black mont pen Arcata police chief gives details on fatal Plaza shooting

buy mont blanc refills online Arcata police chief gives details on fatal Plaza shooting

Tennessee native Ervin Eugene Sweat Jr., 26, had two felony warrants out for his arrest when he fired a .40 caliber Smith Wesson handgun at two approaching law enforcement officers on Arcata Plaza early Saturday morning, Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman said during a news conference Monday.

The officers returned fire with nine rounds, Chapman said, fatally injuring Sweat. All nine rounds hit Sweat, Chapman said. While the injury is serious, he is expected to make a full recovery.

a miracle that it didn sever the femoral artery, Chapman said adding that he was released from Mad River Community Hospital later that day.

Chapman said it the first time a police officer has been shot in Arcata since April 1, 1980. near Ninth and H streets. Chapman said the officers arrived about a minute after the call and when they began to investigate the area, someone told them one of the men in the fight brandished a handgun and was sitting in a four door truck nearby.

Chapman said all of the evidence they have gathered so far suggests Sweat fired first.

officers, and UPD officers, immediately tried to save Sweat life, Chapman said adding that they administered CPR directly after firing their weapons. Chapman said the APD officer, Matthew O was not physically injured and has worked for the APD for the past five years. Neither officers had previously fired their weapons in an officer involved shooting. Chapman added O had been involved in one previous incident.

Chapman said, as party of protocol, both officers involved were placed in administrative leave pending the investigation into Saturday morning fatal shooting. The Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting.

Four other people, all Humboldt County locals, were in the same truck as Sweat and detained, according to Chapman.

On top of the two outstanding warrants for Sweat arrest, the firearm he possessed was reportedly stolen from a Eureka store in 2015 and would have been a separate charge.

of this moment, we haven established a local connection, Chapman said as to whether Sweat had resided in Humboldt County.

Chapman didn know exactly how large the crowd gathered outside the bar was but he said there were probably 50 to 100 people at the scene after viewing a video. He said the APD does not anticipate additional arrests related to the shooting.
black mont pen Arcata police chief gives details on fatal Plaza shooting

second hand mont blanc pens uk Arizona Cardinals Hire the First Female Coach in NFL History Video

cheap mont blanc pen Arizona Cardinals Hire the First Female Coach in NFL History Video

Switching gears now, big day for football. Yeah, it is history being made in the NFL this morning. Holmes is here with the story. Strahan, get this, she is going to be coaching inside linebackers, guys known as some of the toughest and smartest guys on defense with all due respect, of course, Strahan. This is Jen welter. You’ll hear a lot of words to describe her, pioneer, trail blazerment make sure you use another word, as well,
second hand mont blanc pens uk Arizona Cardinals Hire the First Female Coach in NFL History Video
qualified. Overnight the Arizona cardinals soaring into the history books? Sacked again? A team naming Jen welter to its training camp and preseason coaching staff believed to be the first female ever to hold a coaching position in the NFL. She has a very accomplished background in terrells of playing and coaching. She understands the game, she’s play the game. Reporter: She will coach the linebackers and is no stranger to football first. The former college rugby player known as the first lady of men’s pro football becoming the first female to coach in a men’s pro league, the indoor football league and in 2014 becoming the first woman to play a nonkicking position in a men’s pro league despite being only 5’2″ and 130 pounds. Everybody wanted to see like, oh, my gosh, what’s going to happen when she gets hit for the first time and I got hit and popped right back up and we lined back up and did it again. Reporter: Welter the latest to burst through that ceiling. She follows Sara Thomas who in April was hired as the league’s first full time female referee. The league’s newest barrier breaker tweetingover night “I’m honored to be part of the bird gang. Love the football family here with the Arizona cardinals.” And her new players already returning the love. Pro bowler Patrick Peterson tweeting one team, one goal of the let’s go to work, coach. My apologies, it’s Dr. Jen welter. 14 years in the women’s pro league. She might be overqualified for this job. You can speak to this. Wonder how she’ll be treated in the locker room. If you can improve me as a player, they will listen. A lot of work to improve you as a player. I think she’s going to be great. Team is a team and as long as the coach is there with the same goal which is to win players listen and respond to that and like you said I think she could be overqualified. I should have known for taking a shot at the intro about inside linebackers being the smart guys. Quite a defensive end. So, ginger,
second hand mont blanc pens uk Arizona Cardinals Hire the First Female Coach in NFL History Video
you brought us

