chamonix mont blanc france Skiing Italy and France at one resort in one day

mont blanc pen store Skiing Italy and France at one resort in one day

We hopped a public ski bus for about 45 minutes from

Courmayeur to La Thuile, a smaller village, but combined with the connecting French resort of La Rosiere represents the espace San Bernardo and is a larger ski area than Courmayeur.

Photo by Rich DonnellyThe main course, Polenta with Fontina cheese of the Osta Valley, at lunch at the Maison Carrel. The La Thuile Tourist Office sponsored the gastronomic experience.

When we took our last run to the La Thuile base area, a

large orange sign greeted us: Pista Fine.

Indeed, the pistas of the Valle D’Aosta were fantastico. We then enjoyed an apr event at Hotel Miramonti in La

Thuile. The hotel, along with Crest et Duc,
chamonix mont blanc france Skiing Italy and France at one resort in one day
our host, is part of The C Hotels chain. Our guide Vincenzo said an American film company will be shooting a scene for a movie that will involve helicoptering a skier into and out of the off piste terrain.

We caught a bus back to Courmayeur but not before a stop in

Pre Saint Didier to visit the high end (and perhaps too swanky for this crew

.) Spa Terme di Pre Saint Didier. We brought our bathing suits (what ever happened to

European style bathing? Again, that might not be too pretty with this group

.), and the spa provided robes, towels and slippers. Indoor water falls, steam baths and showers complete the relaxing respite.

Kaplan, who has attended ESWA’s European excursion each of the six years, had planned to make the trip with us again. He is in New Jersey battling an illness.

Our thoughts and prayers were with you Mitch yesterday. Stay strong brother. We’ll see you next year.

Read a book for a while. Got up and watched Martha Coakley’s concession speech on the BBC. Went down to the lobby for the Wi Fi and Internet access to check the e mail and read the New York papers online for my J E T S fix.

No running this morning. Did some yoga poses to stretch out the tired muscles,
chamonix mont blanc france Skiing Italy and France at one resort in one day
still tight from yesterday’s mind blowing and body suffering battle.

mont blanc meisterstuck rollerball pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills

refill for montblanc ballpoint pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills

Introduction: Refill MONT BLANC Refills by BoilingThis Instructable shows how to refill rollerball pens. Or since we know how to save 200$ by hacking MONT BLANC Refills to fit in Pilot G2 we all want to save even more by refilling the refills :)What we’ll need:RefillPot with Water ,CookerInkpot (I used Pelikan 4001 black. It is for fountain pens. Wait until chilled to room tempertaure. What if our rollerball pen has no refill Yes it’s its own refill. Take the whole pen. Remove all removable parts and do the same procedure. I testet this with the uni ball. The pens seem to last for a very short period of time, compared to my youth ,when they were competing , they seem to never run out of ink and i was in school and using them much more. I was sure they were only filling them at less than half,
mont blanc meisterstuck rollerball pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills
and as the poster said the mount Blanc , premium pens cartridges are only filled at 20% now. I will definitely try a couple of these methods, i have a lot of inkjet ink left over i should put to some use.

My other peeve s the price of the inkjet inks. Anyone know of an instructables that shows how to make the external ink reservoir that can be used for certain printers? I know it can be bought on ebay and is adaptable to a couple printers, but seems the only way to go, or buy a Lazer which i hear is cheaper over the years. i need to get a new printer after i return this one,
mont blanc meisterstuck rollerball pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills
i found out that the Dell V310 i have , when printing only in black, still always uses the color ink. Just another way for them to force you to buy ink and cause you problems when your in a hurry and the printer wont print in black because the color ink is too low.

Off my printer rant, which is better for refilling the zebras F 301 and uniballs s the pelikan 4001 or the inkjet printer ink?.

RichardRSmith 7 years agoReply

MONTBLANC makes a great pen. They used to make a great rollerball blue that customers can sign contracts with in Bold. It was great. You could go to the Montblanc store, buy a box of refills and not go back for a year or more. Nowadays,
mont blanc meisterstuck rollerball pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills
they fill the cartridge about 20 percent full, the best I can tell. It lasts a couple of weeks. Cost the same or more than it used to. I appreciate the Clark Howard approach here, but I don’t want to dry my razor and use it for a year. I also don’t want to refill the cartridge. I just want to buy a Quality refill at whatever cost they sell it for and have it last a month or more like Montblanc used to.

