mont blanc diamond pen The mystery of Mont Blanc’s hidden treasure

mont blanc fountain The mystery of Mont Blanc’s hidden treasure

It’s a plot line that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tintin comic a French mayor, an Alpine climber, a historian, a wealthy Jewish stone merchant from London, and their tenuous connections to a bag of lost jewels discovered on the peak of Mont Blanc.

The trail begins early on 24 January 1966, as Air India Flight 101 starts its descent towards Geneva Airport. The pilot had miscalculated the aircraft’s altitude and the Boeing 707 was heading directly for the summit of Mont Blanc, France’s highest mountain.

All 117 people on board were killed as the plane crashed. “It made a huge crater in the mountain,” a mountain guide who was first to reach the scene was quoted as saying. “Everything was completely pulverised. Nothing was identifiable except for a few letters and packets.”

Various rescue attempts to recover bodies and debris were called off because of bad weather on the summit. Many remnants from the aircraft including a bag of diplomatic mail and a wheel hub have been gathered in the years since the tragedy, but pieces of twisted metal still lie in the peak’s nooks and crannies.

Among the burning wreckage that was scattered across a glacier, a small case packed full of 100 precious emeralds, sapphires and rubies was flung through the air and swallowed into the ice.

The box, which two families are claiming had their name embossed into the side, sank into the glacier, only reappearing 47 years later clutched in the hands of a local climber as he strolled into the local gendarmerie.

The gendarmes heralded the climber’s decision not to keep his find, with an estimated value of 246,000 euros (205,000).

“You can see, he is very honest,” said chief gendarme Sylvain Merly. “He was a mountaineer and he didn’t want to keep something that belonged to someone who’d died.”

Merly took the jewels straight to the mayor of Chamonix, who stored them in a vault below the town hall until the media were told.

When the story came to light, journalists began to scramble for more details at one point printing a photo of a mountain guide, Stephane Dan, with what appeared to be the jewels in front of him. In fact they were stones he snapped from gullies and sold for 20 euros each.

“It could have been me who found the real thing,” he laments. “I climb all summer, collecting the best pieces of mineral to sell. I found many pieces of the aeroplane. I once found wheels. I found a special bottle used for coffee with Air India written on it. I even found the altimeter used for the plane.”

Bizarrely, this was the second Air India crash in the same area. Sixteen years earlier another plane, a Constellation known as the Malabar Princess, had gone down on the mountain, also on its approach to Geneva. So the wreckage of two aircraft is scattered over the area.

Dan said the local rumour was that the climber who discovered the bag of jewels was from Bourg Saint Maurice, a village three hours’ drive from Chamonix. “We all heard it was happening, but it was a mystery. Now we know it was a real but even I don’t know who it was.”

It’s so French, this story you ask to see the stones and they send you a photo of them in a bagFrancoise Rey, Historian

At this point, I started making attempts to film the jewels. But Sylvain Merly said he was no longer allowed to discuss the story with journalists,
mont blanc diamond pen The mystery of Mont Blanc's hidden treasure
directing me to the prefect of the department of Haute Savoie, in Annecy.

The prefect’s office said they had nothing to do with the investigation and shunted me on to Francois Bouquin, head of the mayor’s office in Chamonix. Bouquin said the Mayor’s office was no longer responsible for leading the enquiry, pointing me to the court of Bonneville.

The court of Bonneville directed me to the court of Albertville, which, confused, sent me back to Bouquin who said, in hindsight, he wasn’t sure which courthouse was in charge.

After repeated calls and many hours spent on hold listening to Mozart’s violin concertos, I pointed out to Bouquin that I had spoken to everyone he suggested. Then he finally gave an answer: “I don’t want to have to tell you ‘No’. But you cannot see the stones. At this time, it is a question of security. We are handling our own investigation into the case. We do not feel the media are useful or necessary at this time.”

I was, however, able to persuade him to send me two pictures of what he called the “treasure”, in the hands of the mayor, albeit wrapped in thick, white police tape. “You ask to see the stones and they send you a photo of them in a bag.”

An acquaintance of the mayor, Rey went to lunch with him and sat discussing a viewing of the treasure. But she, like so many others, drew a blank.