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meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy

john lennon mont blanc pen Are parents to blame for truancy

On any school day, about 50,000 pupils play truant in . This absenteeism is linked to academic underachievement and anti social behaviour, like street robbery.

The government plans to fight the problem with fines of up to ?,500 for parents who allow their children to miss lessons. New laws making non attendance an arrestable offence will force parents and guardians to face the courts.

My 13 year old son is a chronic truant. I actually used to bring him to his seat in the classroom, and hand him over to his teacher. Five minutes later he would be gone from the school without trace. Eventually the school couldn’t take anymore, so he was expelled. NO other school would take him either, so now he doesn’t attend school at all. This situation suits him perfectly, but I am heartbroken that his education has finished at the age of 13 years. He has chronic ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Some of us have reached breaking point trying to get our kids to go to school.

Truancy is a problem in America also. Both parents work. Single parent families. Living the “American Dream”. One “solution” is to place the parents in jail. If a family is just getting by with both parents working how is this going to solve the problems of society? The experts is the social service agencies tell us how to raise our kids, and if you make them do something or punish them, social services can drag you through court, arrest you, and take away parental right. Children know that through the “Legal System” and “Social Services” that they don’t have to do anything. Children are taught their rights and not their responsibilities. Everything can be blamed back to the parent or the mother according to Dr. Freud or Dr. Fraud.

Nothing wrong with stupid kids. Somebody will have to do the dirty jobs in the future.

So, for example, I drop my child off at school and go to work then the child slinks off and plays truant I get fined?!? How ludicrous is that?

How are parents supposed to raise children to go to school and teach them basic right from wrong when the Government keeps putting in laws to stop parents disciplining children?

Its almost as if they planned to force parents into a situation where they are just giving the Government more money!
meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy

Paul C,To blame and fine parents is the sign of a serious sickness at the heart of the state education system and our attitude towards it. Might it not be the case that many of these children resent the enforced hours, the enforced curriculum, the enforced social environment and everything else that can make schools bleak and depressing places. And don’t forget: school is not compulsory the only obligation on parents by law is to ensure an education appropriate to the child’s age, aptitude and abilities.

Guy,If teachers and head teachers made schools friendlier, welcoming places to be, fewer young people would skip class. I’m thinking of the head teacher in a school in Stockport who used a dog to search pupils for drugs. Would you go to work if you were treated like that?

How is truancy the parents’ fault? The kids, after about the age of eight, know they have to go to school. End of story. If they don’t go it is their fault. The parents can be pulling their hair out trying to make them go, but it doesn’t mean that they will.

Children who are chronically truant are more likely to be from families where both parents work (or from single parent families), and where money and time are in short supply; imposing fines and depriving them of money earning hours will probably only exacerbate their already difficult circumstances. That’s not to say that they don’t have primary responsibility for the child’s truancy, but we have to be realistic here. A better solution might be to put the child in a “boot camp” environment for a period of short and sharp discipline lessons. This won’t be cheap, but as a bumper sticker here says: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.
meisterstuck pen Are parents to blame for truancy

mont blanc pen meisterstuck ‘Children of Men’ presents chilling future that no longer seems remote

mont blanc ballpoint pen refill ‘Children of Men’ presents chilling future that no longer seems remote

I killed part of a random winter afternoon 10 years ago in a nearly empty screening of “Children of Men,” which I’d heard some buzz about but wasn’t even close to prepared for. I left the theater two hours later with something inside me permanently dislodged, certain it was one of the best films I’d ever seen, but unsure I could ever handle watching it again.