Montblanc has done this to themselves.

kleewm 7 years agoReply

To refill the uniball, try using a syringe to create a stronger vacuum. The syringe vacuum principal can be used for montblanc refills if u can get a slim enough syringe and use plumber’s white tape. If successful, pls let us know what ink u used. Ink formulations seem to play an important part to determine if the ball can pick up ink properly.

Z 8 years agoReply

How did you get the ink outta the uni ball? i haz a uni ball vision and i cant figure out how to take it out

iraqniphobia 10 years agoReply

How many times do you suppose that ink would refill the cartridge? I imagine at least 2 or 3 times.

Even with 2,
mont blanc meisterstuck rollerball pen Refill MONT BLANC Refills
you’re saving like what, 20 dollars?

idurrudi 10 years agoReply

I have bought one liter of Pelikan 4001 black. so I think i can refill one thousand times that means I’ll save up to five thousand dollars. Let’s say I have to refill ev’ry month i’d be 110 years old, when I run out of ink and with the saved money I can pay my funeral 🙂

montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger

discount mont blanc Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger

Zach Collaros was upbeat about more than the tropical surroundings on Wednesday.

Contacted by TSN Matthew Scianitti while on vacation in Mexico, the 29 year old quarterback offered his initial thoughts about becoming the newest member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

couldn be more excited to work with those guys, Collaros said. about winning the right way. I obviously very, very excited to get out to Regina and interact with the fans in Rider town. acquired Collaros from the Hamilton Tiger Cats for a second round selection (10th overall) in the May 3 CFL draft.

Saskatchewan had received that pick from the Montreal Alouettes in a Jan. 13, 2017 trade that sent quarterback Darian Durant eastward.

The next step for the Roughriders is to renegotiate Collaros contract, which has one year remaining at a value exceeding $500,000. A $200,
montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger
000 roster bonus is due Feb. 1.

already started those (contract) discussions this morning with his agent, said Roughriders assistant vice president of football operations and administration Jeremy O adding: feel positive that those discussions are going in the right direction. isn emphasizing the contractual aspect of the deal at this point.

more for my agent to comment on, he told Scianitti. I really care about is playing football and playing good football and winning. That what I want to bring to Saskatchewan. brings a veteran presence, having been a CFLer since 2012. That season, he made his CFL debut for a Toronto Argonauts team that had Chris Jones and Stephen McAdoo on its coaching staff. Jones is now the Roughriders head coach, general manager and vice president of football operations. McAdoo is the offensive co ordinator.

A University of Cincinnati product, Collaros was acquired by Hamilton in 2014. Over four seasons in Hamilton,
montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger
the 6 foot 0, 219 pounder completed 930 of 1,396 passes a 66.6 per cent accuracy rate for 11,342 yards and 66 touchdowns.

He quarterbacked Hamilton to a 2014 Grey Cup berth and, the following year, was a leading candidate for CFL most outstanding player laurels before suffering a season ending knee injury.

In 12 starts for the 2015 Tiger Cats, Collaros posted career highs in passing yards (3,
montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger
376) and touchdown passes (25) while throwing only eight interceptions.

Last season, Hamilton had an 0 8 record with Collaros as the starter before June Jones took over from Kent Austin as the head coach. Jones opted to replace Collaros with Jeremiah Masoli, who excelled in an elevated role.

A pending free agent, Masoli is expected to re sign with the Tiger Cats, who are also in negotiations with Johnny Manziel about the possibility of the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner landing in Hamilton.

The Collaros deal leaves Saskatchewan with only five picks in the eight round draft. The Roughriders are to pick in the first (fifth overall), second (14th), fifth (36th),
montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger
sixth (45th) and eighth (63rd) rounds.

already had discussions about some ways that we could maybe acquire some more picks in the draft, O said.

just about being smart. We still have our first and second round picks that we need to make decisions on. trade for Collaros gives the Roughriders six quarterbacks who are under contract for next season, the others being Brandon Bridge, Kevin Glenn, Vernon Adams Jr., Marquise Williams and David Watford.

Glenn was Saskatchewan starter last season, although Bridge also received significant playing time. O said that Jones spoke with Glenn and Bridge on Wednesday.

Bridge recently signed a new contract with the Roughriders. As for the 38 year old Glenn,
montblanc website Roughriders trade for quarterback Zach Collaros from Tiger
what is his status after the Collaros trade?

a valid question and I sure that question was asked between Coach Jones and Kevin, O said. we know the answer to that. With files from Jeff DeDekker and Austin Davis

fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro

meisterstuck montblanc pen Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro

Once you decide to take on Mount Kilimanjaro, you will have a fewdecisions to make. The trek will not be easy, so doingyour research will help you make the bestchoices for a successfultrip.

