montblanc limited edition pens prices 10 Evergreen 25th Anniversary Employee Gifts

blanc du blanc 10 Evergreen 25th Anniversary Employee Gifts

10 Anniversary Gifts to Mark 25 Years of Dedication

Spending twenty five years with the same company is an extraordinary achievement and speaks volumes about both the employee and the employer. Steadfast employee loyalty is a rare event in todays competitive business environment and it takes exceptional commitment from both the individual and the company to achieve this ideal goal. The event is rare enough to deserve a commemoration or recognition of the employees long career with the organization in the form of a gift or award. Here are 10 ideas for 25th anniversary employee gifts that you may consider for the occasion.

One of the timeless ideas for marking the 25th anniversary of an employee is a silver plaque or trophy that highlights the achievement. The advantage of this gift is its uniformity for all employees who achieve this milestone. Secondly, it can be personalized and engraved with the employees name and position in the company. This great gift idea lasts forever and is something the employee can display with pride.

2. Classic Timepiece

High quality clocks and watches are a great symbol of the years of relationship between the company and the employee. Engraving is possible on both clocks and watches to make it a more personalized gift for the employee.

3. A Laptop or a Mobile Phone

If the budget for the 25th anniversary employee gifts allows, a notebook computer or a new generation mobile phone can make an excellent choice for a gift. You may choose the latest iPhone from Apple or any of the Sony Vaio range of laptops, or a similar exclusive gadget that’s a popular and desired brand.

4. Paid Holiday Package for Two

After 25 years of tireless service, your employee deserves a break to rejuvenate and gear up for the remaining part of his innings with the company. Therefore, an ideal milestone gift can be a paid holiday package to an exotic destination for two, with compliments from the company.

5. One year Membership to a Health Club

A very thoughtful idea for a 25th anniversary gift for an employee can be a prepaid membership to a renowned Health Club near the employees residence. The duration of membership can be six months or one year or more, depending on the budget for the gift. It will be highly appreciated because it shows the companys concern for the employees good health and well being.

6. Dinner With a Top Executive

If it is feasible, the employee who complete 25 years of service with the company can be honored with an exclusive dinner with the chief executive office or the president of the company. It may be just a one on one dinner or include the spouse to make it more intimate and personalized.

7. Collectors Pen Set

If it is known that the employee has a fascination for high quality pens, a great idea for a 25th anniversary gift can be a luxury pen set from a world renowned brand such as Mont Blanc or Cross. There are high end pens available in different price ranges so you can easily find one to match your budget.

8. Necktie and Handkerchief Set

Some employees love to wear a graceful tie with a matching handkerchief. If you have an employee you know is fond of this fashion, an ideal gift can be a high end necktie and handkerchief from a legendary brand such as Hermes.

9. Gift Certificate

Presenting gift certificates of prepaid denominations is also popular nowadays. You can choose a gift certificate from a favorite store that the employee is known to visit. It allows the freedom to buy any product of the recipients own choice. Make sure to choose gift cards that have no activation fee.

10. A Classic Set of Books or a Painting

If the employee is an avid reader in his or her spare time, or has an appreciative eye for works of art, you may consider gifting a fine collection of books or a high quality painting to adorn the employees home. It will remain a wonderful reminder of the 25th anniversary milestone. You might even consider the latest Amazon Kindle e reader on the market as a great recognition gift.
montblanc limited edition pens prices 10 Evergreen 25th Anniversary Employee Gifts