“Children of Men” is a dystopian action movie set in England in a version of 2027 where women have stopped conceiving children, and the world has plummeted into self destructive despair. It got good reviews and picked up some award nominations, mainly in technical categories, but left theaters after a few weeks, a box office failure.

Its director, Alfonso Cuaron, then known for the art house hit “Y Tu Mama Tambien” and the third Harry Potter film, would disappear for several years before returning with his Oscar winning triumph “Gravity.” I eventually sort of forgot about “Children of Men” too, as it coincided with a film I loved even more at the time, “Pan’s Labyrinth,” the macabre fairy tale by Guillermo del Toro.

Yet “Children of Men” is getting some overdue reappraisal in the media lately, marking the 10th anniversary of its brief, misunderstood, badly marketed run, exactly halfway between the year it was released and the future it depicts. It aged incredibly well, which is to say it’s about a hundred times scarier today.

In the film’s version of England, technology, entertainment and commerce have advanced plausibly, while everything else about society has collapsed. Gangs and militarized police prowl the streets, infrastructure is decaying, the government has succumbed to totalitarianism,
mont blanc pen meisterstuck 'Children of Men' presents chilling future that no longer seems remote
propaganda fills the airwaves, terror attacks are part of daily life and refugees are confined to cages and camps, awaiting deportation or worse. Suicide kits are available over the counter.

With no kids to educate, schools lie ruined as literal reminders of an empty future. The world mourns a famous teenager nicknamed “Baby Diego,” knifed to death at age 18, the last person born on Earth. In a matter of time, someone will be the last to die.

It’s not a typical futuristic sci fi film. This world feels spent, exhausted by the passing years. Cuaron fills every frame with background information bits of context and exposition embedded in urban graffiti, omnipresent advertising, the bleak countryside, vague spoken references to mass tragedies. The dangers are tangible and everywhere. But there’s no explanation why, suddenly, women stopped having babies.

At the dawn of 2017, the political systems of Europe and now the United States have been seized by populist movements that are amplifying nationalist paranoia, discarding sensible democratic norms and threatening to erode decades’ worth of civil rights progress. In “Children of Men,” the planet has crumbled into nihilism because of its infertility crisis. In the real world, we’ve simply voted chaos into reality.

The protagonist, an alcoholic former activist named Theo (Clive Owen), is swept up in a plot by a dissident group to smuggle out of the country the first known pregnant woman in 18 years an immigrant teenaged prostitute named Kee (Clare Hope Ashitey). A jaw dropping single take action scene near the end follows them through a refugee camp that becomes a war zone, the fate of the world literally at stake. Soon afterward, there is a scene so raw, human and improbably optimistic that I actually could not breathe while watching it.

“Children of Men” deserves to be considered a classic, a warning not to turn on each other when hysteria replaces hope. Ten years ago, it shook me out of a comfort zone. Now,
mont blanc pen meisterstuck 'Children of Men' presents chilling future that no longer seems remote
it’s shaking me out of complacency.

most expensive mont blanc pens Area lawmakers discuss Trump

mont blanc emblem Area lawmakers discuss Trump

By Chris Kaergard, GateHouse Media Illinois

After six months in office, Peoria area lawmakers are beginning to get the measure of President Donald Trump, and seeing how his relationship with Congress might differ from that of his predecessors.

During interviews in their Capitol Hill offices last month, Republicans and Democrats alike highlighted opportunities as well as obstacles in the communication between the executive and legislative branches, and what it might mean to the new to government president in terms of accomplishing items on his agenda. Rep. Darin LaHood expressed hope that leaders could move on from being “distracted” by a series of “self inflicted” side issues and instead focus on GOP goals.

“There’s a lot of runway out there to work on these things and get it done, but I think there’s a collective frustration that we haven’t been able to work on those things,” the Peoria Republican said.