Who will you go with?There are tons of tour groups offering Kilimanjaro hikes. Thistour includes two guides, a cook andtwo porters per person to carry your stuff. You can still climb at this time, but it is colder and of course wetter. On the plus side,it isa quieter time to go. June to October is peak tourist season, but alsothe best weather.

How do you get there? Actually, this was easier than I had anticipated. There are flights going to Kilimanjaro Airport everyday andpart of the tour fee includesstaying at ahotelin one of the three towns near the base of the mountain. I will be taking the Rongai Route which will takefive days to ascend Kilimanjaro (1.5 days to descend), and has a high success rate.

Umbwe Route (5 6 days) and least popular

Success rates vary among routes and tough to gage. Many who only get to Gillman Point (almost 200 metre below the top) claim to have conquored the mountain.

What do you bring? There will be things you want to bring,
fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro
things you need to bring and things you cannot bring no matter how badly you want it. Hiking gear, camping gear, medications, snacks/water, clothes to protect you from the heat, sun, bugsand cold are just a few things you have to consider. For me the toughest decisionhas beenwhat to bring for the summit. It bitterly cold and windyup there, but is it worth bringing a snow suite for a single day?

What should I do to prepare? Besides research, you will need to talk to a travel doctor who will provide you with the shots and medications needed. You do not need to be a trained mountaineer to climb Kilimanjaro,
fountain pen mont blanc price Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro
but it is beneficial to do a number of hikes to prepare yourself physically for the trek.

best mont blanc pen Skiing with the Snowhawks at Mont Olympia in the Laurentians

cheapest mont blanc pens Skiing with the Snowhawks at Mont Olympia in the Laurentians

But it wasn’t the destination that made my trip special so much as the company I made it in.

The company? Who would that be?

I went with the Snowhawks. It really is a company, but it functions more as a club of friends who love skiing and want to try out different destinations. This trip was the group’s first to Mont Olympia, but all 60 or so people who made it agreed it should not be the last.

But Piedmont is just under 200 kilometres from Ottawa. Couldn’t I easily get there myself?

You could, but then you would miss out on the comfortable bus ride (pickups and drop offs at five locations across Ottawa and one in Gatineau) with free early morning coffee, and the proffered glass of wine or beer and munchies (we had deli meats, cheese, fruit and crackers, and previous trips have included pizza) on the two hour ride home. Plus you wouldn’t get the benefit of skiing in a small group with others of similar ability under the friendly, laid back guidance of a Level 2 or 3 instructor certified by the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance.

Ski instruction? That sounds intimidating.

I thought so too, but Harvey Brodkin, who owns Snowhawks, has a philosophy: “We’re not here to remake (our clients). We take what works for them and try to make minor adjustments to make them more efficient, a little more comfortable, a little less tired at the end of the day,” and do it in a “fun filled environment.” And they’ve been doing it since 1988 in Ottawa and 1984 in Toronto, where the group began.

OK, that sounds good. But how will they know how well I ski?

They don’t,
best mont blanc pen Skiing with the Snowhawks at Mont Olympia in the Laurentians
but you do. Skiers self assign based on Harvey’s descriptions of what each group will tackle (from easy beginner runs to advanced technical runs and everything in between). The groups then take a trial run and are further split into small groups of five to seven skiers, each with its own instructor guide for the day. After that you ski for the morning and afternoon, with the occasional stop for some pointers from the instructor and a lunch break.

What if I snowboard?

Snowboarders are welcome too and the same information applies.

You also mentioned destinations. Where else do they go?

This year the Wednesday group has also skied at Mont Blanc and Saint Sauveur. Remaining dates are: Feb. 5 Mont Tremblant; Feb. 12 Mont Blanc; Feb. 19: Bromont.

What is the Wednesday group?

Snowhawks offers as much variety in its programming as it does in its destinations.

The Wednesday group is made up mostly of retirees; this group skis six Wednesdays at locations in the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships. But there are also chaperoned programs for children and youth aged six to 18 that operate on weekends and during school breaks (the kids are bused in the same way the Wednesday group is). These programs take place at local resorts Vorlage, Mont Ste Marie and Mont Cascades, or at Mont Ste Marie, Calabogie Peaks, Mont Tremblant, Mont Blanc and Saint Sauveur. In addition, Snowhawks runs evening programs for 17 area schools three nights a week at Vorlage and Mont Cascades.