I am quite sure they are interested in keeping the stones and that they will do nothing whatsoever to help the families or the owner to prove they are theirsFrancoise Rey

Rey is convinced that the mayor and the climber struck a 50 50 deal long before they told journalists about the jewels’ existence. Under French law, there is a window of two years, she says.

“If no owner is found by then, one half will go to the Mayor of Chamonix and the other half goes to the climber.

“I am quite sure they are interested in keeping the stones and that they will do nothing whatsoever to help the families or the owner to prove they are theirs.”

Fournier downplayed the allure of the jewels, she says, to dampen her interest. “He told me the stones are not so beautiful, and voila. They played the game that they were more embarrassed with them than happy, that’s the impression they wanted to give.”

Fournier, who is currently campaigning for local elections, was not available to answer questions, so Bouquin spoke on his behalf. “The suggestion we struck a deal is completely mad. There is no deal. We don’t even know who found the stones. There is a law and a procedure that must be followed, and that is all.”

Back in 1990, while Rey was researching her book, she was given access to a criminal dossier compiled by the local court of Bonneville, which contained many of the documents collated after the accident.

Looking through her notes, Mrs Rey made an amazing discovery. Annotated within the pages are the details of an insurance document making a claim for lost jewels destined for one man,
mont blanc diamond pen The mystery of Mont Blanc's hidden treasure
who lived in London.

montblanc sale What is a Cervical Cerclage

vintage fountain pens What is a Cervical Cerclage

A pregnant woman experiencing symptoms of Incompetent Cervix may require a cervical cerclage. A Cervical Cerclage is a band that is placed around the cervix, to prevent premature dilation, and loss of the baby. A cerclage is the routine treatment for Incompetent Cervix and is normally done after the 12th week of pregnancy. While having a Cervical Cerclage placement has its own risks the procedure is effective in preventing preterm labor and loss in 85% 90% of cases.

When a woman’s cervix is weakened, by an underlying condition, it can have trouble supporting a pregnancy. A cervix that shortens, funnels, or dilates before full term falls into the category of Incompetent Cervix. A cervix that has been closed by cerclage will help the baby stay in the mother until it is time to be born.

A cervical cerclage may be considered if a woman is at risk for cervical insufficiency. This could be determined if the woman has had a previous second trimester loss, a cone biopsy, LEEP procedure; or a cervix that is damaged and weakened due to abortion or D A woman is not a good candidate for a cervical cerclage when her water has broken or she has sufficient dilation. A cervical cerclage is most effective if placed between the 12th and 16th week. Some pregnant women may need a cerclage placed later in pregnancy known as an emergent cerclage.

A McDonald cerclage is the most common type of cerclage it’s also known as the purse string stitch. A doctor will try to place the stitch very high; as funneling of the cervix is a common symptom in Incompetent Cervix.

A Shirodkar cerclage is similar to a McDonald cerclage except that it passes through the walls of the cervix. The stitch is not exposed and it’s thought to lessen the chances of infection. The Shriodkar cerclage is considered a more permanent solution to Incompetent Cervix and it is typically not removed. Women who have this type of cerclage will have a caesarean section (c section) at the end of their pregnancy.

An abdominal cerclage is the least common type of cerclage in high risk pregnancies. This cerclage is permanent and used when the cervix is too short, or another type of vaginal cerclage has failed. The abdominal cerclage is usually placed during pregnancies, but, it can be used between pregnanices. This type of cerclage is not tight enough to prevent a D (dilation and curettage) if you miscarry. An abdominal cerclage comes with it’s own risks and they should be considered carefully. This type of cerclage could result in severe complications and the loss of a woman’s uterus.

A cerclage placement is as unique as your doctor and your pregnancy history. You may undergo general anesthesia, and a hospital stay, or an outpatient placement with a spinal block ,or epidural. Bed rest either at home or in the hospital is the normal course for recovery; until bleeding and cramping has stopped. Plan to relax during the 2 3 days following the procedure, at which time, light duty activity can be resumed in many cases.

The cervical cerclage will be left in until the doctor determines it must be taken out. 36 weeks gestation is the normal time to have the stitch removed, unless labor progresses before then. Having a cerclage placement can make dilation during labor hard, however doctors feel the risk of that is outweighed by the benefit of the procedure. Most women who have had a cerclage will require one in future pregnancies.