He gave high marks to the administration’s legislative liaisons for being attentive to members of Congress, but expressed concern particularly for an administration mostly new to government about the slow speed with which leaders for key positions were being nominated.

“You look at every Cabinet department and they may get a secretary in, but there’s 10 (subcabinet) vacancies in every one of those, and those are the people that make the recommendations to the secretary,” LaHood said. “It’s a little frustrating that they don’t have a fully staffed White House and administration and we’re six months in. . Sen. Dick Durbin had.

“I don’t understand, even today, five months plus into the new administration, we’re still waiting for names of nominees to critical posts,” the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate said last month. “The president tweets that Congress is being obstructionist. Well, it’s a Republican majority in Congress to start with, and in fairness to the Republican majority, they’re not sending us names from the White House. So we could do a lot better, and I hope we do.”

Durbin also expressed concern at the lack of “seasoned veterans with congressional experience” outside of Vice President Mike Pence, a former congressman, to help guide the administration.

“I’ve had several conversations with some of the people in the White House about issues, and usually every five minutes or so they’ll stop and say, ‘Would you explain that? My background is not in government,'” Durbin said. “And I do, because I want to get things done. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, though, said that Trump himself has been quite engaged with lawmakers. The Channahon Republican, whose district includes all of Putnam County and part of Stark County, met with the president twice in recent weeks in small groups of lawmakers to discuss policy the same number of times he met President Barack Obama in receiving lines at the White House Christmas party during six years.

“When I spend an hour in the Oval Office and the president listening to everybody concerns on the health care bill, that very impressive,” Kinzinger said. “And I think if you can keep up that level of outreach, it help (Trump) have more success than the last president.”

He, too, shared some of LaHood’s concerns about “self created” problems that could distract from achieving Republican goals, though.

“Considering we can make requests of the White House, whether it be through letters or through phone calls, and not even get answers because we Democrats, I think that a problem,” the Moline Democrat and Springfield native said. “We represent Democrats and we represent Republicans, and I think that is putting politics over the people. I think that just a terrible way to govern.”
most expensive mont blanc pens Area lawmakers discuss Trump

mont blanc white Archive story

mont blac Archive story

The Indian high commission on Sunday issued visas to officials who will be assessing the security arrangements by the government for the Pakistan cricket team ahead of the World Twenty20 tournament. The Pakistan Cricket Board had asked the country cricket team to wait until their security delegation gave clearance.

Sanam: The four member band that dominates the virtual world

Meet the popstars of the online dominion.

Mothering Sunday: Graham Swift latest novel is an intense tal.

Graham Swift latest is an intense tale of a brief and clandestine romance.

Hindol Sengupta explores what it means to be a Hindu in the new.

ICC World Twenty20: Aam Aadmi Party joins protest against India.

After Virbhadra Singh Congress government, the Aam Aadmi Party Pradesh unit joined the protest against hosting Pakistan in the World Twenty20 clash in Dharamsala saying the Board of Control for Cricket in India was trying to rub salt into the wounds of martyrs.

Andhra Pradesh: Teenage girl set ablaze by stalkers, dies

A teenage girl in Andhra Pradesh West Godavari district today succumbed to burn injuries after she was admitted to a local hospital.

Narrow escape for Smriti Irani in car accident on Yamuna Expres.

Smriti Irani who was returning

to Delhi from a meeting of the BJP youth wing in Vrindavan has reportedly met with an accident near Yamuna Expressway.

Five years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, India puts Japanes.

While India has decided to stop scanning Japanese food imports after five years of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, US, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Australia still scans all products coming in from Japan.

This recipe for Egyptian style spicy poached eggs is sure to gi.

Egg is the most popular breakfast food, but now many people go beyond the usual omelets?

We apologise to the people for the damage: Jat leader Hawa Singh

In an exclusive interview to Mail Today, Akhil Bhartiya Jat Maha Sabha

chief Hawa Singh Sangwan apologised to the people for the damage caused

during the quota stir.

Sitaram Yechury counters Jaitley jibe, says Centre regime r.