Snowhawks also offers longer instructor guided getaways. Every year there is a three day trip (this year’s is to Killington, Vermont) and a week long trip (this year to Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California).

What do people like about Snowhawks?

Here’s what intermediate level skier Lorraine Dumoulin of Orleans says: “I can go down a hill I wouldn’t go down on my own. I’m confident having an instructor all day, and I have people to ski with and have fun with. Plus it is so nice to be able to park your car and then hop on the bus and have a cup of coffee, then get to relax on the way home.”

What does all this cost?

All six Wednesdays cost $698, plus HST,
best mont blanc pen Skiing with the Snowhawks at Mont Olympia in the Laurentians
or you can pick four Wednesdays for $488. Harvey says he can offer price adjustments on the remaining three Wednesday trips depending on how many trips a new customer wants to take. Prices vary for the getaway packages and youth programs.

mont blanc europe Reitzle’s house of style

montblanc small pen Reitzle’s house of style

When the time came to decide whether the new Aston Marton V12 Vanquish would go ahead with its autumn launch, Wolfgang Reitzle took a close look at the new supercar and decided it simply was not ready. In particular, Reitzle was not happy with the air vents. They were borrowed from the Ford Ka. ‘Jaguar parts are OK, but we can’t have Ford components seen in a car like an Aston Martin,’ he said.

Rather than launch the two seater at the Birmingham, England, auto show in October as planned, Aston Martin will unveil the V12 Vanquish at a later date. Such perfectionism has been the hallmark of the 51 year old Germans tenure as Chairman of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group of luxury brands. It is a style that characterizes BMW’s former product development chief:from his trademark shiny suits, swept back hair and meticulously trimmed mustache to his golf game, which has become his primary passion when he is away from his job.

‘I’m looking at the cars again and again and again,’ says the man once nicknamed the Errol Flynn of the car industry. ‘Sometimes I look seven times in a row at a certain product, and when I come back the eight time, I see something I didn’t see before.’

On his monthly visits to the various brands, associates say, Reitzle devotes every hour he can spare in the design suites examining product plans. Reitzle, a native of Bavaria, will need to spend all of the time he can to get the details right. When Ford President Jac Nasser first created the job for Reitzle in March 1999, it seemed a job nobody but a superman could do. Reitzle must manage five luxury brands in three countries on two continents. This most German of car executives was expected to transform one Swedish, on American and three British luxury brands into a global luxury powerhouse.


Each of those brands which include Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lincoln and Volvo has an ambitious growth target. Yet somehow they must avoid stealing each other’s sales. Jaguar, for example, plans to grow from 50,000 units in 1998 to 200,000 by 2003. To do so, Jaguar must expand from two models to four or five.

What is more, these business plans were mostly set before Reitzle started. Shortly after taking the job, he was asked if Jaguar’s growth plans were too ambitious. Reitzle took a deep breath and responded carefully:’It’s a good idea. It can be done, but nobody ever did it before. Keeping Jaguar’s position as a top quality brand, quadrupling sales and maintaining the high standard of service . it’s a challenge, yes.’

Volvo, Premier’s largest volume brand, wants to grow from 450,000 units this year to 600,000 by 2004. Meanwhile, the company is expected to raise profit margins from 3 percent to at least 6 percent. Earlier this summer, Reitzle brought Hans Olov Olsson back to Gothenburg from Volvo’s North American operations. Olsson must shake up a company that some at Ford though had grown a little complacent.

Land Rover, Premier’s latest acquisition, was under Reitzle’s control when he was the second in command at BMW. The German automaker struggled to make Land Rover profitable, and Ford’s Nasser admits it will be at least two years before it returns to profitability. Reitzle has not set any official targets for Land Rover. But Land Rover could grow from about 180,000 unit sales last year to 300,000 within a few years worldwide.

One industry observer believes the Premier Group’s sales targets are too ambitious. ‘I think it’s a pretty big challenge, and Premier is unlikely to meet its goals,’ said Susan Jacobs of Jacobs Associates, an automotive research and analysis firm in Rutherford, New Jersey. The world’s luxury franchises are chasing the same general age group:baby boomers over age 50. Jacobs says brands that already have a rapport with boomers such as Lexus, Mercedes and BMW will have the advantage.

‘BMW’s image is the one everyone wants a little bit of,’ Jacobs said. ‘Everyone is adding performance style and better handling. So BMW is taking actions to prevent people from conquesting their buyers. If you can’t conquest BMW’s potential market, it’s unlikely you’re going to be meeting your conquest goals.’

