambulances Radisson, la soci de services d’urgences de la station de ski.

Coderre a dit qu’une autre ambulance avait appel plus tard l’h 5 o l’actrice rentr avec ses deux fils apr sa chute. Mais ce moment l m si elle encore consciente, l’ de Richardson s’ empir tr rapidement, probablement cause de l’h c selon un m on a un trauma la t on peut saigner, et peut se d en quelques heures ou quelques jours”, a t il dit. “Les gens ne r pas combien peut grave. On les pr qu’ils peuvent en mourir et parfois, ils se mettent rire. Ils ne le prennent pas au s qu’il en soit, le temps qu’elle soit hospitalis Richardson tomb dans le coma, et la mort c a d plus tard, avant que les m ne puissent agir pour contenir l’h mari Liam Neeson s’est pr aupr de son et l’a fait transf New York mardi apr Les membres de la famille, y compris sa m Vanessa Redgrave, sa s Joely Richardson, et sa tante, Lynn Redgrave, se sont r pour passer ces derni heures avec Richardson.

Elle a d de l’assistance respiratoire hier apr et la famille a annonc sa mort plus tard dans la soir frontons des th de Broadway ont mis en veilleuse en hommage Richardson hier soir exactement 20 h.
chamonix mont blanc de Natasha Richardson r que sa mort est due un impact brutal la t

mont blanc sale Calgary house fire leads police to drug lab

mont blanc pens refills Calgary house fire leads police to drug lab

Not properly stubbing their butts proved a costly lesson for one Calgary drug ring last week, after a house fire led city narcotics investigators to nearly $300,000 in cocaine, methamphetamine and cash. on Jan. for reports of a house fire.

Investigators also seized money counters, drug packaging and conversion equipment, and a surveillance detection device.

In all, $283,000 worth of drugs were seized by investigators after the fire, which officials believe was sparked by improperly disposed of smoking materials.

Po Lo Yu, 45, Kim Ha Nguyen, 44, Thang Van Lam, 43, Kevin Do, 23, and Cynthia Kathy Yu, 21 all of Calgary are charged with production of a controlled substance, possession of proceeds obtained by crime and possession of a restricted firearm, as well as three counts each of possession for the purpose of trafficking.
mont blanc sale Calgary house fire leads police to drug lab

montblanc meisterstuck classic ballpoint pen Everything That You Should Know About Montblanc Cufflinks

mont blanc sales Everything That You Should Know About Montblanc Cufflinks

Montblanc is definitely one of those brands that soars underneath the designer radar; although they offer high quality products for relatively inexpensive prices, not many people are aware that this brand even exists. Montblanc cufflinks could be the perfect addition to your formal wear collection because they will provide you with the best bang for your buck ratio in terms of fashion accessories. This means that you will be able to buy 2 pairs of Montblanc cufflinks, which look relatively great, for the same price as 1 pair of designer cufflinks, which look barely great. However, since they have flown under the radar for so long, many people remain unaware of some aspects of these cufflinks. This paragraph is not intended to convince you to not purchase Montblanc cufflinks from Ebay, but rather to open your eyes to the fact that you should be very careful when looking for authenticity. The things like the seller rating and previous buyer reviews should give you a good idea of their reputability in the online selling industry. The models from their Classic collection range from about $300 $380; they are very classy and basic looking. The models from their Fine Jewellery collection range from about $600 800; These are some of their most expensive models, and look the most elegant. The models in their Silver collection range from about $250 $320; these are all made from sterling silver and look quite modern. However, Montblanc cufflinks for sale are inexpensive when you compare their three digit price tag to the amazing quality finish, and materials that they are using. Realistically, the price is very miniscule when you realize that these cufflinks will be in style for long enough to be worn for at least 5 10 years.

Be Wary Of Montblanc Cufflinks Replicas

Just like any other expensive designer brand name, there are a lot of replicas that are available for discounted prices. The number one reason that people avoid buying merchandise over the internet is because they do not want to be suckered into buying something for 90% of the original price when it was only created with 10% of the original quality. The simple matter of fact is that less than 3% of the overall product in circulation are Montblanc cufflinks replicas; however, you should still be very wary so that you are not a victim of purchasing a pair of replicas for the price of a pair of authentic models.