Communist Part of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury today countered Jaitley comment on the Left parties, stating that everyone knows that RSS had remained away from the freedom struggle and had aim of constituting a “Hindu rashtra”.
mont blanc white Archive story

montblanc gold pen Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson

mont blanc mountain location Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson

Welcome to our chat with Chase Rankin, president and publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, and with Bobbie Jo Buel, the Star’s editor. We’re open to discuss other topics as well. Indeed, in questions submitted in advance, readers asked a wide range of questions. We’ll try to get to most of them in the next hour. We’ve been adding online content since winter and plan to continue. We’ve added eight video shows, including a new one just last week called “Election 2014.” Greg Hansen’s “Video Notebook” airs twice a week. To mention two more videos, Sarah Garrecht Gassen interviews a newsmaker once a week and Angela Pittenger shares money saving tips in her weekly “Centsible Mom” show. We are live tweeting news coverage from many government meetings, including the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Tucson City Council and school boards. The News, Opinion, and Obituary pages are the main places I spend my online time. What motivated you to put a Comics Button on the page as opposed to Living/Culture or Business/Tech buttons? I recently surveyed 16 online newspapers (Anchorage, Bismarck, Boston, Flagstaff, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Tucson, New York (Times WSJ), and Washington) to see what buttons they had. None of these had a Comics button.

by Cori Hoag 7/14/2014 8:07:52 PM

We chose most of the buttons based on topics that receive the most interest. The comics button is there because we recently added 78 online comics and we want readers to know about that new content. The comics button may be replaced at some point.

We are still working on the navigation bar. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve slimmed it down, which we did in response to readers who said there was too much on the home page.

by Bobbie Jo Buel 7/14/2014 8:08:41 PM

Our Phoenix coverage comes from two sources: Capitol Media Services and the Associated Press. The former is operated by Howard Fischer, who was a longtime Daily Star reporter before he began his own syndicated service. Howard has lived in both Bisbee and Tucson and knows Southern Arizona well. The Star does not have reporters based outside of Tucson.

The 40 plus papers that are part of Lee Enterprises share content. A few weeks ago, for example, you might have noticed a story we published from our sister paper in Lincoln about a Nebraska born woman who was preparing to participate in a cross country air race as a co pilot. The woman lives in Tucson now.

We also share some content with the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix. The Republic is owned by Gannett Co., which is a business partner with Lee Enterprises in the operation of the Daily Star.
montblanc gold pen Arizona Daily Star becomes Tucson

montblanc ball pen refill Are Russia’s military advances a problem for Nato

mont blanc silver pen price Are Russia’s military advances a problem for Nato

What does the performance of Russian forces in Ukraine say about the country’s potential military capability against the Atlantic Alliance?

With tensions rising again between Russia and Ukraine, there are fears of a renewed upsurge in the fighting.

Russia watchers in the West are monitoring events carefully, not just in terms of the day to day crisis, but because Russia’s military is worth watching.

Moscow’s military’s performance in Ukraine has provided a foretaste of a new kind of warfare; eastern Ukraine has provided a laboratory for ground combat in the 21st Century.

Whatever Russia’s ritual denials, its forces have played a significant role in the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Mobilised rapidly from bases close to the Ukrainian frontier, they have undertaken a variety of combat roles.

For periods, fully formed Russian units have engaged directly in the fighting alongside pro Russian militias.

At other times, it has largely been Russian “enabling” units that have provided crucial niche capabilities to their rebel allies things such as air defence, electronic warfare, target acquisition and so on.

All of this has been watched by Nato forces, and by the Americans in particular, with rapt attention.

This is not the Russian army that invaded Georgia in 2008, which, despite its success, still showed many of the limitations of the old Soviet days.

In Ukraine, the Russians have proved adept in many of the disciplines of modern high intensity warfare.

In some areas, their skills and equipment are far more advanced than in comparable Nato armies. And many military analysts in the West are worried.