BMW, Lexus and Mercedes Benz already have extensive model lineups, including sport utilites and hybrid vehicles. That makes it easier for them to keep loyal customers. ‘The Premier Group has to take a more limited approach,’ she said. ‘Everyone won’t have a sport utility vehicle because Land Rover is there. Longer term,
mont blanc europe Reitzle's house of style
I think that will hold them back. They have to do communal product portfolio planning and their competitors don’t.’ Volvo and Lincoln in particular are trying to change their images to appeal to younger buyers. But they still have lots of cars on the road that reinforce the old image, Jacobs said.

But Premier will not limit its brands too strictly. Despite the acquisition of Land Rover, Volvo is going ahead with its own plans for an all wheel drive sport utility hybrid vehicle known within Volvo as an FUV, for family utility vehicle. Reitzle feels Volvo is one brand that still has plenty of room to stretch out. A Jaguar sport utility now seems unlikely, though. The acquisition of Land Rover alleviated pressure on Jaguar to develop a sport utility. There is a larger bureaucracy at Ford, and Reitzle must protect his brands from corporate meddling. ‘You have to have a certain sporty side to avoid fighting the wrong battles in the company,’ he said. ‘After one and a half years with Ford, I’m far from being able to state that I know the company, but I have a certain idea.’

He has learned to like the advantages he gets from being part of Ford’s size. ‘What you can learn from a big corporation is how to manage complexity, to drive down costs, to get synergies and to make use of the sheer size,’ he says. ‘Managing complexity is something you don’t naturally learn in a smaller company, where you have a highly focused approach.’

Reitzle still is an enigma within Ford’s corporate world, but his top subordinates appear to be comfortable with him. Richard Elsy, director of product engineering at Jaguar in Coventry, England, says Reitzle has encouraged the brand to upgrade its forthcoming X400. ‘Wolfgang has encouraged us to go the extra mile on things like fabric and materials,’ Elsy said. ‘He’s enabled us to justify some of our actions to make this a great car.’

Aston Martin’s Vanquish is the first example of a car launch by Reitzle. other programs, including the upcoming Jaguar X400, which reportedly will be called the T type, already were well advanced when he joined Ford. But engineers say Reitzle gave them permission to add the kind of small but crucial refinements they hope will make the car competitive with BMW’s 3 series and Mercedes’ C class.

Under Reitzle, Jaguar has not waited for a midlife facelift to improve its crucial S type sedan. The 2001 S type models will feature improved handling. The cars will get a new refined power steering system from ZF, an electronic dynamic stability control system, and a computer active technology suspension. Contrary to some predictions that he would clash with Ford global product development chief Richard Parry Jones, Reitzle and Parry Jones get along famously because they both share a passion for the same thing:product. ‘They’re great mates,’ one Ford insider says. Reitzle also greatly admires Jac Nasser, the man who hired him. Nasser and Reitzle were by no means strangers and had built a mutual respect over the years. Said Reitzle:’Some years ago he showed me around the product development department at Ford and I showed him some things at BMW. We also met often at events such as auto shows, where we would often show each other around our stands.’

That friendship allowed Nasser to act quickly after the epic boardroom battle on February 5, 1999, that say Reitzle and BMW chief Bernd Pischetsrieder leave the company. ‘After I left BMW, Nasser was the first guy who called and said, ‘could we talk?’ Given my circumstances, I was not going to say no.’

His travel schedule is among the industry’s most demanding. He was interviewed for this story in Stockholm during the introduction of the Volvo S60 sports sedan. he had flown there on a corporate jet from a Royal Air Force base outside London. The next day, he was to fly back to England for the press introduction of the V12 Vanquish. But plan changed, and he flew to the United States instead.

He tries to visit each brand at least once a month, so that means trips to Irvine in faraway Southern California; Coventry, Gaydon and Newport Pagnell in England; and Gothenburg in Sweden. When he does stop to rest, Reitzle enjoys his new home in London. He spend the few free weekends he has in the city with his girlfriend, German TV presenter Nina Ruge. In Munich, Germany, Reitzle and Ruge cannot go out in public without attracting media attention. But they can go to restaurants and galleries anonymously in London. He sold his house in Munich.

Reitzle drives his Aston Martin DB7 or Jaguar XKR from his flat in Chelsea to Premier’s headquarters in Berkeley Square. Whenever he travels, he likes to stay in small ‘designer’ hotels that give him new ideas.