Having a cervical cerclage can be uncomfortable even after it has healed. Consider raising the foot of the bed a few inches off the ground to simulate the Trendelenburg position. The Trendelenburg position helps decrease the pressure on your cervix while you are laying in bed. Sleeping this way, during pregnancy, may provide relief for lower back pain and pelvic pain.

After having a cerclage you should not perform hard work. Lifting should be kept to a minimum, and no more than 10 pounds, in most cases. Repeated stooping or long hours on your feet is generally warned against. Some studies suggest that women who have a cerclage should refrain from intercourse. Your doctor will advise you on a medical plan and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

While many women come through the procedure with no complications there are signs to look for. A small amount of bleeding or cramping for a few days after placement is normal although, you may not experience these symptoms. Severe bleeding, contractions or fever are signs for concern. If you feel pressure on the stitch rest at home with your feet up as much as possible. If cramping is felt after you have healed decrease activity and call your doctor. You should not be able to feel the stitch after it has healed. If you notice that you can feel the stitch you should go see your doctor.

It is not uncommon for a woman who has had a cerclage to have pre term contractions. While contractions during pregnancy are a cause for concern, in many cases, these contractions can be stopped with medication. When a woman who has a cerclage has contractions she needs to seek medical care. Contractions that change or dilate the cervix can cause bleeding and injury to the cervix. If you are unsure on the severity of your case it is always best to seek medical help.
montblanc sale What is a Cervical Cerclage

white mont blanc fountain pen Three bodies found on Miage glacier

mont blanc hiking Three bodies found on Miage glacier

There have been a series of fatal accidents on the peak in recent weeks, with people from the Czech Republic, South Korea, Ukraine and Germany reportedly among the dead.

Two Germans killed climbing Mont BlancOn Thursday, Alpine rescue teams were attempting to recover the remains found on the remote Miage glacier.

“The glacier is constantly shifting and we can say that the deaths occurred around 1995,” AFP news agency quoted a spokesman as saying.

Alongside the bodies, the French climber also found a wallet with a German identity card issued in 1995 to a 23 year old man, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica (in Italian).

It quoted an official saying that say rising temperatures would increase the frequency of such finds.

Last week, it emerged that a shrinking glacier in Switzerland had revealed two frozen bodies believed to be a couple who went missing 75 years ago. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking.
white mont blanc fountain pen Three bodies found on Miage glacier

mont blanc fountain pen prices Terrorists Are Sought in Latin Smugglers’ Haven

mont blanc ink Terrorists Are Sought in Latin Smugglers’ Haven

For decades, this seedy border town has struggled with its reputation as the contraband capital of South America. agents and police officers from three other countries are scouring the area for evidence that the region has become a haven for Islamic terrorists.

”This is the very last thing that we needed here,” lamented Faoud Fakih, a department store owner and prominent member of the Arab community here. ”Business is already bad, and now we are going to be stained by an even more disastrous kind of propaganda?”

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet here. Their porous common border has been a fluid and often ignored barrier until now. Since the World Trade Center attacks, however, the Paraguayan police have been rounding up Arab immigrants who they say may have ”links to militant groups” here that manufacture false passports and offer refuge and financing to terrorist networks.

All told, an estimated 12,000 people of Arab descent, most of them members of Lebanese immigrant families, live in the Triple Frontier region. Many own or work in stores here in Paraguay, but choose to live on the Brazilian side of the border in Foz do Iguau, which has an an Arabic school and social club, supermarkets that sell Muslim food products and four Arabic language cable television channels. It also has a gleaming mosque on Palestine Street.

Among those who went undetected while he lived here was El Said Hassan Mokhles, an Egyptian who is now in jail in Uruguay, awaiting a court ruling on an extradition request by the Egyptian government. Arrested with a fake Malaysian passport as he was leaving Brazil early in 1999, Mr. Mokhles is wanted in Egypt on charges that he took part in a terrorist operation that killed 58 foreign tourists at Luxor in 1997.

What drew Arab businessmen here is the same thing that continues to attract people from China, Korea, India and Latin America: a chance to make a lot of money with little or no government interference. The annual turnover here is estimated at more than $12 billion, which would make the economy of Ciudad del Este larger than that of the rest of Paraguay.