Russia’s edge derives from the fact that, for well over a decade, the Americans and their allies have largely given up high end mechanised warfare and have been fighting counter insurgency campaigns in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

What high intensity combat there was the initial invasion of Iraq, for example was brief and the Western forces were overwhelmingly dominant. They controlled the skies and could gather intelligence and communicate at will.

As the commander of US forces in Europe, Lt Gen Ben Hodges, noted ruefully in December of last year: “It’s been a very long time since American soldiers have had to worry about [an] enemy up in the sky. having the ability to drop bombs.”

In terms of communications, he added: “We have not had to worry about being jammed or being intercepted, that sort of thing.”

In the combat in eastern Ukraine, electronic jamming by specialised Russian units has been highly effective.

Indeed, Russia has won the battle in the electromagnetic spectrum hands down.

It has demonstrated a remarkable ability to locate Ukrainian units, to jam their signals, and then to bring down devastating fire upon them.

In some incidents, sizeable Ukrainian forces have been nearly wiped out in a matter of minutes.

The Russians have also shown a sophisticated ability to use drones, often in pairs; one to draw fire and the other to provide the targeting data for artillery or rocket forces who can instantly respond.

A recent British army study into Russia’s performance raised question marks about the survivability of some of its own newest, but lightly armoured, vehicles in this new environment.

But the improvements in the Russians’ capabilities go well beyond the immediate battlefield.

Moscow has watched China’s development of what is called an “anti access and area denial strategy” the development of ever longer range and accurate weaponry and targeting systems intended to push US naval carrier battle groups further and further away from its shores.

The Russians have taken a leaf out of the Chinese book, deploying similar systems of their own.

Russia’s new air defences in Syria, for example, have radars that reach far out into the Mediterranean and well into the territory of Nato members such as Turkey.

The aim is to place at risk any forces approaching any area that Russia believes is of strategic importance.

But perhaps the most worrying element of Russia’s new approach is what has been broadly termed “hybrid warfare” a mix of semi clandestine operations; propaganda and information warfare; computer hacking and so on.

This was seen in its seizure of Crimea with troops in unmarked uniforms (the so called “little green men”); the closing down of independent news sources and so on.
montblanc ball pen refill Are Russia's military advances a problem for Nato

shop mont blanc ‘Chuck’ the turkey disappears from the area

montblanc refill ‘Chuck’ the turkey disappears from the area

He was a turkey with a fan club.

For months, starting sometime in November, the Brighton Dale turkey captivated passers by with his constant attendance at a bench near a golf course green, just a few dozen yards from Highway 75 in Brighton.

The young male turkey stayed by the bench all day, every day, until drivers who traveled the road regularly, including students at nearby Brighton School, began to get attached. People brought bird feed and corn. Someone wedged a bale of straw next to the bench, providing a warm roost and a windbreak.

His fans began to refer to him by name. Chuck.

It may all have gone to his head.

By spring, Chuck had moved from his place by the bench to the pavement on the edge of Highway 75, where he would puff out his feathers, spread his tail and drag his wings, the typical dance of a male turkey looking to impress the ladies.

Drivers often pulled over to watch, and sometimes go out to take pictures. Some mornings several cars were lined up in a row taking in the show.

Diane Mrakitsch, of Arlington Heights, Ill.,
shop mont blanc 'Chuck' the turkey disappears from the area
drives by on her weekly trips to visit a farm in Brighton, and often pulled over her car to observe the turkey in action.

“In fact, I looked forward to spotting him when I came out to the barn. For some reason, he just made me happy to see him,” she said. “It’s not often that I have any opportunity to get so close to a wild animal and seeing him was truly special.”

Another fan was Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, who lives nearby and who, along with his kids, kept an eye out for the bird every day.

Then last week, Chuck disappeared.”We have no clue what happened,” Beth said. “I know the golf course was nervous about him going after people. He had started going after people in cars.”

Maybe he was run off or worse by golf course employees, Beth speculated.

Nope, said Kenosha County golf course manager Dan Drier.