He looks outside the auto industry for ideas to inspire Premier. He has hired a consultant out of his personal funds to keep an eye on design trends. Reitzle admires the style of the Vendome Luxury Group Sa, which manages a group of luxury brands that includes Piaget watches, Alfred Dunhill leather goods and Mont Blanc pens. Reitzle also loves living in London because of the numerous golf courses around the city. He was introduced to the game just five years ago by a friend, German pro golfer Bernhard Langer. Typical of his perfectionism, Reitzle soon became good at the game.

When he visits Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, Reitzle rises before dawn and goes jogging around the Fairlane shopping center just across a highway from Ford’s ‘Glass House.’

Wolfgang Reitzle wants to be remembered as a man who defied the odds and made the grand plan work. He believes there are few auto executives who can mastermind the acquisition of other companies, then run them successfully afterwards. ‘You need people who are able to outline a good strategy and are strong on the day to day operations. This is an area where you don’t find that many people who have the ability. Frankly, I’m one of the best persons with these abilities.’

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: Over the last few months, Automotive News has monitored a significant increase in the number of personal attacks and abusive comments on our site. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior,
mont blanc europe Reitzle's house of style
we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.

trekking mont blanc running detective

mont blanc ball pen price running detective

Pounding over the fells, limbs aching, blood pumping and fresh air filling his lungs, Andy Slattery pauses for breath to look out over Cumbria’s awe inspiring scenery.

The county’s most senior detective says this gruelling pastime and the setting it takes place in, gives him a unique perspective on things.

For a man who has dealt with some of Cumbria’s most notorious killings, oversees efforts to crack organised crime and monitors the fight against paedophiles, these moments of contrast are welcome ones.

“Comparing a tough day at work with running 100 miles non stop over the fells, with all the discomfort that involves,
trekking mont blanc running detective
is a valuable perspective to have occasionally,” he says.

Mr Slattery a policeman for 25 years has recently been promoted to the rank of detective chief superintendent.

Perhaps more significantly, he has taken the title of “head of crime” at Cumbria Police.

To those who think his face looks familiar, he’s the officer who has headed up or been involved in efforts to crack some of the more serious and high profile cases to hit Cumbria in recent years, often speaking publicly to gain information or offer reassurance.

Last year he was the senior investigating officer in the Jordan Watson murder inquiry following the tragic death of the city teenager.

In 2010 he played a key role following Derrick Bird’s horrific killing spree in the west of the county.

Now he is the most senior detective in Cumbria.

“The job involves overseeing departments to reduce threat, risk and harm in our communities,” he says.

“I have 247 officers and 90 staff and these are in a number of different roles, from frontline CID and public protection offices,
trekking mont blanc running detective
to intelligence, organised crime, counter terrorism, digital investigation, offender management and crime scene investigation.

“The crimes investigated range from crime such as theft and assaults to serious crime including sexual offences and homicide.”

Crime is an ever changing beast, even in sometimes sleepy Cumbria.

At one time thieves launched smash and grab raids targeting car radios. Now they hack bank accounts online.

Det Chief Supt Slattery reveals the other threats his officers aim to overcome.

“The greatest challenge for us is the safeguarding of vulnerable people,” he says.

“We are seeing an increase in child abuse investigations, domestic abuse cases,
trekking mont blanc running detective
sexual offences and the newer threats of human trafficking and modern slavery, all of which require multi agency working and take more time to investigate than traditional property crime.

“We have also seen a large increase in the reporting of non recent abuse offences, some of which relate to the 1970s and 1980s.

“While we absolutely support those who come forward to report these cases, there is a significant impact on our available resources, which is a challenge to manage.”

He joined the police after graduating from Lancaster University, saying he was looking for an interesting career “with variety and challenge”.

“I had been in my local mountain rescue team for a few years and had seen some of the work done by the police, which gave me some insight.

“I have to confess that I never had a burning ambition to be a police officer but thought I’d give it a go.

“I joined as a constable in Workington at a time when car theft, ram raids and disorder were a fairly common occurrence.

“After completing my probation I went to Keswick.

“I had developed an interest in and aptitude for criminal investigation and applied for a detective post back in Workington,
trekking mont blanc running detective
where I was posted to the CID and drug squad departments.

mont blanc ball pen refill black Present Prices And the Call Of Duty

Gold-plated Black Montblanc Meisterstuck Rollerball Pen Present Prices And the Call Of Duty

WHEN duty calls this holiday season, consider duty free. You can’t go far wrong with a good watch for your spouse, perfume for the mother in law and a bottle of decent Scotch for a brother

all wrapped, of course, in something other than duty free shopping bags.