mont blanc limited edition Articles about H G Daniels

mont blanc refills online Articles about H G Daniels

Daniels, one of the best known architectural supply firms, has opened its only county store in the South Coast Plaza Village in Santa Ana. Though best known for such things as soft lead pencils and drawing tables, the store has branched out into a full range of graphic arts supplies, from Mont Blanc and Cartier pens to wood sculptures. The county store fills a gap for the firm, founded in 1941. Daniels, one of the best known architectural supply firms, has opened its only county store in the South Coast Plaza Village in Santa Ana. Though best known for such things as soft lead pencils and drawing tables, the store has branched out into a full range of graphic arts supplies, from Mont Blanc and Cartier pens to wood sculptures. to Fill Big South Coast Village Gap : Merchandising: The Pasadena based furniture chain will make the Mercantile Building, empty for six years, its flagship. Plaza officials said Monday that Barker Bros. Furniture, an 11 store chain based in Pasadena, will move into the 35,
mont blanc limited edition Articles about H G Daniels
000 square foot Mercantile Building and make the outlet its flagship. The long empty building had earned the shopping plaza which is across the street from mammoth South Coast Plaza the nickname “South Ghost Village.”AROUND HOME : Linoleum Block Printing

December 3, 1989 JUDITH SIMS

PRINTING CAN BE typed words or photographs on paper, or reproductions of finger paintings and crayon rubbings; after all, why should first graders have all the fun? More sophisticated efforts involve woodcut printing and silk screening, but a good adult size beginning project is linoleum block printing. Admittedly, this is not the sexiest craft these days; linoleum block printing seems to be popular only with serious artists and grade school kids. “We were in a bit of an economic problem, and were extraordinarily grateful to have stores like Lynn’s Hallmark” open their doors, said Jim Henwood, the mall’s manager. But that was then, and this is now.

For the second time in two months, motorcyclists Wednesday failed to persuade a judge to block enforcement of the state’s new mandatory helmet law, despite arguments that it violates their right to freedom of expression and subjects them to harassment by law enforcement officers. Superior Court Judge James J. But the only things getting scrunched in this case are lengths of silk. And brightly colored rivulets of dye do all the running. The name and the process are the invention of Gail Grassl,
mont blanc limited edition Articles about H G Daniels
an instructor in various silk painting techniques at Textile Resources in Seal Beach.

mont blanc pen refills uk A bad cover version

old mont blanc pens A bad cover version

This topic has been on my mind since a friend revealed she had decided to purchase a couple of Eames chair copies for her house. Her attitude: just chairs and well, they cheap

Some may say this is the Eames spirit alive and well design is for everyone and for making people lives better both functionally and aesthetically. But the thing is, when someone buys a copy, it is sending a message to the designer that their time and creative investment is worthless.

The thing is, we probably all been guilty at some point or another. I sure most of us have looked at a bill from a mechanic or carpenter and pondered the figure. But the truth is, they trained professionals and you couldn have done it in the same amount of time or produced an end result of the same quality.

Think about it this way, how would you feel if I came down to your work, took whatever you were working on, cut and pasted it into my work and start selling it without you knowing? I could probably undercut you too because I wouldn need to do any research. I might as well cash in on your reputation as well, right?

But I wouldn do this, and you shouldn too.

How about we start paying some respect to the designers and creators that make our world go Without them, there be nothing to copy in the first place.

When it comes to copies and fakes are some things more sacrosanct than others? Have you ever unknowingly bought a fake? What did you think when you found out?

Well this is a very pertinent subject to me at the moment as I ponder whether to part with $4.5k for a genuine Omega watch or make do with an internet replica. Same goes for a Breitling watch can I really justify $22k for a man’s wrist watch? Would I be institutionalised if I went and took out a personal loan for something that 99% of the population could not tell the difference between fake and real. I suppose at the end of the day it depends on your social circle. Elite designers are not aiming for the mass maket that’s like saying Bugatti make Veyrons for everybody’s garage no they do not. Let elite designers design knowing full well that they will hit their target audience and leave the crumbs for the copycats and the masses. In the end, it would be the only way we poorer folk can show we have some taste.

Intellectual property issues aside, many branded items are just too expensive because of the name on it. If we feel more secure in ourselves because we are wearing a particular brand name, I think we may need to reassess the way we measure our worth in the world. A Hugo Boss suit (Rolex watch/Citron car) does not make me a better person, a more influential person, a more desirable person, or even a more stylish person.

On the question of replicas, comedian Flip Wilson once said, “A lie’s as good as the truth if you can get somebody to believe it”.

If no one can tell its fake and its built just about aswell as the original, you would have to be a very generous person,
mont blanc pen refills uk A bad cover version
a very rich person or a person of impecable principles to buy the authentic version at say 10x the price.

Me? I think im none of the above. That said i dont skimp on quality. ie a quality pair of leather shoes are usually expensive because of the workmanship not because of the label. Bulgari cufflinks, on the other hand? Im happy to go fake. Seriosly, its just a bit of contoured metal holding shirt flaps together.

People buy things for different reasons. Branded clothing can be used to improve cultural capital, quite separate to the quality. Buying fake items has an equivalent, opposite impact. This may dictate some consumers.

I’m much like Byrne I consider the price per wear factor and the convenience of knowing the item will last. That is what dictates my purchases.

If the brand does not deliver any differentiation with the fakes (other than the dubious value of being “genuine”), then they’re on their own. A designer can pursue the manufacturers legally, or charge a ridiculous margin to their customers, or they can drop their prices and make it off the volume sales.

If they’ve made a choice in failing to differentiate, so too will I make mine. BUT there comes a point when craftsmanship, unique design, scarce materials and creative ‘blah’ meshes with overpriced bullshit and your friend is right, JC, it IS just a bloody chair, Le Corbusier and Eames designed SPECIFICALLY for the masses so my view on materialism works along this simplistic continuum: if theres more than one in existence its not bloody bespoke and if its too precious for the rough and tumble of its purpose donate the money to a truly deserving cause

I don’t buy fakes. whats the point really? If I can’t justify/afford the real thing then I should shift my expectations and find an original within my price range.

I think that is the key for me. originality. I want to know that what I have bought has had some thought put into it, from a bottle of juice through to buying a new suit.

I believe everything we buy, wear and display as ours says something about us. The world judges us by the facade we present not the real person, so to be genuine the facade should represent me well.

Two things I found interesting when I lived in Asia (late 90’s) was that

1. only certain brands were faked in watches there were fake Rolexes and Tags but no Omegas, in jeans there were fake Guess and Versace but no Armani. Is this because certain companies pursue counterfieters more than others?

2. There were two levels of fakes you could buy a fake rolex that was either equal to a $2 watch and might last the week or you could get one that was an ok watch made up to look like a fake and would last several years the difference was picking them apart.

Personally I go for the genuine item the only fakes i bought was a set of reeboks when I was in Indonesia because I wanted some $20 sneakers for getting around in the mud, I couldn’t find any Dunlop Volleys and fakes were the only option at that price.

I simpathise with LV over the issue of having genuines mistaken for fakes, I bought two genuine Mont Blanc pens a few years ago when overseas but because they were a model that was sold in Europe and Asia but not in Australia many people think they are fakes, but to me it doesn’t matter because I know what I have is genuine but for those who are just out to impress others do your research
mont blanc pen refills uk A bad cover version

mont blanc ski Bodies of 8 missing Mont Blanc climbers found

black mont pen Bodies of 8 missing Mont Blanc climbers found

French police found the bodies of eight climbers Monday after they went missing in an avalanche near Mont Blanc, western Europe’s highest peak, officials said.

The bodies were buried beneath up to 165 feet of ice, and the climbers four Germans, three Swiss and an Austrian most likely had fallen into a deep crevasse, said Regis Lavergne, commander of the High Mountain Gendarmes based in Chamonix.

Because the area is prone to avalanches, rescuers will not attempt to recover the bodies, which are expected to resurface in “a few weeks or several years” due to the movement or melting of the glaciers, he said at a news conference.

Rescuers had initially said the missing climbers were Swiss and Austrian citizens, but officials later said they included four Germans, who had been climbing together with an Austrian guide. The names of the victims had not been made public.

Seven people hospitalized following the avalanche were discharged Monday, officials said.

Avalanches intermittently hit the celebrated Mont Blanc range, where dozens of climbers die every year, from causes ranging from accidents to heart problems.

Two French climbers in a Swiss sports club died in an avalanche on Mont Blanc in August 2006. In July 2005, a British soldier was killed in another avalanche while taking part in an altitude training course on Mont Blanc du Tacul.
mont blanc ski Bodies of 8 missing Mont Blanc climbers found

mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art’

mont blanc pen pouch and good business is the best art’

Corbis, the digital image agency owned by Microsoft chief Bill Gates, has struck an exclusive deal with the Andy Warhol Foundation to distribute work created by the iconic artist.

Corbis, the digital image agency owned by Microsoft chief Bill Gates, has struck an exclusive deal with the Andy Warhol Foundation to distribute work created by the iconic artist.

The agreement, which will be officially announced in the next few days, will mean that companies wanting to use artwork created by Warhol will be able to download it from Corbis’s website and then gain rights clearance from the image agency.

Initially, 500 of Warhol’s most famous works will be available ranging from the iconic Campbell’s Soup cans to his early work when he was a commercial artist employed by advertising agencies in New York.

However, Corbis will be able to obtain the rights to any Warhol image owned by the Foundation if customers want something not among the initial 500 works.

The works of Warhol considered one of the most impor tant artists of the 20th century, and the leader of the Pop art movement are among the most reproduced in the world.

They have been used for advertising and marketing by groups as diverse as Mont Blanc pens, The Gap, Volkswagen and the Swiss Post. A Warhol T shirt made by Uniqlo, a Japanese group, has sold nearly a million since it was launched less than a month ago.

Annual sales of Warhol related products are estimated to be worth $30m (16m) a year for the Foundation,
mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art'
the charitable trust set up under the artist’s will to administer his estate after his death in 1987.

The Andy Warhol Foundation has been in talks with a number of agencies, including Corbis’s arch rival, Getty Images, about setting up a deal.

Martin Cribbs, the licensing director of the Foundation, said that it had chosen Corbis because it was the best in the world at what it did. “We want this deal to open the door on a wide range of Warhol imagery,” he said. “A lot of Andy’s work has been little used and we can work with people to use imagery specifically tailored for them.”

“Warhol is uniquely powerful in both commercial and artistic uses, bringing instant recognition and attributes like originality, irony and leading edge hip to major brands and messages worldwide,” said Gary Shenk, the head of rights services at Corbis. “We look forward to sharing the genius, ingenuity and vision of Warhol and his work with creative professionals around the globe.”

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On Adblock click “Don’t run on pages on this domain”.

If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, “Tracking Protection” may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the “shield” icon in the address bar.
mont blanc pen cap replacement and good business is the best art'

mont blank 117 die in Air India tragedy

mont blanc writing 117 die in Air India tragedy

Gerard Devoussoux, a mountain guide who was one of the first to arrive at the disaster scene, said: “Another 15 metres (50ft) and the plane would have missed the rock. It made a huge crater in the mountain.

“Everything was completely pulverised.

The search was eventually called off after bad weather and poor visibility hampered rescue efforts.

Relatives of the passengers involved in the disaster were in tears after airport officials broke the news of the crash.

Robert Bruce, from Tooting, who was waiting for his parents to arrive, said: “I am so choked I cannot even cry. I will just go home and collapse.

“As far as I am concerned my world has come to an end.”

The cause of the crash is not yet known and it is expected to take several days before all of the bodies are recovered.

The plane was a few minutes behind schedule as it was preparing to make its descent.

But the captain of the Air India Boeing 707, who was one of the airline’s most experienced pilots, had radioed the control tower a few minutes earlier to report that his instruments were working fine and the aircraft was flying at 19,000ft (5,791 metres) at least 3,000ft (514 metres) higher than the Mont Blanc summit.
mont blank 117 die in Air India tragedy

montblanc buy Articles about Religious War

mont blanc star Articles about Religious War

Goldberg: Syria’s religious war

June 4, 2013 Jonah Goldberg

If there was a moment when the United States could have intervened in Syria, it looks like that moment has passed. Shiite militants, including Hezbollah partly at the behest of their paymasters in Iran are racing to the defense of Bashar Assad’s regime. According to a witness account in the New York Times, there were some 11,000 Hezbollah fighters in the besieged town of Qusair alone. A Shiite religious student in Najaf, Iraq, told the Times that his colleagues believe the leader of Qatar, a backer of Syrian rebels, is a long prophesied demonic figure who, it is foretold, will raise an army in Syria to wipe out Shiites in Iraq.

ARTICLES BY DATEGoldberg: Syria’s religious war

June 4, 2013 Jonah Goldberg

If there was a moment when the United States could have intervened in Syria, it looks like that moment has passed. Shiite militants,
montblanc buy Articles about Religious War
including Hezbollah partly at the behest of their paymasters in Iran are racing to the defense of Bashar Assad’s regime. According to a witness account in the New York Times, there were some 11,000 Hezbollah fighters in the besieged town of Qusair alone. CAROL HAYES San Juan CapistranoWest Bank mosque attacked

October 5, 2010 By Maher Abukhater, Los Angeles Times

Palestinian officials accused Jewish settlers of setting a West Bank mosque on fire early Monday, an attack that could reignite violence as frustration grows over stalled Israeli Palestinian peace talks. No one claimed responsibility and no arrests were made, but Palestinians said the incident bore the hallmarks of attacks by settlers angry over the talks and a moratorium on settlement construction that recently expired. Weyrich stunned the religious right with his declaration that the cultural wars in American politics were over and lost. Any of those words would aptly describe the advertising attack launched last week against AARP, the largest advocacy group for seniors, by the conservative interest group USA Next. Standing in the debris of Joseph’s Tomb, in the West Bank town of Nablus, Sawalhi rejoiced on a recent afternoon that Palestinians now control the site, which she calls Sheik Yusef’s Tomb. “It is our Muslim holy site,” said the 54 year old Sawalhi, cloaked in the dress of an observant Muslim woman. “When I was a child,
montblanc buy Articles about Religious War
I came and prayed here as a Muslim.

replica mont blanc pen A bridesmaid no more

mont blanc parfum A bridesmaid no more

So busy covering other inspiring stories yesterday, never got around to mentioning this little one from Eton Dorney where the Brits are having a field day or is that a lake day? this week.

Katherine Grainger of the host nation won the double sculls with her partner Anna Watkins after three straight Olympics of winning silver. “Finally a bride,” she quipped afterward.

And, if the class was paying attention they remember that early in the week in The Spec, and in this blog, there was talk about how rowing with its rudely high practice to competition ratio is full of disciplined people who apply that trait to other parts of their life.

Well, Grainger is studying for her PhD in homicide (she a criminologist) at King College, and Watkins is taking her PhD in math at Reading University.

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The robe fell shamelessly open over the girl’s slight belly, the dark well of pubic hair, the white thighs that seduced him both by sight and pressure. His hand did not wander lower than her waist; but it wandered above, touching those open breasts, the neck, the shoulders.”And you will keep your low humor for your club.” She primly made him walk on.”I know a secluded place nearby.
replica mont blanc pen A bridesmaid no more

mont blanc pen cheapest Bodies of six climbers found on Mont Blanc

mont blanc guide Bodies of six climbers found on Mont Blanc

About 250,000 people travel withMost watched News videos Audi driver causes traffic incident with risky manoeuvre Shocking moment man stops thief from stealing his car in London New footage of Candymans debauched Freaks Unleashed party Two moped muggers caught on CCTV robbing a mum at knifepoint Singing sisters Flo Joan perform Nationwide advert Shocking moment mom is ripped away from kids by border agents I cant afford another one: Jim Davidson on his divorces Shocking moment man is floored by punch in shopping centre fight Bikini wearing drunk driver struggles through sobriety test CCTV shows Russian spy and daughter with mysterious woman Thisll be my last day: DC morning radio host quits live on air Melania Trump meets Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv

Revealed: The 50 most dangerous cities in the world Thanks for parking like a bend! First time driver,.. Parents of two day old baby who died after a doctor.. ‘She wants me to clean for five hours a week’: Pathetic.. EXCLUSIVE: British swimmer studying at Connecticut.. Robbers drown four year old girl after they forced her to.. Liz Hurley’s model nephew,
mont blanc pen cheapest Bodies of six climbers found on Mont Blanc
21, is fighting for his life.. EXCLUSIVE OJ Simpson ‘confesses to murdering Nicole.. EXCLUSIVE ‘I may never see my family again’: Brit.. ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli is sentenced to seven years.. Will police dig up the remains of Russian spy’s wife?.. PIERS MORGAN: Kim Jong Un can spin this any way he likes,.. Italian journalist accused of stalking Colin Firth’s wife.. New footage of tobacco tycoon Candyman’s debauched Freaks.. Indian man ‘poured ACID on his sleeping wife’ because she.. Former serviceman with PTSD, 36,
mont blanc pen cheapest Bodies of six climbers found on Mont Blanc
holds leaving party.. Heartbreaking video shows US Border Patrol agents ripping.. Spring is on the way but don’t put your brollies away.. MOST READ NEWS Previous

mont blanc ball pen refills and he’s wearing it on his sleeve

hotels in mont blanc and he’s wearing it on his sleeve

Laxman have commented in a cartoon on the excitement over Narendra Modi’s exclusive, pin striped suit on the eve of Republic Day that drew more attention than the nearly 4,000 word joint statement on the visit? He could have drawn Modi clad in the same fabric saying something like, stop wasting time looking for any fine print. Read my lips instead because, as my American buddies would say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The idea was not to pun on the old BJP controversy where Govindacharya had dismissed Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a mere mask (“mukhauta”) thinly concealing the reality of the BJP. It was, instead, to make the point that unlike Vajpayee, Modi represented the true face of the BJP/RSS and did not pretend to be something else. With Modi, we had said, the man you see is the man you get. Pinstripes woven into the fabric in his own name may sound like an excess, even exaggerated vanity or narcissism. But it is silly to be surprised. He has already set a pattern changing more outfits in a day, particularly on a special occasion or at a summit meeting, than stars in a Tamil film song. He has flaunted a customised choice of colours, even so bright as to be unknown in our understated political tradition, to suit the occasion. Remember his neon red waist coat in Bangalore to celebrate the successful Mangalyaan launch with ISRO scientists. On the Japan visit, the whisper on the sidelines was that he changed more outfits in one day than our ambassador there changed saris in the entire trip. But then the ambassador is merely a staid civil servant and should remain so.

Modi sees himself as a mass leader, a brand made for media, from TV to Twitter, from selfies to Facebook. He sees no issue wrapping it in livery that, in his view, enhances the brand. Could it just be that in his view the pin stripes only underline Brand Modi? Or may be, as we say elsewhere in this issue (Writings on the Wall) there is a Pucca Punjabi inside this Gujju body? I got it, I flaunt it, and if you have a problem, go see a shrink, stop psychoanalysing me.

That, in short, is also my objection to the chatter on Modi’s allegedly crude, vain, narcissistic style. We know our politicians are never poor, but we want them to look like becharas. And however cynical and selfish they may be in their politics, however much they may put away in mythical Swiss accounts or, more likely, in IOU hundis with real estate buddies, we prefer to see them dressed in crumpled khadi, if not sack cloth and ashes. My point, therefore, is not an endorsement of Modi’s style, but that we are silly in being judgemental about it, indulging in drawing room/cocktail circuit pop psychology. Not when so many of us in the same, selfstyled (pun intended) upper crust go around dressed in stupid pastel trousers, little black dresses that stretch to the precarious limit going down our bell bottoms and thunder thighs, and those awful, awful Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. So bad and so expensive that the more apt way to spell and pronounce Vuitton should be an unprintable Indianism starting with C which you need film maker Vishal Bhardwaj’s cheek to unleash.

The most important thing about Modi is that the man you see is the man you get. Intellectually, politically, ideologically and philosophically, he is in an argument with Jawaharlal Nehru.

Let’s take that argument forward. Each one of us, let’s list our top five political personalities for poor taste in dressing and lifestyle. I suspect there will be quite a bit of unanimity there. Mayawati with her pearls and purses, Ambedkar with his often poorly fitted suits, Balasaheb with his white wine and now Modi with his neon waistcoats and custom woven pin stripes. Then list those with good style: Vadundhara Raje with her silks and jewellery, late Jyoti Basu with his love for the revolution and single malts, Arun Jaitley with his cashmeres and Patek Philippe watches, late Rajiv Gandhi with his Gucci shoes, Mont Blanc pens and exotic holidays, Kamal Nath with a jar of Harrods cookies while clad in pure khadi on Chhindwara’s campaign trail, even Anna Hazare recuperating at one of our most expensive corporate fat farms in Bangalore as if fasting was not good enough to detox and lose weight for a Gandhian, and Lohiaite George Fernandes whose Lamy pens were seen as a style statement. There is a twin hypocrisy here. The moment somebody rises in politics, we want them to be in modest political garb, never mind the Lanvin undies inside or Harrods cookies in the car. And second, we draw judgement based on where somebody came from. A Nehru or Gandhi, born in riches, dump their old style and luxuries, adopt khadi and become icons of humility. But what about someone with utterly humble beginnings, who has now tasted success and thinks he can afford to live it up a bit? That outrages us, yeh kahan se aa gaya (where did he come from)?It is tempting to invoke actor Dilip Kumar’s comic portrayal of a “westernised” rustic in the old film Sagina where he dances to “Sala main to saab ban gaya. yeh suit mera dekho, yeh boot mera dekho, jaise chhora koyi London ka”. We tend to respond the same snooty way looking at anybody pretending to live beyond his “original” station. Again, to hark back to that Dilip Kumar song, we are happy if langoti walas stay that way and happier if suit walas dump them for langotis.

This is not a changing but a changed India. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel were all born with riches sufficient to take them overseas for studies a hundred years ago. They sought their political style statement in discarding what they had inherited. The current Lok Sabha, Modi included, is filled with leaders of a completely different upbringing. They bring nothing by way of their entitlement and now, having tasted success, have less hesitation flaunting it. Maybe their progeny will still impress us by giving up the apparent riches.

I am the least qualified person to comment on somebody’s sartorial preferences. But what I admire about Modi is his lack of hypocrisy. I can illustrate what I mean. Look at the young, supposedly new generation hot shots of the Congress. Many of them maintain two lifestyles, one until 10 pm in khadi kurtas and the second after 10 pm in tight black silk tees, sometimes even on sexy Ducatis and Harley Davidsons. I recall going to see George Fernandes once and seeing him artfully crumple his ironed pajamas. How could the humble, socialist trade unionist be seen wearing anything orderly? Of course, he had no issues with an IAS aide kneeling down on the floor of an Mi 17 helicopter to slip the snow shoes onto his feet and do the laces as we approached Siachen for a recording.

Chances are we will not see such hypocrisy from Modi, whatever our view on his style or taste. In any case, we did not elect him for his humility. We loved his 56 inch chest swagger, selfprojection of his Gujarat success, his exaggerated delivery. As I said earlier, the most important thing about Modi is that the man you see is the man you get. Intellectually, politically, ideologically and philosophically, he is in an argument with Jawaharlal Nehru. Now, check out this test. Go to an outlet in your city of Fabindia or Khadi Bhavan where our liberal community had gone for decades to buy our handloom kurtas and “Jawahar” jackets. Hang around long enough and you will overhear some customer asking for a “Modi” jacket. It is the same jacket. At least sartorially, Modi is winning his argument with Nehru.
mont blanc ball pen refills and he's wearing it on his sleeve