“I don’t know what happened to him,” he said. “I do know that the DNR wasn’t happy that people were feeding it.”

Drier admitted that he was relieved the turkey had taken a powder before the golf season got into full swing.

“They do become territorial and become aggressive, and I sure didn’t want it to go after our guests,” he said.

There were no telltale feathers left at the site of Chuck’s regular haunt. No corpse by the side of the road. And spring turkey season, well . that’s still a couple weeks away.
shop mont blanc 'Chuck' the turkey disappears from the area

montblanc pen price Area open mic nights provide training ground

mont blanc ballpoint pens price Area open mic nights provide training ground

Nick Byrd rapped he was “perfectly capable of spitting these spats” at an open mic night in Annapolis Wednesday.

Byrd, also known as Master Laos, performed in public for his first time at Metropolitan Kitchen Lounge’s weekly event, although he has written music for about five years.

Pamela Mielnik attended open mic night two weeks ago at Stan and Joe’s Saloon in Annapolis. The city resident remembered her first time singing in front of people at the bar’s open mic night in 2009.

“It was terrible,” she said. “I just didn’t have enough experience to know what I was doing.”

But now she’s in a band, Firekite.

She said open mics are a supportive environment for new and professional musicians to practice and that she owes a lot to the host, Kevin Lebling, known as Hurricane Kevin.

“You can be the crappiest musician in the world and (Kevin)’ll still clap for you,” she said. “Having the courage to get up there is the first step.”

Stan and Joe’s may have the longest running open mic night in the area at over 10 years. It started when the bar was still called Sean Donlan’s, Lebling said.

Mark Hudson, lead singer of Happy Fuzzy, sang some Grateful Dead tunes while strumming his guitar at the West Street location two weeks ago.

“(Open mic)’s a great place to meet people,” he said. “I can name three people who helped me in my music career and Kevin is one of them.”

On Wednesday, the Annapolis resident was at Metropolitan to practice some more.

John Baldwin also made his rounds at open mics during the week playing at Stan and Joe’s and O’ Brien’s Steakhouse. He said he goes out most weeknights to either karaoke or open mic events.

“It’s how I got my footing to go play for money.”

He enjoys karaoke because he doesn’t have to worry about playing an instrument while singing. And open mic night, he said, can be background music at a bar, whereas people who go to karaoke go just for that.

There another difference between karaoke and open mic, said “Brother Bill” Smyth, host of Alibi’s Bar and Grill open mic night.

“I tell people, and no disrespect to karaoke, this is a step above. You have to be able to play an instrument,” he said as Annapolis resident Dave Baldwin performed in the corner of the Pasadena bar.

“When I hear him sing, I hear Rod Stewart and Don Henley,” Smyth said.

Baldwin strummed his guitar and two other people came up to join him.

Pasadena resident Vinny Scardino clapped at the end of each song from the bar, eventually joining in on a second microphone to sing a Beatles song.

Johnny Poulis, who hosts O’Brien’s open mic night, said spontaneous collaborations are one of his favorite parts of the event.

“The thing I like about open mic is you never know,” he said. “I mean I’ve had like big local bands just come up out of the blue like ‘Hey we’ve got a show coming up and we just want to free up the cobwebs.'”

Around midnight at Stan and Joe’s, Dan Kagan shook maracas offstage as Lebling and another musician sang “Just my ‘magination, running away with me”

Kagan hosts one an open mic night at Annapolis Smokehouse and Tavern every second and fourth Sunday but he can be found Mondays at Stan and Joe’s. “I provide an opportunity for all these other players,” he said. “It’s like having all these people over to your house to jam except I don’t have to clean up afterwards.”

After another song, Kagan broke out a guiro from a bag. A song later, he exchanged it for claves. “A friend of mine once told me, never go anywhere without percussion.”

Someone on trumpet joined in. “I think it’s going to get kind of jammy in here in a few minutes,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about.”.
montblanc pen price Area open mic nights provide training ground