There are other reasons to shop duty free for the holidays. There’s not much else to do at the airport and the crowds at this time of year are nothing like those at city shops and department stores. Parents will enjoy watching their child negotiate with the neighborhood Santa far more knowing that at least a Lego kit and chocolates are already stashed at the back of the closet.

Don’t assume that you are saving money, however. There is surprisingly little rhyme or rhythm to duty free pricing in airports, ferry terminals or onboard concessions. An item may cost just as much as or even more than it would in the city (the so called downtown,
mont blanc ball pen refill black Present Prices And the Call Of Duty
or high street price). Or it may be much cheaper.

Shopping duty free for alcohol and tobacco generally makes sense because duties on these goods are high in most countries.

Leather goods, silk scarves and electronics are a tougher call. That is a good buy if you are headed home to Stockholm, where import duties are high. But it would be a mistake if you live in Miami, where the camcorder costs about the same at big department stores and at least $100 less at discount electronic stores.

Clearly, tax is only part of the story. “Every standard duty free good starts off with the same ex factory price,” said Ray Downes, international director at Generation Development,
mont blanc ball pen refill black Present Prices And the Call Of Duty
Generation Group’s subsidiary in Britain. “Every same sized bottle of Dior perfume costs the same, as does every bottle of Dewars whiskey, every carton of Marlboro cigarettes.”

It’s at the next stage that prices start to diverge.

“Distributors have very different pricing policies; many will sell cheaper if they can sell more,” Downes said. “And retailers have very different margin guidelines. Travelers may still find some surprises at remote airports. But the largest retailers are best able to sell at the lowest prices.”

The differences can be dramatic. A Swatch watch costs $32 in the enormous duty free center at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, considerably less than the $52 average duty free price. That same watch is priced at $101 onboard an SAS flight, or more than in many city shops.

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Most duty free shoppers have no idea who is minding the store,
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let alone where to find the best and cheapest goods. Britain’s World Duty Free PLC and Germany’s Gebr. Heinemann have about 5.5 percent of the market, while Weitnauer Trading Co. of Switzerland has about 4.4 percent.

Convoluted alliances and cross shareholdings mean that the influence of these big players is greater than their market share suggests. For example, World Duty Free is a subsidiary of BAA PLC, the world’s biggest airport operator. Not surprisingly, World Duty Free runs most of BAA’s duty free shops, including (along with Nuance) Heathrow. Nuance, in turn,
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is part of SAirGroup, along with Swissair.

The dominance of these groups, however, is no guarantee that any two of their duty free shops will have the same prices. Indeed, the price of any duty free good can vary by region, by country and even by shop. A Montblanc pen cost $72 at the Abu Dhabi airport but more than twice that at the Dubai duty free shop, even though the two airports are separated by just a couple of hundred miles.

For undecided shoppers,
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it’s still worth checking out the airport shops ahead of the holidays. They are open longer hours than most city shops and many are adding more interesting and locally made merchandise to supplement the standard fare.

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At a current value of $2.45 billion, the Indian luxury market is poised to double its value to $5.8 billion in the next five years, says the latest Confederation of Indian Industry AT Kearney Report on Indian Luxury. The growth, much like India’s larger story, will be propelled by smaller, scattered markets, the new pockets of wealth in Tier II cities. Industrialist Shivaji Mohite constructed the 1.2 km course for his son Dhruv in 2006. Built to international specifications it cost Rs 1.5 crore. In Guwahati, printing press baron Diganta Barua is constructing a Rs 5 crore indoor cricket ground so his 14 year old son can get a competitive edge in that other national obsession.

Wealth creation, without precisely shifting its city centre, has spiralled out to Tier II towns. This year’s World Wealth Report by Cap Gemini Merrill Lynch estimates the number of Indian high net worth individuals with liquid assets of over $1 million at 1,53,000. That’s almost double the 2008 count. India is perched at the 12th position globally in potential to purchase luxury. Yet India accounts for barely 1 per cent of the global luxury goods industry, compared to China’s 10 per cent share. For smaller cities, the obstacles to luxury spending have been access and availability, barriers that are now being breached.

Keeping pace are the luxury products that are increasingly targeted at the big fish in smaller ponds. Says Chadha, “India is in the starter money stage; where people tend to buy logos;
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cars, watches, pens.” It is a standard progression for emerging markets. “In China, luxury brands entered in the ’90s and in India you can say that happened in 2003 (with the opening of the first Louis Vuitton store in Delhi), so we’re 10 to 12 years behind. And now, the luxury story in China is all Tier II.”