If The Authentic Models Do Not Suit Your Budget You Can Purchase Some Replicas Of Montblanc Cufflinks

The last paragraph stated the possible chances of buying a pair of replica cufflinks without knowing about it; it was not intended to say that there was anything wrong with knowingly buying a pair of replica cufflinks. You can definitely purchase a pair of replica Montblanc cufflinks if the authentic pairs do not fit your budget properly. The only thing is that you should be well aware that you are buying a pair of replicas, and not get suckered into a scam by a dishonest person.

There are literally hundreds of pairs of cufflinks that you can purchase for your dress shirts; however, a larger selection of models to choose from usually means that it will be much more difficult to make a decision on one pair. Montblanc cufflinks are the perfect choice for those individuals that have a slightly larger than average budget, and enjoy the finer fashion accessories that the market has to offer. I would highly recommend considering the purchase of these if you have a budget that is large enough to allow for them!
montblanc meisterstuck classic ballpoint pen Everything That You Should Know About Montblanc Cufflinks

mt blanc location Clandestine Recorders Get the Buzz

Montblanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen Platinum Black Clandestine Recorders Get the Buzz

WASHINGTON Just as the case of Boston au pair Louise Woodward quickly boosted sales of “nannycams” tiny video cameras concealed inside teddy bears or clocks security industry experts are betting that Linda Tripp’s clandestine taping of conversations with former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky will be a big boon to the audio surveillance business. “It’s like putting up billboards.”

Yet in such power towns as Washington, with lots of lawyers, deal making and mistrust, the surveillance industry has been growing for several years, particularly as technology has allowed for smaller and cheaper recorders, microphones and cameras.

“Thank God for paranoia in our business. It’s fabulous,” said Don Ugent, co owner of Buy Right Distributors, which sells surveillance equipment on the Internet.

Security experts say popular listening devices range from microcassette recorders sold at Circuit City for $100 to infrared laser sensors that cost thousands of dollars and can “hear” conversations through glass. The boom, they say, has largely been driven by executives and lawyers who are increasingly recording telephone calls and personal meetings to have an indisputable record of events.

But it’s not all business. There’s also growing interest in the listening devices for other reasons, some of them personal. Concealed microphones and tape recorders are being used by police officers to prove their versions of encounters with suspects; workers trying to prove sexual harassment; parents checking up on their kids; and suspicious husbands and wives, experts say.

A bit of a paranoid bunch themselves, a number of security experts expressed not the slightest surprise Thursday that Tripp, a former White House aide, would have secretly recorded conversations with her friend Lewinsky to gather evidence that the former intern had a sexual relationship with President Clinton.

And the fact that it happened in Washington makes total sense to Kenneth Sim, co owner of Spy Supply, which operates an equipment store and mail order business based in Indiana. Sim said Washington is one of his best markets for amplifier microphones that look like Mont Blanc pens but attach to mini recorders.

But the surveillance business is certainly not a free for all; government agencies have been cracking down on the sale and use of illegal bugging devices. Laws governing the consent someone needs to record his own conversation, in person or over the phone, vary among states some require the consent of only one person, others require that all parties agree. And almost without exception, it is illegal to surreptitiously record the conversations of a group or another person.

When first asked about his company’s inventory of listening devices, Crowley responded: “We don’t sell listening devices.” He went on to say, however, that he sells a variety of miniature recorders and tiny, easy to hide microphones.
mt blanc location Clandestine Recorders Get the Buzz

mont blanc sa Former Fiat Chrysler exec pleads guilty

montblanc pen Former Fiat Chrysler exec pleads guilty

In a July 25, 2011, file photo, from left, General Holiefield, vice president of the United Auto Workers union; UAW President Bob King and Alphons Iacobelli, vice president of employee relations for Chrysler, shake hands

In a plea deal, Former Fiat Chrysler labor relations chief Al Iacobelli will get a maximum net sentence of eight years in exchange for his guilty plea to conspiracy and tax evasion charges. The sentence could be reduced when he is sentenced in May. District Judge Paul Borman that he turned over to federal prosecutors the cash equal to the value of the Ferrari sports car that investigators found in his garage $354,000. He also surrendered what became the case most talked about illicit loot: two Mont Blanc fountain pens, valued at $38,000 each. Soon after he was indicted, Iacobelli reportedly sold the elite Italian sports car.

mont blanc sa Former Fiat Chrysler exec pleads guilty
the former auto executive agreed to pay restitution of less than $835,523 for fines, interest and income tax he failed to pay, he told the court. He said that in the course of making illegal payments and gifts to union leaders that he was on behalf of Fiat Chrysler, presumably with the goal of influencing union leaders to favor his employer, on the shop floor and at the bargaining table. Another of the alleged co conspirators Monica Morgan, widow of former UAW vice president and Chrysler unit head General Holiefield is expected to plead guilty to charges in the scandal. Both Iacobelli and Morgan previously pleaded not guilty.

The conspiracy amounts to one of the largest scandals ever to mar the reputation of the UAW, just as union leaders fight losses of organizing drives last year at auto plants in the South and as they prepare for their big convention in June in Detroit to elect new leaders.

Both the UAW’s and Fiat Chrysler’s top executives last year denied that the torrent of cash and gifts had any effect on the company’s relations with the UAW. Neither issued any fresh comment on the scandal Monday.

Last year, in a statement, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said, “I join Dennis Williams, the UAW president, in expressing my disgust at the conduct alleged in the indictment which constitutes the most egregious breach of trust by the individuals involved. I also join Dennis in confirming that this conduct had nothing whatsoever to do with the collective bargaining process.”

Two others have pleaded guilty in the scheme: Fiat Chrysler financial analyst Jerome Durden, and retired UAW associate director Virdell King.
mont blanc sa Former Fiat Chrysler exec pleads guilty

rollerball refill mont blanc Dead climber ‘meticulous in her planning’

mont blanc deals Dead climber ‘meticulous in her planning’

Your news how you want it.

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Key Points:

A New Zealand woman has been found frozen to death in the French Alps after rescuers were unable to respond to her climbing group’s desperate calls for help.

She died trying to scale Mont Blanc with her partner a British man and two women from France and Chile.

A statement issued by Ms Jerram’s uncle Jim Jerram today said Jane was keen on outdoor sports.

“Jane had become an accomplished climber during her time living next to the French Alps. She was well trained, meticulous in her planning, including selection of equipment, and was very fit,” Mr Jerram said.

He said details of the accident were not yet known but it appears the climbers were caught on the summit ridge at over 4000m by a sudden storm.

“Jane eventually called by phone for search and rescue assistance,
rollerball refill mont blanc Dead climber 'meticulous in her planning'
but because of the conditions, a helicopter was unable to reach the four climbers who were found together,” Mr Jerram said.

The climbers were not lost, he said.

The family is travelling to France tomorrow.

“The family members are obviously very distressed and attempting to come to terms with the loss of their middle child and elder daughter and sister,” Mr Jerram said.
rollerball refill mont blanc Dead climber 'meticulous in her planning'

replica mont blanc pens Calgary police to try body worn cameras

mont blanc pens uk stockists Calgary police to try body worn cameras

Calgary police officers will once again be outfitted with body worn cameras as the latest attempt at a citywide program begins field tests.

On Tuesday, police announced front line officers across the city will take part in the three month pilot project involving 47 cameras from three vendors.

Data from this trial will be used to determine which supplier will outfit the service with cameras, with full deployment to front line patrols expected by the second quarter of 2019.

All video captured during the trial will be considered evidence.

Once the pilot project wraps and a bid is awarded, Calgary police are hoping to have 250 of the cameras in regular service by the end of this year, the city said in its request for proposal.

This is the second time Calgary police have attempted to get a body camera program off the ground.

Put to tender in 2014 and launched in 2015, the service first body worn camera program was plagued with technical programs and hardware failures, including cases in which units built into two way radio speaker microphones caused officers radios to transmit continuously.

Citing officer safety concerns, the $1.3 million program was scrapped in September 2016 when negotiations with Safety Innovations Inc. the winning vendor failed to produce a mutually acceptable agreement.

Last September, Calgary police filed a $586,000 lawsuit against the company.

Police officials declined to comment on the suit at the time because the matter was before the courts.

The most recent body camera request for proposal closed Oct. 11.

While Calgary police declined to comment on which cameras were being tested or how they be deployed, Deputy Chief Bob Ritchie said in September the cameras could be worn by officers who don regularly benefit from vehicle based cameras, such as the mountain bike or downtown beat units.

The decision to relaunch the body worn camera program is supported by the city police union, which says members have eagerly awaited the arrival of the devices.

clearly show that in all jurisdictions that have deployed this tool, the incidence of complaints against officers drops dramatically, said Calgary Police Association president Les Kaminski, adding that criminal prosecutions against camera wearing officers see similar drops.

cameras will provide another perspective and provide answers to questions which may arise during the course of our duties, he said.
replica mont blanc pens Calgary police to try body worn cameras