Of course, nearly all of the Mont Blanc pens, Rolex watches, and other products sold here are fakes or pirates, imported from Asia or assembled in workshops on the edge of town.

Thanks to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay has both a higher per capita consumption of whiskey than Scotland and a record consumption of cigarettes. These are often smuggled, or to use the favored local euphemism, ”re exported,” to Argentina and Brazil.

”This is one of the world’s great centers of lawlessness,” said a Brazilian Federal Police official in Foz do Iguau, just a 10 minute walk across the Friendship Bridge over the Paran River. ”Every criminal activity that you can possibly think of flourishes here, from drug and arms trafficking to money laundering, counterfeiting, carjacking, contraband and prostitution.”

On Monday, for instance, the Brazilian police seized more than 12 tons of marijuana hidden under a shipment of coal in a truck that had just crossed the border here.

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The Argentine government was the first to step up surveillance activities in the area, acting after bombing attacks in Buenos Aires on the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish community center killed 115 people in the mid 1990’s.

In 1997, the Argentine minister of the interior, Carlos Corach, described the Triple Frontier region as ”a sanctuary” for crime and terrorism. Then as now, the government was accused of playing politics to cover up its inability to find the real perpetrators of the attacks.

”That response was orchestrated by the government of Carlos Menem, and he has no credibility whatsoever,” said Mr. Fakih, the department store owner, referring to the former Argentine president who is now under house arrest in connection with illegal sales of arms to Croatia and Ecuador.

If terrorists are really hiding out here, it should be easy for them to go unnoticed. More than nine million tourists visit the Triple Frontier area each year, to see the mighty Iguassu Falls, gamble at casinos or shop in the hundreds of shops that line both sides of the Paran River, which forms the border of the three countries.

”It’s an anthill here, with all kinds of people coming from all over the world,” said a Brazilian Federal Police official. ”Every day we have more than 20,000 people crossing that bridge, and you can’t stop and inspect them all.”

The Brazilian police say they are also investigating the activities of Muhammad Kassem Jomaa, the mayor of Chu, a town just across the border from the Uruguayan customs post where Mr. Mokhles, the jailed Egyptian, was caught. Mr. Jomaa has acknowledged visiting Mr.

As for Mr. Mokhles, his wife and three children still live here on charity supplied by sympathizers, according to Mr. Hassan. But the same Arab community leaders who complain of persecution here belittle the significance of the case against Mr. Mokhles anytime it is brought up.

”If someone has a problem with his government, is this our responsibility as a community?” asked Taleb Jomaa, imam of the the mosque the family attends in Foz do Iguau. ”This is an open city and I am not a police inspector, so if someone comes here and has had some problems, so what?”
mont blanc fountain pen prices Terrorists Are Sought in Latin Smugglers' Haven

montblanc ballpoint pens Trudeau feels the heat in B

mont blanc pen 149 Trudeau feels the heat in B

After getting smacked with the carbon tax, this is our payback.

Trudeau, still flogging the idea we score pipelines with a carbon tax, gets one rough ride Friday when he shows up in the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo.

At the Trudeau talk a thon, it a senior who really gets things going. This lady calls Trudeau handsome precious one and says she felt he was on her side. She voted for Trudeau. But she upset he backed the pipeline.

She pleads to the PM now.

please, please, oh please, please, she approaches Trudeau for a hug, begs him to stop the pipeline.

Cheers! Whistles! Yelps! Yells! Chanting! Excitement! The crowd is into it.

Trudeau starts explaining, rambling, talking about how the Northern Gateway pipeline is toast. It as if he saying,
montblanc ballpoint pens Trudeau feels the heat in B
hell, give me some credit.

He gets back shouts and heckling. A dude is tossed. An Indigenous chief talks to the crowd, hoping everyone will play nice.

Shouting! More shouting!

Trudeau tries and tries again to talk about the pipeline. The former teacher must have thought this was like one of those classes where the kids just won stop misbehaving.

me I know what your concerns are, he tells the young and the restless.

Trudeau asks a heckler to leave, they leave. He wants to quickly finish his thought.

At some point he talks about the national price on carbon, that is, the carbon tax. And world class oceans protection.

other part of that He just about to explain there will also be a pipeline.

Another heckler, close to Trudeau.

on. Come on. Really? Really? This is it, the PM says to the heckler.

you respect the people in this room? asks the prime minister, who clearly has had enough in what is quickly becoming a theatre for the absurd.

Trudeau asks three times for respect. done this for 25 minutes now and I gotten to two questions or three questions. That not fair. asks the cops to bounce the offenders. More heckling!

Finally, he says, once again and with more words, the pipeline is getting built.

Boo! Boo! Sounds like somebody isn happy.

Trudeau then points to an eight year old girl in a white poncho to ask a question. Peace is restored.
montblanc ballpoint pens Trudeau feels the heat in B

Montblanc Platinum-Plated Silver Meisterstuck Rollerball Pen The newest technology

mont blanc europe The newest technology

OK, that’s some distinct hyperbole but we Americans are prone to that, no?

Seriously, though, you may very well not put technology and something you write with in the same thought. But hear me out a bit.

Last December, I was ambling around a local shop and happened to stumble upon a display of pens. Delightfully boring, nondescript pens. But one looked a little more on the ‘crafty’ side so I cast my gaze directly there.

The claim? This pen will last for seven years.

Bold. And, yes, the idea of life altering technology is a bit of a stretch. But if you think about it, the fact that Seltzer Goods (the manufacturer) decided to amp up the quality speaks volumes and could be considered ‘new’ technology in an area that is decidedly low tech.

The main benefits though are plentiful:

It can write 1.7 metres a day for 7 years

A large ink cartridge (clearly)

A long life tip (I know no person that enjoys ink globbing about on the page)

But most, importantly, it keeps plastic and ink out of landfill. According to the package, 100 million pens are discarded every day. Oof.

However, I don’t have what would be called a very good track record with pens. After I graduated from uni, I received a beautiful Mont Blanc as a gift. Promptly lost it at a work happy hour two months later.

According to the promise, Ishould have this pen until 21 December 2019.

I’ll let you know if I make it without losing it.

The Seven Year Pen is available to purchase online at Seltzer’s website. I also rang them and they said it is also available in London at Liberty, though you may wish to call ahead to confirm as I did not see it on their site.

Doug Zanger is the social guy for Advertising Week. And has horrific penmanship. The first everAdvertising Week Europe is in London 18 21 Marchand Metro are superb partners.
Montblanc Platinum-Plated Silver Meisterstuck Rollerball Pen The newest technology

mont blanc meisterstück Who founded pen company Mont Blanc

diamond mont blanc pen Who founded pen company Mont Blanc

Who founded the pen company Mont Blanc?

Mont Blanc has been known for generations as the maker of the best writing instruments the world has known. The German company, over the last couple of years, hasexpanded its range to include writing accessories, luxury leather goods and belts, jewellery items and even eye wear and watches.

In India, the company is represented by Entrack, owned by former Test cricketer Dilip Doshi. Entrack is the sole distributor of Mont Blanc pens and has exclusive outlets in top five cities in India.

Take the Rediff Business Quiz to know more about the exclusive luxury brand Mont Blanc.

The company was originally called Simplo FillerPen Company. The company expanded its presence to Paris, London, and Barcelona three years after it was founded and was present in most of the fashionable capitals of Europe. The company expanded its presence to Paris,
mont blanc meisterstück Who founded pen company Mont Blanc
London, and Barcelona three years after it was founded and was present in most of the fashionable capitals of Europe.

In 1934, the company’s name was changed to Mont Blanc Simplo GmbH, after the tallest peak in Europe.

2. Who founded Mont Blanc?

a) Claus Johannes Voss, Christian Lausen and Wilhelm Dziambor

b) Gregory Schroeder, Karl L. Hartmann and Pater Mark Thamert

c) Walter Rudolf, Edzhard Schmidt Jorzig and Kazimierz LankoszThe correct answer is Claus Johannes Voss, Christian Lansen and Wilhelm Dziambor.

Three Germans founded the company in 1906 Hamburg based stationer Claus Johannes Voss, Hamburg banker Christian Lansen and a Berlin engineer Wilhelm Dziambor. The company’s international headquarter is in Hamburg.

In 1913,
mont blanc meisterstück Who founded pen company Mont Blanc
the now ubiquitous Mont Blanc star became the company logo and it resembles the top of a snow capped mountain peak.

where to buy a mont blanc pen Three Britons among nine killed in French Alps in Europe’s worst ever mountaineering disaster

engraved fountain pens Three Britons among nine killed in French Alps in Europe’s worst ever mountaineering disaster

The Cursed Mountain: Three Britons among nine killed in avalanche on death peakThe climbers were swept to their deaths by a 60ft high wall of falling snow as they attempted a notoriously dangerous ascent22:13, 12 JUL 2012Updated12:08, 20 MAR 2013Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe Cursed Mountain today claimed nine more lives including three Britons in one of Europe’s worst avalanche tragedies.They were swept to their deaths in the French Alps by a 60ft high wall of falling snow as they attempted a notoriously dangerous ascent.Three Germans, two Spaniards and a Swiss were the other victims of the terrifying avalanche on Mont Maudit, which translates as Cursed Mountain.One of the dead was named tonight as British mountain guide Roger Payne who led expeditions in the area.John Cousins, from the British Mountain Guides Association, said: “He was such an energetic character. He really was a truly remarkable and amazing individual.”Roger, a former BMGA president, was originally from West London but had been living in Leysin, Switzerland.Moutain rescue: More than 30 mountain rescuers and gendarmes rushed to the scene using a helicopter and heat seeking devices to help locate bodies buried under deep snow(Image: AFP)British Mountaineering Council chief executive Dave Turnbull said: “The mountaineering world is shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Roger Payne.”He was one of the UK’s most enthusiastic and respected climbers with a track record of Alpine and Himalayan mountaineering stretching back to the 80s.”Roger’s long term partner, New Zealander Julie Anne Clyman, was too upset to talk publicly tonight.Rescuers say 28 climbers roped together for safety in two groups were at 13,120ft when the avalanche struck.Guide Klemen Gricar, who works for British run company Mountain Tracks, was one of the first on the scene before the mountain rescue team arrived.He said: “I saw people coming down the mountain from the accident. Some of them were bleeding and there were bad injuries, dislocated shoulders, broken legs.”There were dead people as well. It was a horrible accident.”We helped the injured climbers and mountain guides but the conditions were difficult. It was clear but there were very strong winds.”The climbers, who were on their way to Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, had spent the night at the Cosmiques Refuge at 11,800ft and left their huts at 1.30am in sub zero temperatures.Emergency services were alerted to the tragedy at around 5.25am when one of the injured climbers called them by mobile phone.Cursed Peak: The Mont Maudit is a well trodden route to the top of the 15,782ft high Mont Blanc and is hugely popular with climbers and hikers, but it claims the lives of more than 50 people a year.
where to buy a mont blanc pen Three Britons among nine killed in French Alps in Europe's worst ever mountaineering disaster

mont blanc pens store locations Thatcher biographer to reveal what Iron Lady thought of her Number 10 successors

john lennon mont blanc pen Thatcher biographer to reveal what Iron Lady thought of her Number 10 successors

The ex gravedigger says: ‘[Sir] Mick [Jagger] doesn’t pay taxes here and [Sir] Tom [Jones] lives in America.’ Adding: ‘If my time comes, it will. And if it doesn’t, I’m not bothered.’ Not much!

The Prime Minister praises Hull, the EU’s City of Culture for 2017, saying it was the birthplace of anti slavery campaigner William Wilberforce and is associated with poets Sir Andrew Motion and Philip Larkin. Certainly an improvement on being named ‘worst city to live in’ by Channel 4.

The New Yorker says La Soiree, at the Union Square Theatre, features ‘a curvy woman in a tight, red, vinyl dress who moves through the audience drinking their beers, puts a cigarette out on her tongue, and, in a raunchy sort of way, swallows a sharp metal table leg, table attached’. As Alfred Hitchcock remarked: ‘Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.’

Ringo Starr, 73, advises reporters in Las Vegas: ‘I’m never tired of being a Beatle, but it’s not always to the fore.

I get through some days without even thinking about it. I’m not sitting there, as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, thinking “Oooh! I’m a Beatle!” That doesn’t happen.’ That’s reassuring.

Ed Miliband attacked David Cameron over party funding, saying: ‘Conservatives have never paid back the money from [Polly Peck swindler] Asil Nadir.’ Nor has Labour returned the stolen cash it got from Mirror pensions thief Robert Maxwell. Isn’t it a comfort to be told we have the cleanest politics in the world?

Fancy French chef Daniel Boulud, 58, who owns restaurants in London, New York, and Beijing, says his most treasured possessions include a Panerai Radiomir watch costing 25,000, 600 lace up shoes from Jermyn Street cobbler Edward Green and two 400 Mont Blanc pens. His ‘personal style signifier’ is a Louis Vuitton Calypso ‘man bag’ at 1,800. Such refinement!

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Revealed: The 50 most dangerous cities in the world ‘Thanks for parking like a bend!’ First time driver,. Parents of two day old baby who died after a doctor. Liz Hurley’s model nephew, 21, is fighting for his life. EXCLUSIVE OJ Simpson ‘confesses to murdering Nicole. ‘She wants me to clean for five hours a week’: Pathetic. EXCLUSIVE: British swimmer studying at Connecticut. Robbers drown four year old girl after they forced her to. EXCLUSIVE ‘I may never see my family again’: Brit. ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli is sentenced to seven years. Italian journalist accused of stalking Colin Firth’s wife. PIERS MORGAN: Kim Jong Un can spin this any way he likes,. Former serviceman with PTSD, 36, holds leaving party. New footage of tobacco tycoon Candyman’s debauched Freaks. Indian man ‘poured ACID on his sleeping wife’ because she. Spring is on the way but don’t put your brollies away. Heartbreaking video shows US Border Patrol agents ripping. Good Morning Britain viewers attack Dr Hilary Jones for. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
mont blanc pens store locations Thatcher biographer to reveal what Iron Lady thought of her Number 10 successors

montblanc pen and pencil set TV viewers split over Angus Deayton as new host of Bake Off

vintage mont blanc fountain pens TV viewers split over Angus Deayton as new host of Bake Off

Viewers were divided as Angus Deayton took over as the new host of Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, with many begging for previous presenter Tom Kerridge to return.

The cookery programme, a spin off of The Great British Bake Off that sees teams of professional pastry chefs competing against each other, returned to BBC Two on Tuesday evening.

Fans took to Twitter to share their admiration for the chefs as they whipped up tasty French patisserie treats while also airing their opinions over Deayton and his injection of dry humour to the series.

Some loved Deayton who hosted Have I Got News For You for 12 years until he was sackedin 2002 as presenter, with his inquisitive style over the bakes and “sarcastic” narration. It’s been a very long time. GBBOCreme BBC.”

One said they were thrilled to see him hosting a cookery programme, addingthat they had “forgotten how good he was on Hell’s Kitchen”, which he hosted back in the mid noughties.

“GBBOCreme Just love Angus’s sarcasm. Brilliant addition to the show,” a Bake Off fan enthused.

But for others, Deayton did not seem “bothered” or “enthusiastic” enough.

“Is it just mr or does Angus Deaton’s tone sound like he cannot be bothered with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. GBBOCreme,” one fan asked.

Another added: “Am enjoying watching GBBOCreme, but am really not sure about the new presenter.”

One criticised: “Too much sarky dry bollocks from Angus for this show. It’s a delicate show with fancy patisserie,
montblanc pen and pencil set TV viewers split over Angus Deayton as new host of Bake Off
not a cynical politics show. GBBOCreme.”

The first series’ presenter, TV chef Kerridge, was asked to return by many tweeters.

The episode saw returning judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden, armed with her trusty ruler, scrutinise the teams’ miniature challenge entries 36 identicalNapoleon cakes and 36 identicalmoka au cafe slices and their showpiece peach melba creations.

There was a wide array of unique baked goods on offer in the kitchen atWelbeck Abbey, where the show is filmed, including a spectacular peach melba design that utilised a traffic cone as a chocolate mould from the purple team.

However, despite their impressive effort, the team, led by pastry chef Jack, scored the lowest of all the teams just 34.5 points out of a possible 100 across the two challenges,
montblanc pen and pencil set TV viewers split over Angus Deayton as new host of Bake Off
and was the first to be eliminated from the competition.