An unreleased study by management consultancy Technopak estimates that 30 per cent of the business for big city luxury retailers now comes from smaller towns. International luxury brands will still foray into India via Delhi or Mumbai, but they intend to claim their share of that substantial sector. Delhi’s Emporio mall, which gathers Tarun Tahiliani and Tod’s, Giorgio Armani and Manish Arora under one roof, is bringing their brands to the buyers. Dinaz Madhukar, vp DLF Emporio, reveals the ultra deluxe shopping destination is “toying with the idea of running chartered helicopters (to and from Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar) with intimate invitations for select shoppers”. The ones without that instant name recognition need to peddle their premium wares a little differently.

The Hermes made in Paris sari is making headlines in India. It costs RS 4.5 lakh.

Priya Sachdev who owns and runs the multi brand fashion collective, Kitsch, plans to open stores in Ludhiana and Chandigarh this year. Kitsch retails labels such as Lanvin, Gaultier, Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenberg. “We’ll have to discover how adventurous customers are. In April last year,
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Aurangabad placed an order for 150 Mercedes cars worth Rs 65 crore. The consortium of industrialists which bought them wanted to position Aurangabad as an economic powerhouse and if judged by media coverage, it succeeded.

Unlike China, where luxury brands have tapped into social nuances of esteem and class, the average wealthy Indian customer resists the equation and perhaps needs a cultural nod. “The market is still shallow,” says Neelesh Hundekari, principal of the luxury and lifestyle practice at AT Kearney. “Certain brands have acquired a regional prestige, but only jewellery is really made to order. Global brands are still not doing enough to customise for India, which is why there’s low penetration.”

That process has begun. The Hermes made in Paris sari is making headlines in India. Along with the Knot India minaudiere by Bottega Veneta, the Canali Nehru jacket, and Prada’s Made in India slippers, it’s at the vanguard of the new incursion.

Each Tier II city, of course, has its own set of aspirations, and specific socio cultural customisation will make the decisive difference in how a luxury brand performs. In Surat, where 92 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished, locals are looking to add some shine to their cars. While Ludhiana likes to wear its wealth on its wrist, Visakhapatnam is still watchful with its conspicuous consumption. Jalandhar likes its luxury to come with logos that everyone can see. We spotlight eight cities emerging in their own right,
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as consumers and purveyors of luxury.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion to the subject of unlocking or jail breaking the iPhone. Many people seem to think that there is a strict law in place and that by buying a new iPhone you are singing a contract where you promise to be a consistent AT customer. This is definitely not true. The truth is that you purchased the product, this means you are the owner,
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and you should be able to use it in any way you whish. With that being said, often times especially using software Unlock methods,
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your warranty that has been provided by Apple will become null and void once you complete the unlocking process, so you must ensure that you unlock your phone in a safe and reliable manner. When it comes to unlocking your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 there are some techniques and tricks that you need to be aware of in order to complete the whole process. You dont want to end up with an expensive decoration rather than a iPhone that can be used to its fullest. Before deciding to unlock your iPhone you need to understand what you are doing and what can happen to your iPhone if not done correctly. Within the USA,
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almost every 3G iPhone 2.2.1 will come “locked” after you buy it. The locked iPhone will only allow the phone to work in a certain network such as AT for example. If you wish to use the phone with another cell phone carrier you will need to unlock the phone. The best iPhone unlocking tactics performed is using a hardware “piggy back” SIM card. Place this ultra thin SIMcard on top of the SIM from the carrier you wish to use, and your iPhone is Unlocked. You will essentially be given the freedom to finally use your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 in a way that you deem fit. This hardware unlock method will never void your Apple warranty. There are certain warnings and precautions to consider when unlocking your iPhone. While you will find a plethora of information online such as tutorials and guides,
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it is best to let an unlocking expert take care of the major details. Search for and find a reliable company that will offer your detailed step by step instructions on how to unlock your phone carefully and in a way that will not risk harm to the phone itself. By using experts such as these you will also be given the details on how to return your phone to locked status if you wish to take it in for service or use the warranty that you undoubtedly purchased along with it. Take your time, get informed and seek expert advice. Sure unlocking your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 may seem easy enough after reading some free online tips,
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but do you really want to risk turning your expensive purchase into a useless paperweight?

Navigate to the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop and select the 2.1 firmware ipsw file. Double click the ipsw file or select it and click the Open button to proceed.

Once iTunes has finished upgrading your iPhone 3G to the 2.2.1 firmware you may launch QuickPwn 2.2.5 from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop.