montblanc 164 Delhi to get its first ever mall called The Chanakya

montblanc pen box Delhi to get its first ever mall called The Chanakya

Keeping in tandem with the elitism associated with Lutyens Delhi, the coveted area is set to get its first shopping mall in Chanakyapuri in August. Called The Chanakya, the mall is all about bespoke luxury, which will bring top international brands in couture to the central part of the capital home to bureaucrats, diplomats and frequented by foreign travellers.

Spread across 2,50,000 square feet earlier known for Chanakya cinema, it has been developed by real estate giant DLF, as a destination for luxury shoppers and retailers in the country. Hence, the space is replete with names American, Italian, French, British and Indian fashion brands, all catering to the high net worth gentry of Lutyens Delhi.

The Chanakya will be home to American fashion brand Tom Ford for women, Italian Brunello Cucinelli, British luxury houses Ted Baker and Thomas Pink, Grassroot by Anita Dongre. French luxe player Hermes will open its New Delhi flagship store in Chanakya while German brand Mont Blanc, manufacturers of luxury writing instruments, jewellery, leather goods are also slated to open doors at the mall.

Replacing the iconic single screen cinema which stood tall against travesties of time till 2000, will be a multiplex by PVR with three screens. Expecting a heavy footfall and mindful of limited parking space in the adjacent Yashwant Place, the developers have also constructed a 150 vehicle underground parking for four and two wheelers. Confirming the development, a senior official from New Delhi Municipal Corporation said that the project was awarded to DLF long back and the company plans to launch it sometime this year.

The Chanakya will also host a 20,000 square feet dining area which has been designed by Shawn Sullivan of New York based Rockwell Group. A treat for gourmands of Delhi, it will offer live cooking theatre, gastronomic journey through world cuisines, extensive collection of international wines, tea and coffee. Talking to DNA, Dinaz Madhukar, senior vice president, DLF Luxury Retail Hospitality, stated, The Chanakya, our objective is to take retail evolution beyond its largely singular, product based definition to encompass experiences. So, it is all about world class food and beverage offerings to a state of the art cinema here.
montblanc 164 Delhi to get its first ever mall called The Chanakya

montblanc 164 Elegant Writing Pieces

mont blanc pen ebay Elegant Writing Pieces

Promotional Pens and Other Promo GiftsA pen is actually mightier than the sword. True enough, its usage can destroy even the strongest nation. The pen is maybe one of the most useful inventions ever made in man’s history for without it; communication and language would have been something unimaginable. There are many different pen however the fountain pen is notable.

A lot of famous people including ordinary ones prefer using fountain pens. Not just with the standard of the writing, it also signifies the taste of the user. The pen easily writes you ought don’t need to put excessive force when writing; in fact, it is possible to write without experiencing fatigue for long hours. These kinds of pens are popularly used by famed persons for autograph or closing an agreement or contract. The pen gives a smooth and stylish writing.

Pricing is different with each manufacturer and marketer but you will note that they are being sold in the market for about $20 to 100 dollars dependant upon the materials. Considering which explains more economical, even a higher end fountain pen could be believed to be cheaper compared to ball point pens if the number of years of life shall be considered. If used correctly,
montblanc 164 Elegant Writing Pieces
fountain pens can last many years. The pen’s cartridge could be refilled and may even be repaired.

The ink needs to be made of water, dye or chemicals. You shouldn’t use pigmented ink because it will lead to clogging. Other kinds of ink overflows towards the paper hence, you should carefully choose one. The characteristic of the perfect ink should not clog also it must be viscous that it’s going to flow freely and won’t corrode. How the ink goes out the nib is dependent on capillary action and gravity. With using the air that goes from your slit of a nib helps in the next mechanism. A dropper is used when refilling the ink cartridge.

As said, the type of material used can be a determining factor of its cost. Nibs made from silver, gold, and other precious metals are more expensive than others. Waterman Fountain Pen, Mont Blanc Fountain Pen,
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